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Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Releases 2018 Computer Reliability Report

Apple makes great computers, no question about it, but they are expensive. Another alternative are Samsung computers.

“The Samsung – Apple battle continues with Samsung coming in second to Apple but holding a higher rank than others due mostly to superior PCs like the sleek, elegant, and powerful ArtPC PULSE” says RESCUECOM’s David Milman. Read more »

What is Ransomware and how do I Recover from It?

Using the Internet safely may seem like a simple thing, but many have discovered that this is not always the case. Almost everyone knows about the dangers of malware, spyware, and viruses, but there is one Internet threat on the rise that can be extremely difficult for technical services to deal with called “Ransomware.” Read more »

The iXpand Marks a New Innovation in Data Storage

Portability was a revolution in computer file storage, initially in the form of floppy discs and CDs. The release of flash drives in 2000 was another revolution in file storage that went even beyond those methods. Flash drives offered the same storage, data backup, and file transfer capabilities but with far more capacity and more portability. Having no moving parts, they were also more durable, and surface scratches could no longer damage the data stored on them. They offered a much less volatile, safer medium for storage on which people could more easily add, erase, and reprogram the data on it. Flash drives are easily removable, rewritable, and even more portable than ever before, fitting easily in a pocket and weighing less than one ounce. Every desktop and laptop now has USB ports, and now some mobile devices can also utilize them using special adapters. The SanDisk iXpand, however, is a step beyond most flash drives and allows for uniquely simple mobile device data storage working on the same principles upon which the technology always has. Read more »

Owlet’s Smart Sock 2 is the Best Baby Monitor on the Market

Baby monitors were a revolution in infant care, limited first to audio and then advancing to audio / visual. It still requires close proximity and a certain degree of attention to see and hear what is happening in a baby’s room. Baby monitors give parents peace of mind in knowing that their baby is safe or, at the very least, being able to notice if he or she is not and actually do something about it. While certainly not perfect, they have decreased cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome over the decades. Enter Owlet’s Smart Sock 2, a more advanced style of baby monitor that is well-designed, easy to use, and reliable. Read more »

Moment’s Version 2 Lens Suite Improves Smartphone Photography

Since built-in phone cameras have so vastly improved with each new smartphone upgrade, most people simply use their phones as their default, and often only, camera. It used to be that this was true only of casual photographers or people who wanted little more than selfies, candid shots, and photos of friends and family. It is becoming increasingly true, though, even in the field of professional photography, as smartphone camera technology evolves to the point that it can even rival DSLR quality in many top of the line models. Mobile photography has increased in popularity because of its ease and the lack of bulky equipment, particularly given the fact that nearly everyone has a smartphone on his or her person at all times. Though it is better than ever before, smartphone photography could still improve, and that is where Moment’s Version 2 full lens suite comes in. Read more »

Jabra’s Elite Sport Upgraded are a Revolution in Wireless

Bluetooth earbuds have been understandably popular for some years now, but it was not until recent years that companies finally achieved the push for wireless with headphones and especially earbuds. Since they did emerge, there are now dozens of truly wireless earbuds, with no cord connecting the left and right together, on the market. While not the first available commercially, the Apple AirPods were the first to really bring wireless earbuds into the public eye. Unfortunately, they were not good for sporting due to a lack of water and sweat resistance, nor do they stay in your ears with excessive movement, so a large part of those who would find them beneficial do not find them useful. In 2017, Jabra released the Elite Sport earbuds to deal with this issue, designing them with athletes in mind, and they have reinvented them with the Elite Sport Upgraded. Read more »

The Buffalo F is the Best Longboard Ever Made

Skateboarding has been around for nearly eighty years, though it saw its peak in the 1980s and 1990s. It still holds some popularity, however, and serves as more than just a hobby or an action sport. There are people who use skateboarding as a form of art, a mode of transportation that is quicker than walking but still quite active, and even as a job. Reports have estimated that there are over 11 million active skateboarders worldwide, and the International Olympic Committee has announced that skateboarding will officially be a recognized sport in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Technology has kept pace with this sport as much as any other, and the most obvious example of this is the creation of the electric skateboard. Serious skateboarders are more likely to consider the longboard, which is designed specifically for turning and cruising smoothly at high speeds over long distances and is easier to control. With the new Buffalo F, there is now a model that combines the best speed, range, and strength to rule the competition. Read more »

Logitech’s Harmony Elite is the Evolution of the Universal Remote

Not too many years ago, the idea of a “universal” remote was a novelty, but one that was realized in 1985. At the time, that meant little more than the ability to operate the TV, VCR, and a few other devices and could control little more than power, volume, and other basic play controls. 1987 saw the release of the first programmable universal remote, allowing those who were more technically capable to do more with it. The next step in this evolution was a universal remote with the ability to upload its settings to a computer. Later iterations of the universal remote had Macro programming, allowing a user to program command sequences to be set the press of a single button and an LCD built into it to display status information. To say that universal remotes have come a long way in the years between then and now is something of an understatement, particularly given the arrival of arguably the best ever made: the Logitech Harmony Elite. Read more »

The Glass Sound Speaker is Tops among Bluetooth Speakers for Design

Bluetooth speakers are a major convenience for listening to anything you want anywhere you are in your home or even at work with the greatest convenience. They are not typically a decor piece, however, and very few look particularly unique in comparison to others. There are some Bluetooth speakers designed to offer a distinctive look or even equipped with lights, but there is still no mistaking them for anything but what they are. This has been true up to now, that is, thanks to Sony’s LSPX-S1 Glass Sound speaker, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that provides all the same features it should but with a much more artistic flair. It is candle-like in appearance, with LED lights that gleam like a refracted candle flame inside a glass flute-like structure. Read more »

Eero Solves Home Wifi Problems

While wifi in the home is a luxury decades old, not everyone initially used it for more than one or two computers. In the beginning, these connected to the Internet via dial-up, but home wifi became more of a practicality with the use of laptops, the development and release of devices such as wifi connected printers, and the rise of activities performed mostly online such as gaming. Things have advanced far beyond that, now. Everybody has a cell phone, most homes have at least one tablet, we now use smart TVs, and we live in fully connected homes with Internet connectivity extended to everything from security systems, thermostats, lights, speakers, portable wireless assistants like Echo and Alexa, kitchen appliances, and even light bulbs. Unfortunately the large numbers of devices we use in the home and the fact that said homes were not built with technology that its builders could not fathom in mind can lead to wifi problems. Fortunately, however, a startup called Eero has a solution. Read more »

Polaroid’s OneStep 2 Offers Both Nostalgia and Quality

Polaroid has historically been one of the most popular consumer electronics companies in the world, best known for its line of instant film and cameras. Many people might be surprised to learn that Polaroid is still producing instant cameras. They could be justified in their surprise given that it seems like an analog product in a digital age. Some of the unawareness may result from the fact that Polaroid declared bankruptcy not once but twice in attempting to keep its product line relevant in the face of rapidly improving photography and mobile tech. Polaroid, having rebranded once as Impossible Project and now once again as Polaroid Originals, has now gained back some of the market by rereleasing newer, improved versions of their cameras. They have also convinced people that, even in an age in which any device you carry on your person can take and store a large number of photos at any time, there is a benefit to having a physical photo to claim and own. It has done so with the new OneStep 2, an instant camera that improves on original models with some modern touches. Read more »

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