How to Survive one of the Worst Internet Attack Tactics

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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

What is Ransomware and how do I Recover from It?

Using the Internet safely may seem like a simple thing, but many have discovered that this is not always the case. Almost everyone knows about the dangers of malware, spyware, and viruses, but there is one Internet threat on the rise that can be extremely difficult for technical services to deal with called “Ransomware.” Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases Do’s and Don’ts Regarding the REFRESH Feature in Windows 8

Today, RESCUECOM released a press release containing helpful information about the new REFRESH feature found in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  Windows REFRESH is an option for users in Windows 8 that helps them restore their computer when it has a serious malfunction.  The difference between a REFRESH and a complete reinstall is that a REFRESH allows users to retain their personal data such as documents, music, videos and pictures.  Having this new option for users to attempt to fix their machines when a problem occurs is great, but there are several potential concerns with the new feature as well. Read more »

Warning! Devastating new Windows virus locks your files forever – unless you pay a ransom.

The cyber-criminals behind a threatening malware called CryptoLocker have infected computers around the world – from large company systems to home use computers.  The virus has been hitting hard for the past six weeks or so, and, due to state-of-the-art encryption used, the only ones who have the key to unlock the files are the criminals themselves. Read more »

The Partner EK900 Deluxe English-Korean Talking Electronic Dictionary Breaks The Language Barrier!

There are two significant barriers for most people to traveling the world and seeing all that it has to offer: money and not knowing the languages native to the places you wish to visit.  Once you have enough money to travel, you have to determine whether you want to learn a new language or hire a guide.  Either choice may require an investment of time or money you may not wish to spend in that manner or, in the case of adding an additional person, it may fundamentally change the experience you were hoping to have.  Thanks to ECTACO there is now a third option!  If you want to visit Korea, you need not learn the language.  Instead, you just need to take the Partner EK900 Deluxe English-Korean Talking Electronic Dictionary with you! Read more »

Enjoy Hands Free Viewing On Your IPhone 4/4S With The Macally Foldable Charging Stand.

Last year when the Apple Computers released the iPhone 4S, users were understandably thrilled by the device.  The iPhone 4S remains one of the most powerful smartphones on the market and one of the most coveted.  Despite numerous rumors that the iPhone 5 will be released later this year, many iPhone users who love their iPhone 4 or 4S may want to keep their familiar smartphone and avoid the hassle of having to program a new iPhone.  For those people (and those who want to believe that the iPhone 5 will have the same physical specifications as the 4S) it may be time to start accessorizing your iPhone 4S.  One of the coolest accessories for the iPhone 4S is also one of the most simple: the Macally Foldable Charging Stand. Read more »

The Most Discrete Wireless Keyboard Yet: The Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad!

There are a surprising number of variations to keyboards that have made for exciting news among fans of new technologies in recent years.  While the fundamentals of the keyboard have remained solid – most notably the standard QWERTY style for the majority of keyboards even today – there have been some exciting changes to the form of the keyboard, from ergonomically-correct keyboards that reduce strain on the fingers and arms to virtual keyboards that allow you to type on any surface.  But one of the exciting new keyboard designs augments your computer or mobile computing device in a way that may provide you a more seamless user experience between your many computing devices.  That keyboard is the Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad. Read more »

Training The Software Writers, Jennifer Page Is Invaluable!

Given how vast the tech sector is, it is very easy for workers at all levels to find themselves suddenly working in an area in which their expertise is limited.  Keeping up with the tech sector can require quite a bit of continual training and often workers who are focused on their work-related tasks do not have the time to learn about the very latest practices or developments in the tech sectors.  That is why many companies utilize professional trainers who both update workers on current events and instruct workers on how to utilize programs with which they have limited prior experience.  One of the best trainers in the business is Jennifer Page! Read more »

Building Your Own Computer? You Might Want The XFX ProSeries 1050W Power Supply!

If you are building your own computer, you will require a power supply.  There is no getting around the need for power, but what might surprise you is just how many options there are for power supplies for PCs and servers.  For those who plan on making a system that utilizes a lot of peripherals and drives, you will need quite a bit of power.  As important as having power is utilizing the power supply in an efficient way.  For above-average power distributed in an exceptionally efficient manner, it is hard to find a better power supply than the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU. Read more »

Keep Your Notebook Computer Cool With The Zalman High Performance Notebook Cooler!

One of the most frequent computer problems for portable computers – laptop, notebook, and netbooks – comes from internal elements overheating.  Many notebook and laptop computers are unfortunately designed with inadequate abilities to dissipate the heat within their casing, resulting in damage to internal (and in some cases, external) components.  This common design flaw is why there is a thriving laptop cooler market.  One of the better options for notebook computer users is the Zalman High Performance Notebook Cooler. Read more »

Power For Your Mobile Devices When You Are On The Go With The Fueltank DUO!

Power is rapidly becoming the hardest aspect of mobile computing devices to improve upon.  Manufacturers continually find new gadgets to add to smartphones and tablet computers, but with all of the new components that rapidly drain batteries, there has been no radical leap forward with manufacturing batteries.  As a result, users have not gotten significantly greater battery life from their mobile devices with the newer smartphones and tablet computers.  This is especially irksome for mobile device users who use their devices primarily for business purposes.  They do not need improved video cameras or more realistic speakers to play digital music; they require reliability and endurance.  While the manufacturers of electronic devices may not be radically improving batteries, peripherals manufacturers are focused on delivering stronger power supplies to consumers.  One of the leading products for augmenting the innate power supply of thousands of devices is the Fueltank DUO. Read more »

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