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So suppose for the moment that you are not driving your fully automated vehicle that drives itself where you want to go. How can you still get the greatest benefit from technology linked to your car?  You may already have a dashboard system that manages your onboard communications and security, but what about something that monitors your driving style?  Sure, user-based insurance policies have helped make safe driving cheaper.  Yet the cofounders of Driveway Software take issue with the current system.  The team has developed a completely free app, that helps “create new, safe drivers.”

The app monitors the motion of a user’s smartphone, avoiding the expensive add-on installation to a user’s car currently required by user-based insurance companies. seeks to take the power away from the insurance company and give the controls to the customer.  With no ties to a specific insurance company, customers are more likely to trust’s data.

This data measures things like how far you drove, at what time of day, with what speed, and any fluctuations in speed.  Perhaps most innovative of all, when you have reached your destination, additionally provides suggestions for improvement in overall driving safety and fuel conservation.  For tech support for any type of smartphone device, third party service providers such as Rescuecom are available 24/7. 

The smartphone app requires no user interaction and no special phone mounting.  The user’s smartphone can remain in the driver’s pocket, a bag, a cup holder, or anywhere else in the vehicle. “feeds automatically collected driving data into a scalable cloud-hosted analytics platform that delivers predictable risk indicators as well as raw data for actuarial research,” according to the company website.

The software is the product of an innovative startup company, Driveway Software.  The company’s cofounders, Jake Diner and Igor Katsman, hope that in the future users will be able to present their driving data to insurance carriers.  These insurance carriers will be responsible to provide insurance at a reasonable rate, based not on demographics, but on actual driving quality.  The total operating cost of gathering this raw data will be lower than the hardware user-based insurance companies are currently using.

Of course, software is only effective when your smartphone is functioning optimally.  Detecting and correcting any type of smartphone trouble is expertly handled by smartphone support specialists. Be prepared to figure troubleshooting issues into the plan for quality performance.

Creating as many safe and aware drivers as possible, is one cool product bringing driving technology into a tiny app running on your smartphone.  You and your wallet might have a lot to gain!


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