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Tech Support Blog

Back Up Your Computer Files

To protect yourself against lost data and files, RESCUECOM’s systems data backup insures your files and data are kept off-site and safe.

Any computer repair company will tell you it is a good idea to complete some kind of systems data backup for your computer. We are so used to the speed and ease of computers that we hardly think twice about the possibility of losing the data we use and rely on daily. Read more »

Expertise, Reliability, NOW: RESCUECOM Gets It

For all the accomplishments of computer technology there are always mishaps that seem to happen without warning, and at just the wrong time. We’ve been there, too. RESCUECOM strives to be the reassuring response to expletives at computer monitors all over the country.

Get Going

It’s a fast world. Technology is advancing rapidly to satisfy our increasing need for quicker services, results, and ultimately quicker lifestyles. The faster technology progresses, the faster we can move, and the more we depend on technology to get us where we’re going. Computers have become as commonplace as coffee, and a crashed computer can be an immediate hassle. Cryptic error messages, fussy Internet connections, laptop problems–computer glitches interrupt the pace of life. Read more »

RESCUECOM’S Top 5 Ways to Save on PC Repairs During the Recession

RESCUECOM offers its top 5 cost-cutting tips to keep computers running smoothly and help consumers avoid unnecessary PC expenses

SYRACUSE, N.Y., May 13, 2009 – Without proper PC maintenance, computers’ performance slows down and may even grind to a complete stop. And in these tough economic times, buying a new computer to restore efficiency or trying to rescue data from a dead machine can be painfully expensive.

Proper and regular computer maintenance can save you time, money and stress, according to Josh Kaplan, president of RESCUECOM, the nation’s premier information technology services company. Whether users opt for RESCUECOM products and services or find their own resources, desktops and laptops can be kept running fast and efficiently through the following five strategies. Read more »

Results are in from the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report



ASUS, with new track record for success, and veteran leader IBM/LENOVO take top positions

SYRACUSE, N.Y., March 24, 2009 – Results are in from the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, which recently increased the frequency of releasing its data from an annual to quarterly basis. An unbiased analysis that compares computer vendors’ market share with consumer service calls from RESCUECOM’s 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center, the report revealed a new leader in reliable personal computers. At the close of 2008, Apple had secured the lead with the fewest number of service calls. However, Apple slipped into second place while ASUS made a surprise leap into the top spot, with IBM/LENOVO sharing the lead. Read more »

Apple and Panasonic Are Top Performers in RESCUECOM’s Third Annual Computer Reliability Report


Report Helps Consumers Make Informed Choices When Purchasing a Computer This Holiday Season


SYRACUSE, N.Y., Dec. 15, 2008 — RESCUECOM the nation’s premier information technology services company, today announced the results of its third annual RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, an unbiased analysis that compares computer vendors’ market share with consumer service call data from RESCUECOM’s 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center. Results of the report – based on a sample of more than 36,000 service calls to RESCUECOM – provide computer users with unique insight about the likelihood that they will require support beyond what is provided by the computer maker’s warranty. Read more »

RESCUECOM Issues Computer Buyer Checklist for Holiday Shoppers


You’re not just buying a machine; you’re also buying a company!

Among the most popular holiday gifts this year will be computer laptops, desktops and related products. Those who buy computers as gifts can easily make the wrong purchase if they don’t give their decision the proper thought. With that in mind, RESCUECOM has issued a Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist, items to consider before buying that first computer you see, or the first one the retailer suggests you buy.

With cut-rate pricing, high-pressure sales, and new technology being introduced all the time, confusion ends up being the biggest Grinch for technology shoppers during the holiday season. Those buying computers must think not only about the price of a machine but other factors such as warranties, reliability, how the recipient is likely to use the computer and what additional accessories they are likely to need.

The RESCUECOM Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist is designed to give shoppers guidance in their technology purchasing decisions. If used in conjunction with RESCUECOM’s soon to be released National Computer Reliability Report, shoppers will be ready to make the right purchase this holiday season. Read more »

Winning Is A Choice!

Winning Is A Choice!

The first step in winning in business is to make the conscious choice to do so. If running a business was easy, everyone would do it. What makes it difficult for startups and small businesses to grow is that most people don’t have the level of expertise needed in dealing with all the different disciplines necessary to be successful. The purpose of any startup business, or small business, or even a corporate conglomerate is to increase its revenue, reduce its costs, and thereby increase its profits, and this has to happen in order for market share growth to accumulate and translate to success.

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call 1-800-RESCUE-PC and ask for a free business process review for your business.

Rescuecom’s business processes allow us to deliver fast and flawless computer repair and support, 24/7.

“Winning is why we play.”



RESCUECOM provides computer repair and computer support, 24/7: Meeting every tech support need including data recovery, virus removal, networking, wireless services, and computer support for all brands of hardware and software. For computer support or information on products, services, or computer repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC.

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Winning Is A Choice!

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