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Leap Motion – The Power is in the Gesture!

“Going where no device has gone before,” according to Leap Motion’s website, “the Leap Motion controller is an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do.”  Some of those things you never thought you could do might include soaring in toward a planet at the furthermost corner of the galaxy, drawing, painting, or sculpting a 3D creation, or yes, even playing a virtual musical instrument.  For the serious science student, dissecting a frog or taking apart a human skull has never been so within your virtual reach!

The new device from a San Francisco startup is totally controlled by gestures made in the area directly above this slender device roughly the shape of a USB flash drive.  Made for both Macs and Windows-based PCs, the Controller detects only hand and finger motions.  The device gives the user about 8 cubic feet of interactive, three-dimensional space.

The Leap Motion Controller simply connects to a computer by plugging the device into the computer’s USB.  Software is downloadable with a link to Leap Motion’s website.  For users with any difficulty setting up their device, IT support is also available from third party service providers such as Rescuecom.

When it comes time to choose among the ever-growing menu of apps, you can narrow your choices by selecting the catchy task name that fits your search.   Then browse the options for productivity and utilities such as the free app enabling you to create streamlined presentations.  If games are your thing, you can opt to chase fellow alien invaders with Catch up Calu!  For that Leap into Learning adventure, you might choose Google Earth, using your hand like a helicopter and taking your virtual trip.  Wherever you go into cyberspace, be safe out there by ensuring that your Internet security is up to the task.

Leap Motion Controller promises “It’s all in your reach – and grasp and grip.”  So go ahead.  Take the leap!


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