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The 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF Is A Powerful Video Memory Card!

Anyone who has enjoyed the recent advances in high definition digital video technology knows there are two issues that frequently stymie video enthusiasts: battery life and video memory card storage capacity.  Batteries running out of power are a real downer, but when your power supply is uninterrupted, you may easily make long, memory-intensive videos that quickly fill up your video memory cards.  To avoid that, you need a video memory card that has great capacity and is durable.  Easily meeting those criteria is the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF memory card.

Delkin Devices created the 64 Gigabyte CombatFlash685 CF (product code DDCFCOMBAT685-64GB in the Delkin catalog) as a durable video card that would fit most Canon EOS digital and video cameras.  Durability is exceptionally important Delkin Devices and the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF is intended for photographers who take high-quality images that require a lot of memory space.  The durability is relevant because the target consumer for this memory card is likely to be swapping out memory cards.  With that in mind, Delkin Devices produced the CombatFlash685 CF to withstand above average amounts of vibrations, shock from falls, as well as limited impact shock.  This video card will continue to work optimally in unpleasant conditions, including altitudes up to 80,000 feet and humidity of 95%!

As for capacity, the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF is one of the greatest-capacity video memory cards with sixty four gigabytes.  With an expected lifetime of just under three million hours’ worth of recording, this is a video memory card that could conceivably be the last one you buy for years!  Given that the standard high definition digital camera comes with only one to four gigabytes of memory, the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF will open up whole new possibilities for recording and photography for most users.

Even with such impressive capacity, you will likely want to clear the memory card occasionally in order to put your photographs and videos into a more permanent form of storage.  When it comes time to do that, the Delkin Devices 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF continues to deliver superior performance with impressive transfer speeds.  The CombatFlash685 CF is able to transfer video files at 103 Megabytes per second for reading and 95 MB/s during writing operations.  This ensures that you will be able to take and store all your photographs fast, as well as transfer them to your computer during the rendering process at reasonable speeds.

With its impressive capacity, transfer speeds and durability, the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF video memory card is all a professional or amateur photographer will need get the most out of their HD video and digital cameras!


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