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Computer Maintenance Helps Performance

RESCUECOM offers some basic tips for improving computer performance and protecting against the need for computer repair.

Computer performance is a significant concern.  Did you know there are many basic tasks you can perform to ensure a high level of computer performance and protect against the need for computer repair?

  • 1. Shut down/reboot – Many of us do not want to wait for our computers to boot up every day. As a result, we frequently ignore the benefits of a shutdown/reboot. Shutting down, at least once a week, resets the RAM, increasing computer performance.


  • 2. Use system tools – Most computers have some sort of system tools. These resources can be used for increasing computer performance or completing simple computer repair. Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter can repair simple hard disk errors and eliminate excess data that hampers computer performance.


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  • 3. Take out the trash – Tossing a document or program into the recycling bin does not actually eliminate the program from the computer. In fact, the files are still taking up memory and slowing computer performance. Deleting these files, and cleaning the Internet browser cache completely, on a regular basis, improves computer performance.


  • 4. Update – Many computer programs and applications are continuously updated to improve both program and computer performance. In some cases, these updates can even be considered minor computer repairs, as they may fix a flaw or hole in a program. Check at least once a month that your most used programs are fully updated.


  • 5. Backup – No matter how hard we try to prevent it, many of us will still experience the need for computer repair. Being able to restore the computer to its previous level of performance is important. Backing up your computer on a regular basis, through system restore points, recovery disks, or secure offsite backup, provides performance security in the event of computer repair.


Following these simple tips can help ensure your computer runs at its highest level and prevent costly computer repair.  Contact Rescuecom today to find out how our computer support can help you maintain your computer’s performance.


RESCUECOM provides computer repair and computer support, 24/7: Meeting every tech support need including data recovery, virus removal, networking, wireless services, and computer support for all brands of hardware and software. For computer support or information on products, services, or computer repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC.

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