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Augment Lets People View Their Digital Prototypes and 3D Models in Reality

Augmented reality has many applications in the real world.  People can use it with wearable technology such as Google Glass to create head-up displays for when they perform physical work in an outdoor environment.  However, augmented reality isn’t only limited to wearable tech devices.  Cool product Augment puts the power of augmented reality in the hands of anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  Augment allows people to impose 3D models or prototypes that they create onto the physical world.  Users can view how their models would appear as real-world objects and get a better idea of how they would look before investing money to create a physical item. 

Augment is also potentially very useful for retail and sales situations.  Stores can preview how a new display will look before setting it up or see how minor changes in a department’s layout will appear before going through with them.  Business to business salespeople that deal with physical items can show off how their products will look to potential customers without ever having to set up or install anything. Cool product Augment shows how augmented reality can be incredibly helpful in many situations, even if people only use it on standard mobile devices.

Users upload their own 3D models to Augment to customize the experience.  People are not limited to a pre-selected list of generic models when utilizing Augment.  Companies and individuals can superimpose whatever objects they need to suit their purposes.  Any user who has trouble importing 3D models into Augment should seek a cloud tech support professional.

Augment depends on users’ cell phone and tablet cameras to provide an augmented reality experience.  Anyone who has a mobile device but struggles getting his or her camera to work properly should seek mobile PC repair before trying out this cool product.

Augment also provides sales professionals with another potentially helpful use.  This cool product can interact with print material to create new augmented reality experiences.  Companies can create brochures or flyers that respond to the app and provide three-dimensional viewing experiences that engage potential customers to keep their attention.

Augment allows people to play with and make good use of augmented reality while only requiring common mobile tech gadgets to use.  This cool product could be a cost effective way to get benefits out of augmented reality for many people and organizations.


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