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RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Reliability Report

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The 2015 Q1 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report has arrived, showing longstanding contenders in reliability battling for the top spot along with a surprising comeback in one manufacturer’s reliability.

The Computer Reliability Report takes a manufacturer’s market share of computers and tablets in the U.S. and compares it against the number of tech support calls RESCUECOM receives for that manufacturer’s products to determine a reliability score. Read more »

ZeroDesktop Offers Parents a Solution with the MiiPC

Many have toiled over problems regarding how to handle young computer users.  It is practically a requirement for children of all ages to use computers in our connected age.  Their homework often requires it and even kids must complete many of their everyday tasks online now.  However, Internet security has always been a difficult issue in regards to children on the computer.  Parents have struggled for years to find a solution that will truly teach their children about proper use of the Internet and keep their PC safe in the process.  Richard Shah and the MiiPC team at ZeroDesktop believe they’ve developed a product that can tackle these difficult issues.  The MiiPC is an affordable desktop running on the Android operating system that comes with a mobile app that allows parents to monitor their children’s computer activity in real time.  Read more »

Samuel J. Palmisano Continues To Guide IBM!

Some say that a real leader is one who knows when to lead and when to follow.  In the case of the tech sector, executives in leadership roles have a tendency to be deposed (usually for failing to meet a financial goal the company set), retire, or quite to move on to their next big project or company.  It is a rare leader who is willing to give up the lion’s share of control for the benefit of their company and yet continue to work under their successor.  Samuel J. Palmisano, former CEO of IBM, is one such impressive leader. Read more »

The Rescuecom Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report

The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report, which has Samsung taking the gold! Read more »

Building Your Own Computer? You Might Want The XFX ProSeries 1050W Power Supply!

If you are building your own computer, you will require a power supply.  There is no getting around the need for power, but what might surprise you is just how many options there are for power supplies for PCs and servers.  For those who plan on making a system that utilizes a lot of peripherals and drives, you will need quite a bit of power.  As important as having power is utilizing the power supply in an efficient way.  For above-average power distributed in an exceptionally efficient manner, it is hard to find a better power supply than the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU. Read more »

Make Your Teleconference Into An Event With The Polycom Unified Conference Station!

For many people, the idea of teleconferencing was a novelty idea in television shows like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible!  In one of the most pragmatic translations of science fiction into technological fact, communicating virtually instantaneously using both visual images and an audio transmission is now a reality.  One of the coolest pieces of hardware that makes this possible is the Polycom Unified Conference Station. Read more »

Love Your Computer, But Need More Space? The Genica 5.25″ IDE Mobile Rack Removable Tray May Be For You!

Personal computers may no longer be incredibly expensive, but the truth is that – especially in a recession – people are looking for any reasonable way to save money.  Certainly, one good option can be to upgrade components of your computer as opposed to buying a new computer outright.  Now, it is possible to save money and time by upgrading your hard drive(s) in such a way that you do not have to stop using your old hard drive.  By swapping out your current hard drive with a new hard drive (or drives) you can continue to use a single computer with multiple configurations.  To make it work, though, you need an easy way to swap out your hard drives.  For that, there is the Genica 5.25” IDE Mobile Rack Removable Tray! Read more »

Scan Anywhere And Everywhere With The Mobility Air!

Over the last few years, business travelling has changed dramatically.  While many businesses have been able to reduce corporate travel by more effectively teleconferencing using new technology, many business travelers have more intense needs while traveling.  Often, air travel is not a chance to relax, it is prep time for the businessperson and many businesses expect their traveling executives and technicians to be in contact, especially on longer flights.  As a result, new technologies have emerged in order to make the office a more portable thing; the office is no longer necessarily a place, but the equipment one utilizes while on the job!  One of the increasingly vital products for business travelers is the portable scanner and one of the best portable scanners on the market today is the Mobility Air. Read more »

The Princeton Tech 17″ Active Matrix LCD Flat Panel Display Is A Cool Monitor!

Computer monitors are an essential part of any personal computer system.  However, not everyone’s needs are the same when it comes to computer monitors.  While some need high-definition monitors (yes, multiple for many gamers or film editors who need to be able to see different renditions of a project side by side!), others can get all they need from an affordable monitor provided from a smaller brand of peripheral manufacturer.  For those computer users, the Princeton Tech 17” Active Matrix LCD Flat Panel Display is more than enough! Read more »

Now At The Head Of IBM, Virginia Rometty Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

The dream story of the American worker is one where an individual with an aptitude for a skill can find work at a big company to earn a living.  Over years, with hard work and additional training/education, the dream of the worker is to someday take over management of the company they started at.  That dream comes true with increasingly less frequency as competition, mergers, and radical shifts in the marketplace have companies rising and falling faster than ever.  But one of the great success stories for the American dream came true recently when Virginia Rometty took the reins at IBM! Read more »

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