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Tech Support Blog Wants to Be the Cloud Storage Platform for Scientists

While the public often idolizes individual scientists, research and scientific progress is often a collaborative process.  Scientists need the ability to share data and insights with each other quickly in order to move the process along.  What complicates this need is that it is also necessary for scientists to keep their research data safe.  They can’t simply make their data open and available to anyone.  They can only share with the colleagues with whom they already collaborate. is a cool product in technology that aims to satisfy both these needs in helping scientists store and organize their research.  This cool product is a cloud storage service designed specifically for the needs of scientists when dealing with research data. lets scientists store their research in the cloud securely, but also adds sharing options that are essential in helping researchers to collaborate. locks down all data so only researchers can access it in the cloud when they want, but the cool product does allow users to flag specific data sets for sharing with colleagues that are also on  Any users who have problems connecting to the service and viewing their data sets may have hardware or connection issues requiring help from a cloud computer support company. Read more »

Wattpad Wants to Be YouTube for the Written Word

YouTube revolutionized the web when it popularized the idea of user-generated content powering a large social media site.  However, YouTube just supports one medium of user-generated content—video.  Wattpad is a cool product in technology that wants to do what YouTube did for user-created video, but for creative written works instead.  With Wattpad, people upload their stories for popular consumption on the website and mobile app.  Just as YouTube videos are free for the public, so are all works posted by Wattpad members.  Wattpad contains works from many different genres, ranging from crime drama to science fiction to creative nonfiction.  Users can read and react to any story on the site by leaving comments, ratings or marking stories as favorites.  Readers can read stories via the cloud or download the text for offline viewing on the Wattpad mobile application for tablets and smartphones.  Any users who have issues getting their chosen stories to download to their Wattpad library may need mobile tech support for their devices.  Wattpad also keeps track of how many people view a text and download it so writers can see the reach their work has on the service. Read more »

TourRadar Helps Travelers Find the Best Guided Tours and Vacations

While many prefer to customize their vacations and limit their activities to themselves, their families and some close friends, there are many frequent travelers all over the world that enjoy large group tours planned by specialized travel companies.  However, these guided tours vary heavily in quality, which is why cool product in technology TourRadar exists to help travelers find and book the highest quality guided tours available.  TourRadar is an online marketplace where user can browse all types of pre-booked guided tours and book them based on recommendations from other users.  Users can review and rate every tour available on the site in order to help others decide if the trip is worth booking.  This cool product even collaborates with certain tour companies to provide exclusive discounts to its customers, encouraging more people to book with TourRadar and rate their trips.  Any customers who have trouble rating trips on the TourRadar website might need to find a tech support provider to assist them. Read more »

Mike Wagner Founded Fork Force to Mike Hiring Easier in the Food Service Industry

Hiring in specialty industries such as computer repair or food service can be a tricky situation.  Finding the best employees in these fields doesn’t quite work the same way in other, as resumes and static lists of qualifications mean much less than demonstrable skill in a certain area.  When employers post specialized positions in these fields on public job boards online, they often end up with many applications from unqualified people who do not have the specific experience and skillset necessary for the job.  Cool person in technology Mike Wagner wants to make it easier for employers to find qualified applicants in one of these specialized industries—restaurants and food service. Read more »

Matt Munson Has Made Twenty20 an Online Marketplace for Photographers and Artists

Selling artwork or photography is not an easy profession.  Finding interested buyers, promoting one’s work and finding a viable model for distribution are all obstacles for visual artists trying to make a living off their work.  The Internet provides an opportunity for photographers to reach a wider audience and sell more pieces, but setting up the infrastructure needed to do those things is not always part of an artist’s skillset.  Cool person in technology Matt Munson has created Twenty20 in order to solve this problem.  Twenty20 is an online marketplace where graphic artists and photographers can sell their work with little to no technical expertise.  Twenty20 lets users create galleries where they offer the public either digital copies or physical prints of their work.  Munson’s company handles the printing and shipping of each physical item and splits the profit of each sale with the artists on the site.  Read more »

