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Cool Product: Wi-Fi Pocket Camera

Cool Product: Wi-Fi Pocket Camera

Personal photography can be wireless without losing picture quality with the Samsung SH 100, a pocket camera that can act like social networking device. The product is designed to mix the best of digital camera features with smartphone abilities. Pictures can now look the best and be shared right away.

Wi-Fi features let users share pictures and videos with friends on Facebook and YouTube directly. Pictures can also be sent to Picasa and other websites, or pictures can be shared by e-mail from the camera. The camera can automatically find a compatible PC and download images, saving images easily. With the Wi-Fi features, users do not have to wait until a vacation is over to share the fun.

The camera has an LCD touch screen control that acts like a smartphone or touch screen computer. The different options on the home menu are arranged like a smartphone screen, making using it familiar, and the home button lets users return to the first screen anytime. Photographers can view, edit and share pictures with just a little tap.

Recognition sensors take pictures when someone smiles or block the picture when someone blinks. The sensors also adjust the light on nine faces at once, creating clearer and cleaner pictures. Blurriness from low light, zooming, or an unsteady hold disappears when the camera sensors change the image path before the picture is saved. The sensors provide bright pictures with everyone clear and looking happy every time.

Some fun features are included on the SH 100. For example, Smart Auto 2.0 which picks central aspects of the picture’s composition and selects the best view from 17 different modes like Portrait, Fireworks or Night. The Magic Frame feature provides a selection of templates to give photo a personal touch. Photographers can personalize pictures without waiting for a computer’s photo editing program.

Samsung’s SH 100 produces quality pictures or videos, and removes extra equipment from the editing, sharing and saving process. The blend of camera and networking device means that the fun can be shared with everyone, and no one has to go home early.

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