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If You Are Building Your Own Server, The TYAN S7050 Motherboard Is A Great Place To Start!

There are many computer enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building their own computers.  It can be a real challenge to assemble your personal computer from the bottom up.  For those computer lovers who enjoy the process of assembling their own computers, the next step after making their own personal computer is assembling their own server from scratch.  For that, you have to start with a powerful, flexible motherboard.  For that, the TYAN S7050 Motherboard is an exceptional option!

The TYAN S7050 Motherboard, model #S7050A2NRF in the TYAN catalogue, is a server motherboard designed to support Intel processors.  The S7050 is specifically intended to support an Intel Xeon Processor from the E5-2600 Series.  That particular Intel processor utilizes the Sandy Bridge technology, which puts the S7050 motherboard at the forefront of fast-processing server motherboards.  The faster the processor the motherboard it designed to handle, the more complicated the programs your server may run without crashes, delays or errors.  Outfitted with an E5-2600 Intel Xeon Processor, the S7050 is ready to run virtually any program flawlessly.

For computer enthusiasts who are building their own server, one of the key concerns is that the server is versatile and expandable.  The TYAN S7050 Motherboard is an exceptional piece of hardware in that regard.  Not only is this motherboard outfitted with seven USB 2.0 ports, the S7050 takes advantage of the latest technology with two USB 3.0 ports at the back of the board!  The inclusion of USB 3.0 ports ensures that the S7050 is outfitted to interface with both current technology and the cutting edge USB 3.0 hardware that is only now reaching the market.

In addition to having impressive processing power, the TYAN S7050 Motherboard has 8 + 8 DIMM slots, which allow you to outfit the motherboard with an exceptional amount of RAM.  This motherboard allows you to install up to 128 GB of UDIMM, 256 GB of RDIMM, and 512 GB of LRDIMM.  The memory capacity of the S7050 Motherboard is extensive enough to interface with virtually any network and run any application!

The TYAN S7050, in addition to having extensive connectivity through USB ports, allows you to connect to your Apple Computers through two Firewire ports.  For flexibility, versatility and connectivity, the TYAN S7050 Motherboard is an ideal start to your server, no matter what type computer you have!


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