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What You Should Expect To Wear Out When Buying A Computer!

No one wants to have to call a computer support service or take their private personal computer to a computer repair shop.  At some point, though, we all have to get a computer repair because computers are designed to break down and eventually fail.  Rather than railing against the planned obsolescence of the computer industry, it helps to know what is most likely to fail so you know what to expect from a computer repair.  A trained computer support technician may diagnose most of these conditions simply by hearing the symptoms of your computer problem.  Some computer components that frequently fail or break are:

Power Supplies – Many users call computer repair professionals because they are having issues with their computer’s power supply. The computer turning off abruptly, the battery light sporadically turning on or even a flickering monitor are all characteristics of power supply failures.  Because power supply problems involve working with electricity, most computer support technicians advise users suffering from power supply problems to take the computer to a computer repair professional.

Monitors – A computer monitor failure may be one of the most obvious hardware failures to diagnose.  A flickering monitor, a monitor that distorts or a monitor that does not show any image at all may require replacement or repair from a trained computer repair professional.  A trained computer repair technician may easily diagnose the severity of a monitor failure.

Charging Ports – A laptop charging port is how the laptop receives electrical power.  If the charging port is damaged or defective, the laptop will not be able to recharge the battery or stay powered.  For this problem, an expert computer repair technician trained in laptop repair is necessary.

CPU Fans – Both laptop computers and desktop computers suffer from failing CPU fans.  Fortunately, you do not need a computer support service to detect this problem!  If your computer or laptop has been on for a significant amount of time and is getting warmer and you do not hear the fan running, the CPU fan has most likely failed.  Computer repair shops can make easy work out of replacing a CPU fan, so you would not be without your computer for very long.

Forewarned is forearmed and when one owns a computer, components will fail.  Knowing how to recognize the most common computer failures can save time when dealing with computer support technicians and save money on computer repair bills.


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