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Dell Computers May Need Repair

Recently, it was revealed that Dell Computers had misled and possibly outright lied to customers who had purchased one of their computers and were in need of computer repair.  This is not the first time Dell has come under scrutiny for their computer repair and customer service practices.  In light of these recent revelations, RESCUECOM offers some information and clarification for those Dell Computer customers who may be in need of computer repair.

The Dell computers that were affected were OptiPlex desktop PCs sold between 2003 and 2005.  These Dell computers were primarily sold to business customers, usually in large quantities.  The computer repair problems that then cropped up would, therefore, put the customer’s business at risk. Read more »

Data Recovery is Easier with the Right Backup

What happens to all of the pictures, music, and information you store on your computer when your system crashes or your hard drive dies?  Would data recovery even be possible?  RESCUECOM wants to remind you that data recovery can be easy, if you choose the right format for your data backup.

It’s a simple concept.  Data backup makes data recovery easier.  We’ve heard over and over again that we need to back everything up.  But how many of us heed the warnings and do anything beyond making sure we save everything?

We know that saving isn’t the same thing as a quality data backup, but we do it because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thing.  A good data backup is complicated, time consuming, and expensive, right? Read more »

Computer Support Tip: Upgrading Later Protects Against Computer Repair

Even though upgrades are a part of the technological life cycle, RESCUECOM’s computer support specialists suggest that making the move too soon can lead to breakdowns and high computer repair bills.

Modern technology often feels like a race.  Whether it’s a new piece of hardware or a brand new OS, we want to change now, so we don’t feel left behind.

However, being an early adopter can be more trouble than it’s worth.  Early adopters frequently require more computer support to handle issues caused by upgrades, which are some of the leading causes of computer repair.  Read more »

Internet Security: Protect Your Children and Your Computer

Protecting your family’s Internet security is a major concern.  RESCUECOM offers some summertime tips for protecting against online dangers and computer repair.

Summer vacation means more time spent online, and more chances for kids to fall victim to scams or predators, jeopardizing your Internet security.

Imagine your child on Facebook, staring at a video link from a “friend”.  Which do you think wins out – your child’s concerns about Internet security, or curiosity over seeing the “hot” new video?

Online scammers thrive on that curiosity.  That Facebook video link might hide a damaging virus.  Every click your child makes risks your Internet security.

So what can you do? Read more »

How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

RESCUECOM offers suggestions to speed up a slow computer.

Computing is not all about speed, but it is important.   A slow computer can be frustrating.  Even worse, it might signal the need for computer repair.  There are ways to speed up a slow computer, hopefully without the need for expensive computer repair. Read more »

Rescuecom Releases 5 Tips to Detect Phishing

Phishing attacks threaten our Internet security and can be hard to detect.  They can lead to identity theft, viruses, or the need for computer repair.  To help protect your Internet security, RESCUECOM’s computer repair experts offer five simple tips for detecting phishing attacks.

•1.) Avoid Action – Phishing attacks work when you take action.  An email that requests information or features clickable links may be an attack against your Internet security.  Legitimate emails include cut and past style links to help you avoid clicking.  If there are only clickable links, the email is likely a phishing scam. Read more »

Computer Maintenance Helps Performance

RESCUECOM offers some basic tips for improving computer performance and protecting against the need for computer repair.

Computer performance is a significant concern.  Did you know there are many basic tasks you can perform to ensure a high level of computer performance and protect against the need for computer repair? Read more »

Internet Security: Fake Anti Virus Programs

RESCUECOM reminds users to utilize only legitimate anti virus software, such as our Internet Security Suite.

A common cyber attack uses fake anti virus software as a means for infecting computers with malware.  These attackers rely on fear to trick users into violating their own Internet security.  Read more »

Online Business Needs: Network Service

RESCUECOM offers suggestions on choosing the right network for your online business needs.

Today, almost every business functions at least partly online.  Choosing the right network and maintaining it can be hard, so RESCUECOM offers network service, tailored to your meet your online business needs. Read more »

Internet Security: Browser Hijack!

RESCUECOM offers suggestions to prevent browser hijacking, protect your computer, and utilize computer support.

A common Internet security threat is browser hijacking.  Malware programs can hijack your Internet browser, changing your home page, altering your settings, and decreasing functionality.   There are ways to prevent this Internet security violation.  Read more »

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