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Oovoo Wants to Give People Better Options for Video Chat

It’s becoming more and more difficult to separate yourself from the pack with a video chatting product when Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Hangouts, and Apple’s FaceTime provide stiff competition.  However, cool product Oovoo is giving users plenty of extra features that distinguish it from the rest of the pack.  Unlike the competition from major corporations, Oovoo offers customers not just chatting but also video recording and uploading tools.  Any users who want to record video podcasts or post video blogs on social media sites don’t have to use any outside programs when making calls on Oovoo.  People can record video calls directly through Oovoo saving them time and effort.  Given the rise of independent video blogs and media on the web, Oovoo is likely appealing to video bloggers and content creators due to this feature.  This cool product even lets users upload directly to YouTube through the software without even having to open a web browser.  People will have to link their YouTube accounts to Oovoo to take advantage of this feature.  Anyone who has difficulty linking their video account to Oovoo will need to find an online computer support service to help them. Read more »

CodeNow Programs a Bright Future for Kids

The computer programming field looks about as exciting to most people as mowing their lawn with a pair of scissors. We imagine a field dominated by spastic geeks, hovering in lightless rooms over screens full of green Matrix code zooming past their eyes while they somehow magically decipher it. CodeNow is a nonprofit that decided to make computer programming accessible to inner city high-schoolers by making it fun!  Read more »

Lagoa CEO Thiago Costa Provide 3D Visualization and Rendering in the Browser

While many creative professionals have benefitted immensely from cloud-based services, product designers and concept artists who render their work in 3D have been stuck using the same complicated and expensive software that would require extensive tech support for any non-professional to use.  Products like Google Docs and Adobe’s Cloud Suite have allowed writers and designers, respectively, to do all their work without even needing a native program at times.  While dedicated programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are more robust and provide more overall options, many writers and designers take advantage of cloud alternatives every year.  Creative workers who use software that requires more computing power, such as product designers who create 3D rendering of prototypes, have had to deal without such convenient alternatives.  However, that does not appear to be the case any longer.  Cool person in technology Thiago Costa founded his company to provide photo-realistic 3D rendering in the cloud.  Finally, product designers and 3D artists can experience the same conveniences enjoyed by other creative professionals. Read more »

Vumanity Professionalizes Talk Video Content for the Web

Many corporate executives once dismissed online video back in the early age of the Internet.  However, it has now become a viable alternative to mainstream television and media for many people.  Sites like YouTube, Hulu, DailyMotion, and others have all helped users create content viewed by thousands daily without the help of major corporations.  This shift in media has allowed many people to start producing content with only their computer and creative ideas.

One popular type of user-created content found on video sites is the talk-show format.  Many people record interviews, product and media reviews, and discussions on video sites.  Users usually post these talk shows on a regular weekly or monthly schedule similarly to television.  This emulation of the studio style talk show has managed to get many creators viewers and fans. Still, the quality of the video is lacking when compared to similar shows on television.  This difference in quality is not surprising with such high production value for TV.  The good news is that a cool product named Vumanity may be able to change that for many content creators on the web. Read more »

Capo 3 Helps You Learn to Play the Music in Your Digital Library

It takes an especially well trained ear to be able to hear a song and learn it from scratch on guitar.  While some musicians master this skill over time, others have struggled and wasted countless hours trying to learn new music from nothing more than a recording.  Capo 3 is a cool product that looks to make learning music from a recorded track an easier and more feasible task.  Capo 3, made by SuperMegaUltraGroovy Software, uses digital audio files to create musical notation so users can learn new music more quickly. The program accepts audio files in MP3, M4A, WAV, and AIFF formats.  Once someone uploads a song into Capo 3, it produces musical notation by automatically detecting the chords played in the audio track.  Users can make edits to the automatically detected notation if there is a mistake or if they want to add to what is already present in the recording.  Those who have trouble managing the audio files on their computer should seek a home computer support service for help. Read more »

Gini Organizes Your Life through Your Documents Automatically

Keeping track of your life, remembering every detail and keeping your calendar updated can be a seriously tedious task.  This is so much the case that those who can afford it often hire personal assistants to handle the job for them.  Unfortunately, many people do not have the means to outsource their life upkeep.  That’s why the people who work on cool product Gini believe they can reach an untapped market.  Gini is software that utilizes AI technology to sort a person’s life automatically based on their documents.  Whenever someone gets a new batch of paperwork, whether physically or digitally, they can input it into Gini and the software will recognize the important pieces of text in the document—dates, names, and addresses.  The software will then automatically sort this information into a digital calendar and address book.  Users then get alerts, reminders and updates about events, appointments, and bills so they never have to worry about keeping track of this information manually.  Gini lets users upload documents of multiple different file types.  However, that does mean users have to scan physical documents to make digital copies that are uploadable to the software.   If you have difficulty with your scanner, you will need computer tech support available to take full advantage of Gini. Read more »

David Orban Helps Translate and Caption Videos with Dotsub

Video content is a great marketing tool and can be a very engaging experience for users.  However, video content can also be also limited in its appeal.  Users who are hearing impaired or who do not speak the language used in the video are all immediately eliminated from experiencing a video’s content.  This is fine if a company aims its video at a small community or niche audience, but those who want to appeal to people in a global way are stuck.  Cool person in technology David Orban wants to solve this dilemma with his company Dotsub.  Orban is the CEO of Dotsub, who provides companies with the tools and software to caption and translate their online videos for wider user engagement.  Orban’s company provides their software as a service for businesses that want their video content to be accessible to a wider audience.  Users who have trouble operating the software should get remote computer support to help them resolve any issues. Read more »

Jahanzeb Sherwani Has Created Collaborative Screen-Sharing with ScreenHero

Working on a single project with someone else can be a logistically difficult process.  It often requires constantly sending files back and forth and providing commentary on each other’s work with each step of the process.  Cool person in technology Jahanzeb Sherwani wants to remove the obstacles of this process with his company ScreenHero.  ScreenHero develops a real-time collaborative program that enables two users to share a computer screen when working on projects together.  This could potentially allow for more efficient collaboration and save users’ time when they need to work together to get something done.  Sherwani wants to enable screen sharing across multiple platforms as well.  That’s why he and his team developed ScreenHero to be compatible with both Mac OS and Windows and work cross-platform.  Even if your partner is using a Mac while you’re on a Windows machine, ScreenHero can help you collaborate on the same project simultaneously. Sherwani also recently integrated voice chat into ScreenHero so users don’t have to use a third-party program to speak to each other while working on a project together.  If you have any issues using ScreenHero’s features, you should seek PC tech support for help. Read more »

When it Comes to your Driving –

So suppose for the moment that you are not driving your fully automated vehicle that drives itself where you want to go. How can you still get the greatest benefit from technology linked to your car?  You may already have a dashboard system that manages your onboard communications and security, but what about something that monitors your driving style?  Sure, user-based insurance policies have helped make safe driving cheaper.  Yet the cofounders of Driveway Software take issue with the current system.  The team has developed a completely free app, that helps “create new, safe drivers.” Read more »

Leap Motion – The Power is in the Gesture!

“Going where no device has gone before,” according to Leap Motion’s website, “the Leap Motion controller is an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do.”  Some of those things you never thought you could do might include soaring in toward a planet at the furthermost corner of the galaxy, drawing, painting, or sculpting a 3D creation, or yes, even playing a virtual musical instrument.  For the serious science student, dissecting a frog or taking apart a human skull has never been so within your virtual reach!

Read more »

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