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RESCUECOM Debuts Reliability Grades in the 2014 Q2 Computer Reliability Report

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RESCUECOM announces the results of the 2014 Q2 Computer Reliability Report; Samsung and Apple remain strong in the rankings and Asus rises to third place! Read more »

Warning! Devastating new Windows virus locks your files forever – unless you pay a ransom.

The cyber-criminals behind a threatening malware called CryptoLocker have infected computers around the world – from large company systems to home use computers.  The virus has been hitting hard for the past six weeks or so, and, due to state-of-the-art encryption used, the only ones who have the key to unlock the files are the criminals themselves. Read more »

The Partner EK900 Deluxe English-Korean Talking Electronic Dictionary Breaks The Language Barrier!

There are two significant barriers for most people to traveling the world and seeing all that it has to offer: money and not knowing the languages native to the places you wish to visit.  Once you have enough money to travel, you have to determine whether you want to learn a new language or hire a guide.  Either choice may require an investment of time or money you may not wish to spend in that manner or, in the case of adding an additional person, it may fundamentally change the experience you were hoping to have.  Thanks to ECTACO there is now a third option!  If you want to visit Korea, you need not learn the language.  Instead, you just need to take the Partner EK900 Deluxe English-Korean Talking Electronic Dictionary with you! Read more »

At The Cutting Edge: Typing By Thought Is Closer Than You May Have Realized!

About fifteen years ago, the consumer software market was all abuzz over voice recognition technology.  You could buy programs that, after a training session that created a template of your specific voice, intonation, and speech patterns, could (supposedly) recognize vocal commands.  Between tragically slow computer processors and comparatively limited hard drive space relative to the demands of such vocal recognition training programs, many consumers discovered that voice operation of their computers was more of a boondoggle than a benefit.  Now, with applications like Siri from Apple, voice recognition has progressed to the point where it is a practical way to interact with many computer devices.  So, what is the next step; what is like voice recognition was fifteen years ago to push the envelope forward?  That would be thought recognition and it is no longer just a science fiction concept! Read more »

Scan Anywhere And Everywhere With The Mobility Air!

Over the last few years, business travelling has changed dramatically.  While many businesses have been able to reduce corporate travel by more effectively teleconferencing using new technology, many business travelers have more intense needs while traveling.  Often, air travel is not a chance to relax, it is prep time for the businessperson and many businesses expect their traveling executives and technicians to be in contact, especially on longer flights.  As a result, new technologies have emerged in order to make the office a more portable thing; the office is no longer necessarily a place, but the equipment one utilizes while on the job!  One of the increasingly vital products for business travelers is the portable scanner and one of the best portable scanners on the market today is the Mobility Air. Read more »

How Surge Protection Cleans Up Your Dirty Power Supply

Computer repair companies, like RESCUECOM, encounter a wide variety of computer problems every day.  Because there are so many parts of computers that can fail or break down on their own from regular wear, it is distressing to discover how frequently damage to computers is reported from something that is easily preventable.  One of the easiest ways to prevent computer damage and protect your investment in your computer and other electronic devices is to purchase and properly use a good surge protector or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Read more »

Other Computer Components That Wear Out . . . And How To Recognize Their Failure!

Not long ago, we presented a list of common computer components that wear out as part of the natural use of one’s computer.  While power supplies, monitors, charging ports, and CPU fans are frequent causes of headaches for computer owners, they are not the only computer parts that are likely to fail over time as you use your computer.  Other computer components that frequently fail include: Read more »

What You Should Expect To Wear Out When Buying A Computer!

No one wants to have to call a computer support service or take their private personal computer to a computer repair shop.  At some point, though, we all have to get a computer repair because computers are designed to break down and eventually fail.  Rather than railing against the planned obsolescence of the computer industry, it helps to know what is most likely to fail so you know what to expect from a computer repair.  A trained computer support technician may diagnose most of these conditions simply by hearing the symptoms of your computer problem.  Some computer components that frequently fail or break are: Read more »

5G Wi-Fi Is (Almost) Here!

One of the common misconceptions many people have when they hear the advertising about smartphones is that “4G” refers to the speed of data transfers across a network.  “4G” does not actually mean something like “four gigabytes per second” or anything of the sort.  Instead, “4G” is a simple term referring to the fourth generation of standards that guide transfers over wireless cellular networks.  But even as 4G networks are the key selling point to current hardware like the Samsung Infuse 4G or the Sony Xperia 4G, if Broadcom has its way, 4G will soon be passé.  Broadcom has innovated the fifth generation of cellular wireless standards. Read more »

Quite Possibly, The Ultimate Digital Cookbook: MasterCook 11!

It is hard not to love food.  In addition to being fuel for our bodies, food can be delicious, artistic, and promote a sense of community.  Whether you are on a diet or enjoy cooking for family and friends, so long as you are cooking food, there is no more essential tool than a good cookbook.  In recent years, the tech sector has contributed to reducing kitchen clutter by developing online cookbooks and cooking software.  One of the more useful pieces of software for cooking is MasterCook 11. Read more »

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