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Make Your Memories Pop With The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display!

With the rise of digital photography, people have a vastly easier ability to take pictures and store them than ever before.  Taking photographs is no longer a costly or time-consuming process and with today’s digital storage methods, you can create a virtually limitless repository of images from your life and experiences.  What has not kept pace with the ability to take digital photographs is a normalization of technology used to display digital photographs.  In many offices and even at home, people have prints of pictures or they will furtively look through the images stored on their smartphone when they need to feel connected, but while digital picture frames have existed for years, the market has not grown nearly as fast as the technology by which you take digital photographs has improved.  Aiptek aims to change that and with their P8i26 Portable 3D Display, they make it easy to display and enjoy digital photographs!


The Portable 3D Display, model number P8i26 in the Aiptek catalog, is a digital frame that has more bells and whistles than most digital picture displays on the market.  The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display has a full 8” viewing area; unlike many other displays that have excessive borders that impede upon or reduce the viewing area.  As an additional feature, the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display is able to process video files as well as photographic files.  Because of the video ability, the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display has built-in speakers to provide clear audio with your crystal clear images.


The key selling point of the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display is its ability to render your digital photographs in clear, vibrantly colored 3D without forcing you to use 3D glasses!  No matter what the capabilities of your digital camera, the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display is able to transform the image using revolutionary Parallax Barrier technology.  With the touch of a button, the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display reconfigures how it displays your two-dimensional photograph.  Instead of transmitting all of the visual information in a uniform manner, the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display filters different wavelengths and targets each of your eyes with different wavelengths from the image.  In the visual cortex of your brain, you assemble the image as a three dimensional representation as a result!


The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display has the potential for incredible display and storage capacity as it features a video card port.  You may plug in your camera’s memory card into the reader slot and the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display will allow you to view any of the images or movies on the card.  The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display is able to handle up to 16 GB of visual information, which translates into hours of videos or tens of thousands of digital photographs!  Utilizing the slideshow function of the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display, you may set your display to slowly cycle through all of your photographs.


Taking digital pictures is a great way for you to feel connected to people and experiences from your life, but taking pictures is only half the process.  Displaying your digital pictures can bring you the sense of connection you seek when taking your pictures and the Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display is a great way to display your images.



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