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The Ag Neovo TX-W42 Might Be The Ultimate Security Monitor!

Sometimes, a company’s slogan is enough to make it worth looking into it product line, just to see if it actually lives up to its own claims.  Ag Neovo’s tagline is “The Display Choice Of Professionals” and while that might seem like a pretty bold claim, the company seems to be on pretty firm footing with their TX-W42.  For professionals in the security industry who have dynamic monitoring needs, the TX-W42 is an ideal choice and is all the monitor one is likely to truly need!

The Ag Neovo TX-W42 is, as its name implies, a 42” (diagonal measurement) high-definition monitor screen.  Without the base that comes with the TX-W42, the screen weighs just under 62 lbs.  Despite its weight, you may easily mount the 4.8” thick monitor on a wall or an arm mount that has the capacity for such a large monitor.  Should the Ag Neovo TX-W42 be mounted improperly, the durable metal housing protects the screen from limited jolts and impacts.  The Ag Neovo TX-W42 is built to survive in high-traffic environments where collisions might occur as a routine matter.

What makes the Ag Neovo TX-W42 monitor the preferred choice of security professionals?  The Ag Neovo TX-W42 is the ideal monitor for surveillance, especially of large groups or crowded areas.  With the 4000:1 contrast ratio, the TX-W42 provides exceptional color contrast, making it very easy to differentiate between people in crowds.  That contrast level, in combination with the full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution, is vital for the zoom function.  The Ag Neovo stands apart from other Ag Neovo monitors as it has touchscreen capabilities.  By drawing your fingers over the screen, you can easily zoom in on a selected area and even when you blow up images on the TX-W42, the image is clear.  The TX-W42 is an ideal tool to use to identify and track people in a crowd as a result.

Because the TX-W42 is designed for professionals, Ag Neovo understands the importance of presenting a clear image on the screen at all times.  To prevent the touchscreen from getting dirty or retaining smudges from finger oils, Ag Neovo pioneered NeoV Touch Glass that resists fingerprints and other body oils!  Because surveillance often is over a set area, the Ag Neovo TX-W42 utilizes Anti-Burn-in technology to keep the pixels from burning out and reducing the effectiveness of the monitor.

The Ag Neovo TX-W42 is fully compatible with the touch screen capabilities of the Windows 7 operating system, which makes it ideal for computer-based monitoring systems.  The built-in speakers provide clear audio of the surveillance area and the monitor comes with a remote control that allows you to freeze images for printing or closer inspection.

With its sharp image capabilities, fingerprint resistant glass and durability, the Ad Neovo lives up to its slogan as the monitor of choice for security professionals!


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