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Monitor Your Servers With Speed And Efficiency With The Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116!

As businesses grow and more people discover that the Internet is not as daunting a tool as they might initially suspect, you might be inclined to build or maintain your own servers for your business.  While the initial set-up of your own server farm may be out of your league if you are not especially computer savvy, monitoring and maintaining your servers has become easier in recent years.  One element that may make it easier to maintain your servers in-house, without the need to hire a specialist, is server-monitoring technology.  Tripp Lite makes several pieces of server-related technology and the Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM may make monitoring your servers very easy. Read more »

Your Massive Amount Of Data Fits Easily In The U32 Shadow 1 TB External Hard Drive!

The rise of fast and portable data storage devices happened in such a widespread manner that, like social networking, it seemed almost instantaneously people across every demographic and occupation had a USB flash drive or portable hard drive.  The portable data storage devices have become so ubiquitous that thrillers and science fiction films commonly utilize them as a plot device or an opportunity to build tension: Pepper Potts downloading Tony Stark’s database to a portable hard drive while their mutual adversary engages her in Iron Man comes instantly to mind as an example.  That type of scene never would have worked for a general audience had the technological framework it relied upon not been so well-received before the film screened.  Similarly, such speed and discretion would not be possible today without the right technology.  The U32 Shadow 1 TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive is the fast-transferring, smallest, portable hard drive with enough storage space for all your needs! Read more »

Using Biometrics To Keep Your Valuables Secure: The Barska Standard Biometric Keypad Safe!

In the wake of virtually every tragedy involving gun violence, the media and politicians talk quite a bit about responsibility.  While responsibility is easy to determine in incidents where a shooter or group of shooters does violence against others, in situations like accidents involving unsecured firearms (or firearms that were secured, but some element of that security failed), upon whose shoulders the responsibility rests may be harder to judge.  Regardless, technology now exists to make it far easier to secure your firearms and other valuables so that accidents are less likely to occur and so you might avoid losing your valuables to burglars.  Some worthwhile personal security technology is present in Barska’s Standard Biometric Keypad Safe. Read more »

A Very Cool Digital Photo Service, Ceiva PicturePlan Is Photo Network!

The concept of a social network is actually a very simple one: you log into a network, provide information about yourself and develop a channel to share interests and information with other people in your life.  As well, you may use a social network to expand your circle of friends by starting conversations with likeminded people who share some of the same interests as you.  One of the coolest products on the Internet, is expanding the perception of what a social network can be by offering options that make for a very real photo network!  The service is the Ceiva PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service and it is innovative, fresh, and very cool. Read more »

Make Your Memories Pop With The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display!

With the rise of digital photography, people have a vastly easier ability to take pictures and store them than ever before.  Taking photographs is no longer a costly or time-consuming process and with today’s digital storage methods, you can create a virtually limitless repository of images from your life and experiences.  What has not kept pace with the ability to take digital photographs is a normalization of technology used to display digital photographs.  In many offices and even at home, people have prints of pictures or they will furtively look through the images stored on their smartphone when they need to feel connected, but while digital picture frames have existed for years, the market has not grown nearly as fast as the technology by which you take digital photographs has improved.  Aiptek aims to change that and with their P8i26 Portable 3D Display, they make it easy to display and enjoy digital photographs! Read more »

Real Security For Your Android-Driven Device: Reliaty55!

Security is a concern in the tech sector that only continues to grow.  The growth of security services pertaining to computers, smartphones and mobile computing devices is not a reflection on the industry’s unwillingness to adapt; technology continues to change at such a fast rate and hackers continue to adapt as well, necessitating an almost-constant development of new security-related products and services.  While many computers have been protected by the most robust anti-viral software ever created, as hackers take on smartphones and mobile computing devices, many of the major software developers have been slow to react.  Instead, consumers are discovering the benefits of mobile computing protection software, like Reliaty55. Read more »

Transform Your Fast USB Connection Into Several With The 7-Port Hub From Siig!

With the sheer volume of computer products and electronic devices that utilize USB ports and jacks, it is very easy to find yourself without enough USB ports on your computer, laptop computer or other USB-receiving device.  This is an especially frustrating condition when you have the latest tech that runs on USB 3.0; one of the key selling points of USB 3.0 is the super-fast transfer rates at which the protocol operates.  In order to take advantage of many of the benefits of USB 3.0 devices, you are likely to have to swap multiple cords and devices out of a single USB 3.0 port.  All of that changes, though, with the USB 3.0 & 2.0 7-Port Hub from Siig. Read more »

Enhance Your Home Theater With The ViewSonic Pro8500!

An alternative to an expensive, high quality, high definition television – for those who have the space – is a digital video projector.  Digital video projectors have progressed to the point that one may get true high definition resolution and even 3-D visuals when connected to compatible equipment (like a 3-D Blu-Ray player).  For those who want to be able to create a true home theater experience and who might want to share their DVD or Blu-Ray collection with others in a larger visual format than even today’s HDTVs, the digital video projector is for you!  One of the premium digital projectors on the market today is the ViewSonic Pro8500. Read more »

Make Your Own Secure Security Network With The Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System!

As more and more people get cooler and more expensive home electronics devices, it is hard not to feel insecure leaving home.  While the obvious solution would be to get a security system, the media portrays home security systems as drastically ineffective.  In fact, most people would be hard pressed not to be able to recall a time when they watched a movie or television program and a security system was compromised by cutting the wires from the cameras to the monitors.  One of the obvious, real-world, solutions to that problem is to assemble a security system that does not have wires that can be cut.  For that, you might want the Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System. Read more »

Innovating The Processes That Make Tomorrow’s Drives, David Mosley Is Very Cool!

The path of innovation in the tech sector is becoming a much broader one.  For most companies, gone are the days of scientists and engineers working in their laboratory doing pure research and development while corporate bean counters manage the finances of such projects in a distant office.  Many companies in the tech sector have begun to rely upon the engineers and scientists themselves to manage the funds for their projects and as a matter of corporate advancement, those companies tend to promote the best and brightest to leadership roles within their research and development department.  Of course, in many cases, that means that the scientist must return to school for additional education, focused more on business than engineering.  That is what happened with David Mosley. Read more »

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