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Lowdown is a Productivity App that Helps People Prepare for Meetings

While smartphones have been a major help to professionals that constantly have to multitask since their inception, they are far from perfect in their productivity functions.  Having to juggle several different apps and services to prepare for work, client meetings or other professional events can be a major hassle.  Users commonly have to switch through email, document editing, maps, contact information apps and web browsers to complete all the tasks that prepare them for a meeting.  Cool product in technology Lowdown is an app that combines many of these services in one streamlined experience for professionals.  Lowdown looks to make it easier for people to be prepared using only their mobile devices and remove the difficulties of managing so many different apps and services to complete tasks.  Read more »

Cluster CEO Brendan Mulligan Gives People Private Digital Spaces for Friends

Social networks were once online spaces that people used to communicate only with their friends and others in their immediate social circle.  That is no longer the case as companies like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have all made social networks completely open and public.  Now, when a user shares an update, link, or set of pictures on any of these sites, they are sharing it with the world, not just their friends.  People still want private online spaces to communicate only with their close friends.  Cool person in technology Brendan Mulligan has responded to this demand with his mobile app Cluster.  Cluster allows users to create digital spaces that are invite-only.  People create a Cluster space on their smartphone and then invite all the specific friends and family they want to have access to that space.  Each invitee receives a notification on his or her phone to join the new Cluster group.  In these private spaces, users can share pictures, links, media and other information that they want to share but would not be comfortable doing so on publicly open sites such as Facebook.  Anyone who has trouble inviting people to their spaces via Cluster should find a source of mobile tech support. Read more »

Drizly Delivers Alcoholic Drinks Right to the Users with a Smartphone App

Responsibly purchasing alcoholic drinks in a big city is not always easy.  Bars and clubs continue to raise the prices of their drinks to points that are prohibitive for many people.  However, finding liquor stores with good selection and prices to enjoy some drinks at home with friends isn’t always simple either.  Cool product in technology Drizly presents a third solution: order alcoholic beverages for immediate delivery with a smartphone. With Drizly installed on someone’s iPhone or Android device, he or she can quickly tap their phones to order liquor, wine or beer.  Drizly then delivers the drinks to the user on demand, allowing the customer to spend time with their friends or prepare in other ways before the drinks arrive.  This cool product is ideal for situations where people throw small parties or get-togethers because it frees up a user’s time and reduces one major aspect of planning a party down to a few taps on a phone.  Anyone who has trouble operating the Drizly app will need to contact a smartphone PC support company for service to determine what is causing the problem. Read more »

NoWait Makes Restaurant Seating Easier for Businesses and Patrons

No one likes going to restaurant and having to wait to sit down at a table.  It’s even worse when disorganization or inefficiency makes the wait longer than it needs to be.  Cool product in technology NoWait is a service that uses smartphones to help restaurants seat people more efficiently and quickly.  By making the seating experience better for customers, NoWait is helping both the restaurant patrons and restaurant management.  Read more »

Augment Lets People View Their Digital Prototypes and 3D Models in Reality

Augmented reality has many applications in the real world.  People can use it with wearable technology such as Google Glass to create head-up displays for when they perform physical work in an outdoor environment.  However, augmented reality isn’t only limited to wearable tech devices.  Cool product Augment puts the power of augmented reality in the hands of anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  Augment allows people to impose 3D models or prototypes that they create onto the physical world.  Users can view how their models would appear as real-world objects and get a better idea of how they would look before investing money to create a physical item.  Read more »

Clutch CEO Ned Moore His App to Turn Smartphones into Digital Wallets

There are many apps that look to replace the use of loyalty and rewards cards in retail stores in restaurants.  A growing number tech companies are also looking to make smartphones into a way to make everyday payments in the physical world as well.  Other apps exist to help customers gain rewards for spending their money as part of a new marketing model powered by mobile technology.  However, cool person in technology Ned Moore didn’t found his startup Clutch to do just one of these things but all of them.  Clutch is an app for both Android and Apple mobile devices that aims to replace users’ physical wallets altogether.  On Clutch, people can add all the physical cards they would normally keep in their wallets, such as store loyalty cards or gift cards, so they can shop directly from the app.  Moore also lets users add credit cards to the app along with store cards and gift cards.  Moore even lets people add coupons for one-time deals when shopping with the app.  Users who have trouble downloading the app or adding any type of card to it need to find a smartphone tech support service to help them. Read more »

Blake Ian’s Company Tawkers Lets People Publish Interviews Publicly by Texting

Texting has become one of the most prevalent forms of communication for everyone from powerful CEOs to pre-teens still in middle school.  The ease and convenience of texting makes it a preferred form of communication.  Still, when publishing interviews, people commonly use phone calls or in-person conversations.  While these live forms of interview make more sense for television and radio, a print journalist would benefit from using a less time consuming and more convenient option like texting.  Cool person in technology Blake Ian believes that using text for journalistic and even promotional interviews has untapped potential.  That’s why Ian founded his company Tawkers, which lets people publicly publish the text conversations on the web.  Anyone who has trouble joining Ian’s website to try out the Tawkers service can get assistance from a smartphone computer support service. Read more »

Fixational CEO Ronan O’Malley Is Making Apps That People Control with Their Eyes

There have been huge shifts in how we control our personal technology over the last decade.  The rise of tablets and smartphones have made touch control into a mainstream aspect of people’s daily lives as opposed to just a niche gimmick.  Voice control has also become popular recently thanks to the rise of new features in mobile devices such as Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now system.  Cool person in technology Ronan O’Malley now wants to create another revolution in how people interact with their devices.  O’Malley’s company Fixational works on technology that allows people to control smartphones, tablets and computers with their eyes.  Software that takes advantage of O’Malley’s technology allows users to interact with computers through both eye movement and blinking.  Fixational has already released two smartphone applications: Wink Camera and Wink Reader.  These applications serve as proof of concept for O’Malley’s potentially groundbreaking technology.  Users who have trouble controlling Fixational’s apps with their eyes may need smartphone PC repair to fix their phone’s camera. Read more »

Slice Manages People’s Online Shopping

Frequent online shoppers know that keeping up with their orders and can be an exercise in frustration, especially when ordering items from multiple sites.  With each order they place, customers receive new receipts in their inbox.  Someone making numerous online purchases a day can often find themselves lost in online confirmations and receipts and unable to keep track of when they bought what items.  This problem becomes exasperated if a shopper already has a flooded inbox due to their work or social life.  Cool product Slice offers people a solution that will prevent them from having to search through their email every time they need to find the details of a specific online order. Read more »

GigWalk CEO Bob Bahramipour Uses Mobile Technology to Help Retail Locations

Retail chains with franchised stores often struggle to keep a consistent experience across all of their locations.  While a store in one city may have excellent staff who keep up with many issues, another may have rude staff or have problems with tracking inventory.  Corporations spend millions of dollars each year at trying to get all of their different stores to give customers as similar experiences as possible.  Still, it’s impossible for companies to fix problems when they are unaware of them.  Cool person in technology Bob Bahramipour wants to make sure that retail chains never miss issues in their retail stores again with his company GigWalk.  Read more »

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