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RESCUECOM Speaks to Chad Lovell about How AllClasses Helps People Get Educated

 photo ChadLovell
Recently, RESCUECOM released an article about a startup called AllClasses, which is a specialized search engine designed to help people find the best online and offline classes to take in their free time.  Since then, RESCUECOM has gotten in touch with the COO of AllClasses and cool person in technology Chad Lovell.  Lovell is also a co-founder of AllClasses and has been with the company since its inception.  In his conversation with RESCUECOM, Lovell informed us of both his company’s origins and some of the steps AllClasses is taking towards its future as it continues to grow. Read more »

RESCUECOM Interviews Jesse Pollak about How Clef Wants to Replace Passwords

photo jessepollak
RESCUECOM recently released an article about Clef, a new startup that is looking to use people’s mobile phones as a potential replacement to typing out passwords.  Since then, RESCUECOM has had the chance to speak to Clef’s chief product officer and cool person in technology, Jesse Pollak.  Pollak shared many interesting details about Clef’s product and the company as a whole during the interview. Read more »

RESCUECOM Interviews Ryan Rutan about LaunchRock’s Present and Future

 photo RyanRutan
Recently, RESCUECOM posted an article about LaunchRock, a cool product that allows young companies to create simple websites quickly.  These simple websites include functions specifically meant to promote and support product launches.  Since posting the original article, RESCUECOM has had the chance to speak to LaunchRock founding partner and cool person in technology Ryan Rutan about the product in its current form as well as its future.  Read more »

RESCUECOM Speaks to Daniel Marashlian about How Portfolium Helps Students

photo DanielRecently, RESCUECOM highlighted new startup Portfolium in an article.  Portfolium is a company that provides a special service to college students where they can build detailed digital portfolios to supplement their resumes when applying to jobs.  Since the posting of the initial article, RESCUECOM has had the opportunity to speak to cool person in technology Daniel Marashlian, the current CTO of the company, about Portfolium’s current product and its future. Read more »

RESCUECOM Speaks to Dr. Andrew Brandeis to Learn about Social Medicine

 photo BrandeisRecently, RESCUECOM posted an article about SharePractice, a mobile app that acts a social reference for doctors when considering treatments for their patients.  Since then, we have had the chance to speak with the company’s CEO and cofounder Dr. Andrew Brandeis to learn more about the app. This cool person in technology revealed more details about his company and his product to us during the interview. Read more »

RESCUECOM Talks to Lee Silverstone about Gymtrack’s Approach to Fitness Tracking

 photo SilverstoneFitness devices and mobile apps have exploded onto the consumer technology scene over the last several years.  Many different companies are providing different spins on the concept of tracking fitness metrics.  However, almost all of these companies place the burden on the individual to manage his or her data.  People usually have to log their fitness data manually, taking out their mobile device and inputting information about their last activity in between exercises.  Even fitness apps that make use of a smartphone’s accelerometers to track motion force users to have their mobile device with them at all times while exercising, which isn’t always ideal.  However, RESCUECOM recently spoke to cool person in technology Lee Silverstone, the Co-CEO of Gymtrack, a technology company that takes a different approach to tracking fitness data.  Gymtrack wants to make fitness tracking part of the infrastructure of the gym itself.  With Silverstone’s system, the gym tracks each individual’s fitness data so people don’t have to worry about logging information or carrying their phone when exercising. Read more »

Mats Horn Speaks to RESCUECOM about How Tinitell Helps Parents Monitor Kids

When talking about technology and children, many people lament how smartphones, tablets, video games and other devices have reduced kids’ time playing outdoors.  Many parents would rather that their children spend time running and playing outside than using consumer technology.  RESCUECOM recently spoke to Tinitell CEO and cool person in technology Mats Horn, who has created a piece of consumer technology that ironically bucks this trend.  Tinitell is a piece of technology for kids that actually enables them to play outside more and for longer periods, as it makes it far easier for parents to communicate with and monitor their children.  Tinitell is a cellular walkie-talkie that wraps around a child’s wrist.  The device is GPS-enabled so that parents can track their children’s location as they play and it uses a one-button communication system to make it easy for children to call their parents whenever they want.  Since Tinitell uses cellular signal and works like a mobile device, users can get a mobile computer repair company to fix it if their children break it in any way while playing. Read more »

Becky Splitt Wants to Help Kids Learn With StudyBlue

Finding time to study can occasionally be a serious problem for busy young people.  Students in elementary school and high school often do a lot of time-consuming extracurricular activities and finding significant time to keep up with their studies can be difficult.  One solution to this problem is the use of flashcards for quick studying when waiting somewhere or riding in a car or on public transit.  Many students carry flashcards that they create for their course material around in their bags and pull them out whenever they have a few free minutes.  Cool person in technology Becky Splitt wants to use technology to take this method even further.  With Splitt’s company StudyBlue, students create digital flash cards that they can access on their mobile devices at any time.  StudyBlue stores all digital flash cards in the cloud so students don’t have to worry about carrying around packs of index cards for different classes.  They can simply open their tablet or phone and start studying when on the go.  Splitt wants to give students the digital tools to find convenient ways to study no matter how busy they are during the week.  Any student struggling to access StudyBlue on their device might need tablet computer support or smartphone tech support. Read more »

Jason DeRoner Helps Teachers and Administrators Communicate with TeachBoost

A major issue within the world of education is the relationship between educators and school administration.  There is an occasional disconnect between teachers and school officials due to misunderstandings and perceived lack of support from the other side.  Teachers would be better off with an effective way to receive constant support and communicate their specific goals in the classroom as they understand them.  Officials would benefit tremendously from a way to keep track of all teachers in an organized manner and provide continual feedback on specific issues.  Cool person in technology Jason DeRoner has developed a tool for teachers and school administrators that accomplishes these things with TeachBoost.  TeachBoost is a platform that gives teachers and school leaders constant access to each other.  DeRoner’s service works as an organizational tool for administrators and teachers as well as a means of communication.  Teachers have access to support from school leadership whenever they have a specific issue, as well as the ability to view their own development as educators through the eyes of their bosses.  Schools that have any issues integrating TeachBoost into their systems can get help from a professional IT support provider. Read more »

Swapt CEO Eric Wolfe Wants to Help Renters Avoid Bad Living Situations

Apartment hunters have always had to be wary about the properties they visit when looking for a place to rent.  While somewhere may seem perfect on the surface, there are numerous cases of bad landlords and neighbors making life difficult for renters.  While once can evaluate the quality of a living space without much trouble, it’s not possible to judge a landlord or property management company after one or two meetings with them.  It’s also impossible to know if they people you live next to will respect your needs and preferences as a neighbor.  Cool person in technology Eric Wolfe is helping people avoid these problems with his company Swapt.  Swapt is a website where renters can review places to live in cities from across the United States.  In many ways, Wolfe’s service is essentially a Yelp!-style site for apartment buildings and rental properties.  Users can leave detailed reviews and rate the places that they have lived in order to help others make informed decisions about where they want to rent.  Anyone who experiences technical problems while going on this cool person’s site and trying to leave a review may require home tech support services. Read more »

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