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A Stylish And Cool Laptop Cooler, The Cryo LX!

The bane of laptop computers is overheating.  No matter how laptop computer manufacturers work, they have not created a laptop computer that keeps the internal components cool enough to allow them optimal functioning conditions.  While laptop computer fans have been manufactured to run quieter than they used to, often laptop computers need an additional cooling device.  One of the most stylish laptop computer coolers is the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler.

NZXT, a computer peripheral manufacturer that makes functional and stylish computer accessories, manufactures the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler.  Unlike the Chill Pak or other cooling pads that work using a chemical cooling process, NZXT focused on making a mechanical cooling device that enhances the appearance of your laptop computer, while keeping the base cool.  The Cryo LX keeps any laptop computer with a 17” screen (or less) cool, which helps your laptop computer run more efficiently.

With a brushed aluminum finish, the Cryo LX notebook cooler looks very modern and matches the finish on most laptop computers.  With the neutral metallic appearance, the Cryo LX notebook cooler compliments the color scheme of those laptop computers it does not precisely match.  The aluminum framework of the Cryo LX notebook cooler makes it a far more sturdy and durable laptop cooler than most mechanical laptop cooling devices (many of which are made of surprisingly breakable plastic).  The durability of the Cryo LX notebook cooler makes it an ideal laptop cooling device for those who travel a lot with their laptop computer.

The Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler features three large fans.  At 120mm each, the fans on the Cryo LX push an incredible amount of air in order to keep your laptop computer’s temperature down.  The adjustable nature of the fans is ideal for those who have multiple laptop computers and want to use the one laptop cooler between them.  Being able to move the fans allows you to adjust to the specific heat sources of each laptop computer you have.

With four USB ports, the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler easily connects to your laptop computer for power.  The additional ports allow you to connect USB flash drives, scanners or other USB devices to the Cryo LX.  For older laptop computers, the additional USB ports the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler provides may allow you to connect more peripherals to your laptop computer than the laptop usually could!

With its versatility and durability, the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler is one of the best laptop accessories you can buy!


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