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Upgrading Your Laptop’s Hard Drive? The PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk Is A Good Choice!

It can be remarkably easy to become attached to a computer.  Many times, it is only a form of obsolescence – old software that does not run a new program, slow Internet connection speeds, inability to interface with other computers or programs because of outdated hardware – or absolute failure of a computer that compels a user to upgrade their system.  Especially when the economy is in a state of recession, it is hard for many people to justify spending a lot of money on upgrading a computer.  The good news is that many computer systems – especially laptop computers – are more durable than ever.  Even if you manage to keep your computer running longer through care and regular maintenance, the data storage demands on most people’s systems continue to rise.  If you want to keep your cherished, familiar, laptop computer longer, one affordable upgrade you may want to make is replacing your hard drive.  The PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk is a great option for that!

The PQI 2.5” 256 GB Solid State Disk, product number S535 in the PQI catalog, is an internal solid state hard drive.  That means it does not have any moving components, storing information in a similar fashion to the way a flash drive works.  As an internal component, the PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk connects to your laptop computer – or desktop computer motherboard – through a SATA II interface.  The PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk can replace a hard drive in either a PC or Macintosh computer, provided the computer utilizes Windows 7, XP, Vista, ME or 2000, or Macintosh OS 10.1 or above as an operating system.

With its 256 GB capacity, the data storage space on the PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk represents quite a bit more space than came standard on laptop computers.  In fact, many of the new Ultrabooks do not come with 256 GB of storage space!  In addition to having a decent quantity of storage space, the PQI 256 GB Solid State Drive stores files fast.  With reading and writing speeds of 250 MB/second, the PQI 256 GB Solid State Drive does not keep you waiting long when accessing or saving files.

The PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk is light, only .2 pounds, so it does not add significant weight to your laptop computer.  In fact, if your laptop computer is using an older, traditional, hard drive, you might even make your computer lighter by upgrading!  With its three-year warranty, you are assured a high level of quality with the PQI 256 GB Solid State Disk, making upgrading with it a smart choice.

With its decent storage capacity, quiet operation and fast reading and writing speeds, the PQI 256 GB Solid State Drive is a good upgrade for many laptop computer owners!


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