Talkspace Provides Anyone with Anonymous Therapy Online

Therapy and professional psychological help can be very beneficial to the long-term mental health of many people.  However, certain factors often prevent people from seeking the help they need when it comes to psychological matters. People often feel embarrassment over their difficulties at first and don’t want to take steps to address whatever issues they may be facing.  Cool product Talkspace wants to use a web-based chatting system to address this problem and provide people with therapy online.  With this cool product, people can anonymously log in and seek help from professional doctors from any computer or smartphone.  The first few exchanges with a therapist are free to determine if a user is comfortable with a specific doctor before continuing.  Talkspace encourages users to ask about almost anything, (although they do direct any life-threatening issues to a suicide prevention hotline).  Each therapist on the website is a professional who has extensive experience treating patients for a variety of problems.  Anyone who has trouble accessing the chat system on Talkspace with any of their technological devices should seek home tech support for help with connecting.  Read more »

Amos Pizzey Wants to Help Artists Find Work with Digital Platform Talenthouse

The Internet has become haven for independent and amateur artists, whether those artists work in music, animation or performance.  While social media and the web have made it possible to independently promote oneself and gain traction with a fan base, it is not an easy thing to accomplish.  For people who treat their artwork as a profession and not as a hobby, it is not always viable to simply promote work on social media sites and hope for the best.  Amos Pizzey wants to give professional artists a better tool on the web that can help them not just gain attention, but find paying work.  This cool person in technology founded his company Talenthouse in order to give artists the equivalent of a professional networking site like LinkedIn.  Read more »

Alexander Zacke Has Made an Art and Antiques Auction House Online with Auctionata

Online auctions became popular with eBay during the late 1990’s.  Since eBay’s explosion of popularity, most people associate online auctioning with less expensive or second hand products, which are more common on eBay.  However, cool person in technology Alexander Zacke believes that online auctions don’t have to be a slave to this stigma.  Zacke is the CEO of Auctionata, an online auction house that only puts up items such as high quality art and rare antiques for bidding.  Rather than utilize the populist style of peer-to-peer auctions that populate sites like eBay and its clones, Zacke’s company specifically tries to recreate the experience of high-class auction houses like New York City’s Christie’s.  Zacke’s company uses a patented real-time online auction system on the Auctionata website.  Users can maintain online profiles for easy access to the site when auctions occur.  With Auctionata, art and antique collectors can bid on intriguing high-value items from the comfort of their couches.  Anyone who has trouble setting up an account on Zacke’s website can always get computer support services to help with the issue. Read more »

Adam Seifer Created Everplans to Help People Take Care of Loved Ones When They Pass

People often don’t want to speak about what may happen once they’ve passed away because it makes them and those that care about them uncomfortable.  Many people even go so far avoiding the issue that they don’t set up appropriate plans and preparations for when they die, which usually ends up leading to trouble for their loved ones.  Adam Seifer is a cool person in technology who wants to make sure people don’t ignore the important issues that arise when it is their time to go.  Seifer founded his company Everplans to give people a technological tool that will help them prepare and make sure their loved ones don’t have to experience unnecessary stress.  With Seifer’s service, people can organize what tasks they need to accomplish before their death in an online platform that they can conveniently access whenever they want.  Anyone who has trouble creating an Everplan online or logging into one they’ve already made will need cloud computer support for assistance.  Read more »

Gilad Berenstein Founded Utrip to Make Planning the Perfect Trip Simpler

The Internet has made planning vacations far easier in most situations.  Travel websites have made travel agencies redundant and unnecessary for most people.  However, mainstream travel websites tend to focus on the bare bones of a major trip—such as airfare, hotels, and occasionally a few mainstream attractions.  Cool person in technology Gilad Berenstein believes more is possible with the web and that people should be able to plan dream vacations, fully booked with interesting activities, more easily.  That’s why this cool person founded his company Utrip, which uses artificial intelligence to help people plan trips and vacations they are more likely to enjoy.  Read more »

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