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Monitor Your Servers With Speed And Efficiency With The Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116!

As businesses grow and more people discover that the Internet is not as daunting a tool as they might initially suspect, you might be inclined to build or maintain your own servers for your business.  While the initial set-up of your own server farm may be out of your league if you are not especially computer savvy, monitoring and maintaining your servers has become easier in recent years.  One element that may make it easier to maintain your servers in-house, without the need to hire a specialist, is server-monitoring technology.  Tripp Lite makes several pieces of server-related technology and the Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM may make monitoring your servers very easy.


The Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM, product number OSU52091 in the Tripp Lite catalogue, is a console-style KVM.  For those unfamiliar with the jargon, a KVM is a keyboard, video, and mouse switch.  KVMs tend to offer easy access to more complicated systems and the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM is able to allow you to interface with up to sixteen different servers at any given moment.  The Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM provides you with BIOS-level access to each server, which means that should any problem arise with your servers, you may reconfigure or make adjustments at the most basic possible level.  This helps you keep complete authority and control over all your servers and make important adjustments to multiple servers on your network with incredible speed.


The Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM is a console-style KVM, which means you slide it out of its drawer and the 17” LCD monitor swings up to give you access to all of the controls.  Plug and play compatible with all Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems, the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM connects to your servers via PS/2 or USB connections and may extend the distance between your servers and switches up to one hundred feet.  This makes the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM ideal for larger server farms that need to be spread out for better heat distribution.


With its slim design, the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM occupies only a single rail in your server configuration, which means that more of your space may be devoted to actual servers, as opposed to controls needed to monitor and control them.  The front panel controls on the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM make it very easy to use.  Because you would not want your KVM to be easily used to hijack your servers, Tripp Lite smartly programmed each Minicom SmartRack 116 with triple-layered security.  You may use the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM to prevent unauthorized access to your servers, in addition to giving you a single point of control over your sixteen connected servers.


With its space-saving capabilities, easy-of-use, and the ability to connect to so many servers, the Tripp Lite Minicom SmartRack 116 16-Port KVM may help you control your servers and recover faster from sever crashes when they happen.



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