Among New Laptops, the Surface Laptop is a Top Choice

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Tech Support Blog

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is Worth Consideration

As one of the top tech companies in the world, people hold Microsoft to lofty expectations, and rightly so. Microsoft has long been on the leading edge of the tech revolution, designing, developing, and releasing some of the best and most-used software and hardware on the market. Late last year, Microsoft fans were finally treated to something for which they had been waiting a long time: the first ever Surface laptop. After focusing on making unusual products and unique concepts, such as kickstand tablets and detachable 2-in-1 tablet / laptop hybrids, it was time for Microsoft to focus simply on making a no-gimmicks top of the line laptop, and it succeeded with the Surface laptop. Ultimately, it is a laptop with enough power to run all your apps and programs, but light and thin enough to carry around. It also has a high-resolution display and a good keyboard, and it comes at a reasonable price. Read more »

Keep Your Notebook Computer Cool With The Zalman High Performance Notebook Cooler!

One of the most frequent computer problems for portable computers – laptop, notebook, and netbooks – comes from internal elements overheating.  Many notebook and laptop computers are unfortunately designed with inadequate abilities to dissipate the heat within their casing, resulting in damage to internal (and in some cases, external) components.  This common design flaw is why there is a thriving laptop cooler market.  One of the better options for notebook computer users is the Zalman High Performance Notebook Cooler. Read more »

Feel Sorry For Companies And Buy More (Please).

There is a troubling psychology to the business end of the technology and entertainment industries at the moment.  Both the electronics and computers (tech) sector and the entertainment industry are manipulating consumers and it is troubling how long their behavior has gone unreported. Read more »

The Artist Who Is Changing The World Through Design: Yves Behar!

Artists and designers, as a general rule, want to make an impact on the world around them.  Artists try to open the eyes and minds of their audience to a new way to see the world.  Designers try to reshape the world by pushing the limits of convention or creating styles that intrigue consumers in a way that resonates with all who experience their designs.  There are, arguably, no more effective artist/designers in the world today than Yves Behar.  Behar is not simply trying to change the world in an abstract way; he is using technology. Read more »

A Stylish And Cool Laptop Cooler, The Cryo LX!

The bane of laptop computers is overheating.  No matter how laptop computer manufacturers work, they have not created a laptop computer that keeps the internal components cool enough to allow them optimal functioning conditions.  While laptop computer fans have been manufactured to run quieter than they used to, often laptop computers need an additional cooling device.  One of the most stylish laptop computer coolers is the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler. Read more »

The iGo Arctic Cooling Pad Works Hard To Keep Your Laptop Computer Cool!

So far in computer technology, there remains one enduring truth about laptop computers.  It seems no matter how advanced laptop computers become, they all warm up and get so hot that one either needs to cool the laptop off quickly or risk damage to the chips and drives within.  Unfortunately, that means that almost immediately after investing in a new laptop computer, you are likely to need to buy a cooling peripheral.  Given that this is a pretty necessary expense, you might as well go with one of the best cooling products for laptop computers.  The Arctic Cooling Pad is a great way to keep your laptop computer cool!

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A Computer That Does Yoga

From the time tablet computers debuted on the market, people have loved the devices’ flexibility and portability. That is why the market for tablets has increased so dramatically in the last few years and why other types of computers, namely laptops and desktops, have been garnering less attention.

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The EON17-X Laptop Is An Impressive Replacement For Your Desktop Computer!

The computer hardware landscape is a surprisingly dynamic one, with innovations frequently changing the marketplace abruptly.  There was recently a parody of this principle in the advertising for a major electronics retailer in which consumers are dismayed when the product they just bought is made obsolete almost instantly.  Given that most chip manufacturers already have product lines planned for the next decade, the volatility of the market is surprising and there are measures that can be taken to minimize the chances that what you buy today will be unusable within three years.  To preserve your sanity (and your wallet!), sometimes, it helps to buy the best, most cutting edge equipment.  In the case of laptop computers, your best bet might well be the EON17-X.

The EON17-X laptop computer is a powerful laptop computer with a number of versatile options.  Built by Origin, the EON17-X utilizes some of the most advanced hardware on Earth to provide a superior computer, especially when compared to most big box stores.  For example, one of the processor options for the EON17-X laptop computer is the Intel Core i7-3930K processor, built upon the advanced Sandy Bridge technology.  Sandy Bridge is one of Intel’s most advanced chip designs available to the consumer market.  The fact that the EON17-X employs today’s cutting edge technology virtually guarantees that this laptop will remain usable and relevant for all programs for the foreseeable future.  Right now, it delivers incredibly fast results for complicated programs and graphics rendering.

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Teaching Physics (Whether Players Know It Or Not): Cut The Rope Is The Logical Successor To Angry Birds!

Puzzle games are exceptionally popular among casual computer game players.  The rise of smartphones has made video games accessible to a much larger audience. Puzzle games like Hexic and Angry Birds have effectively captivated smartphone users and opened entirely new markets up in the video game industry.  But while Angry Birds has remained comparatively static – Rovio has effectively merchandised Angry Birds beyond the popular game, but not released any new expansions for some time – a new game has come to dominate the puzzle game niche.  That game is Cut The Rope.

Cut The Rope is a physics-based puzzle game similar in several ways to Angry Birds, which might be why it so easily took over the same niche.  Developed by Chillingo, Cut The Rope features bright colors and simple animation that makes it ideal for playing on a smartphone or tablet computer, where one does not need the most advanced monitor to get the most out of the game.  When Chillingo released Cut The Rope to the Apple App Store during the fourth quarter of 2010, it sold three million downloads before the end of that year!  Since its initial release, Chillingo has continued to release Cut The Rope for different video game platforms, as well as a new expansion, Cut The Rope: Experiments.

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Why Look At Your Pictures Small? The Sony VMC-MHC1 HD Output Cable Turns Your Camera Into An Entertainment Device!

With so many people investing heavily in better and better high definition television sets, it is getting hard to recommend new computer monitors.  For sure, if you keep your PC segregated from your HDTV, a new computer monitor is necessary.  But, if you are spending a lot of money on a fancy high definition television, many of your peripherals will interact with it.  In other words, you can get the most for your money out of both your computer and electronic devices and your high definition television by connecting your gadgets to your HDTV.  For those who have a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera, that means getting a VMC-MHC1 High Definition Output Cable.

The VMC-MHC1 High Definition Output Cable serves as an adapter for the Cyber-shot digital camera.  Designed for high definition video signals, the Sony VMC-MHC1 converts the images on your Cyber-shot digital camera into a format that your high definition television may recognize.  Because of its simple configuration, the VMC-MHC1 cable is exceptionally easy to use and requires no software to reconfigure your images.  This is a true plug and play device and it allows you to see all of your photographs on a giant, high definition screen!

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