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A Computer That Does Yoga

From the time tablet computers debuted on the market, people have loved the devices’ flexibility and portability. That is why the market for tablets has increased so dramatically in the last few years and why other types of computers, namely laptops and desktops, have been garnering less attention.

Lenovo is dramatically bringing its laptop line back into focus. At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, they announced the new IdeaPad Yoga. This sleek ultrabook is not only a laptop, but can transform itself into a tablet. Yes, there have been designs similar to this in the past, but technology has advanced so far since the days of the swivel-screen laptops that those awkward older models barely compare to the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga.

This new computer has all the great functions of both a laptop and a tablet. It has the portable ability of a tablet and the already-attached keyboard and extra processing power of a laptop. What sets it apart from the old swivel-screen laptops is that it has 360 degree rotating hinges. The IdeaPad Yoga can swing open on its hinges as far as you want it to, until it reaches its other half.

The great thing about this rotating ability is that you can use it in other positions than simply laptop or tablet. You can set it in what they call ‘tent mode’ or ‘stand mode’ and use the multitouch screen either of those ways. Of course, when you use it in any mode other than laptop mode, it automatically disables the keyboard and mouse so that how you hold it will not affect anything on the screen.

When Lenovo releases it later this year, the company says that the IdeaPad Yoga will come preloaded with Windows 8, the new operating system that is currently in the pre-beta stage. Windows 8 is perfect for this computer because it will be an operating system that transcends all different devices and will work easily on any of them. Microsoft designed Windows 8 in a manner that will work very well for special cases like this combination laptop and tablet.

There are a couple of foreseeable problems with the IdeaPad Yoga. One is that it is heavier and probably hotter than most tablets. Another would be the damage that will easily happen to the keyboard when people leave it in tablet mode all the time. Therefore, this model might require more frequent laptop repair than others if not handled correctly. Fortunately, Lenovo has proven itself a very reliable computer manufacturer, coming in at the top of this year’s Computer Reliability Report from Rescuecom.

While an ultrabook is an expensive investment, you are getting the functionality of two devices in one. That could lead people to prefer this model to either an ultrabook or a tablet – pay the same and get both.


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2 Responses to “A Computer That Does Yoga”

  1. Where’s the best place to buy one of these IdeaPads please?

    Many thanks,

    Matt 🙂

  2. Unfortunately Matt, You cannot get one of these just yet. As the IdeaPad Yoga will arrive with Windows 8, Lenovo is waiting for the official release of that operating system.

    When they do become available, however, you can purchase one directly from the Lenovo website. I am sure that it will aso be available from other retail stores that sell Lenovo products.

    Thanks for your question, hope this helps!

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