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A Solid-State Drive To Make The Data Hogs Drool! Buslink’s CipherShield 160GB SSD!

Those who are serious about long-term data storage are migrating toward solid-state drives.  Solid-state drives, like flash drives, do not use any moving parts inside, so their life expectancy is exceptionally high.  Reliability is the hallmark of the latest generation of solid-state drives and if you do not want to risk your important files on traditional hard drives, which have a finite lifespan, you should be in the market for a solid-state drive.  One solid-state drive now on the market is the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive.

The CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive, product number DSC-160-SSDU3 in the Buslink catalog, is one of the most secure solid-state drives on the market.  Resistant to vibrations and shocks, the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive provides both portability and security for your data.  Buslink designed the CipherShield with a shock tolerance of 1500G delivered at .5 milliseconds, meaning that your data is safe even when you abruptly drop it.

At only 6.5 ounces, the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive is fairly light for a solid-state drive.  Do not let its lack of heft fool you; the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive packs a great deal of functionality into its light frame.  Operating on USB 3.0 protocols, the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive features a transfer rate of 5 Gbps, making it one of the faster solid-state drives on the market today.

This solid-state drive takes securing your data very seriously.  In order to access data or write information to the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive, you must have a CipherKey.  The CipherKey is a physical component that interfaces with the CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive to provide additional security.  Without the CipherKey in the CipherShield, no one can access or write data to your solid-state drive.  Only when you insert the CipherKey can you write data to the drive and then, it is written with a special encryption code.  If, by some artificial means, another person gains access to your data from your CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive, it is worthless to them.  The encryption on your CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive cannot be broken without your CipherKey!

The CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive runs ideally on USB 3.0 configured systems operating with a Pentium 4 system or better.  Buslink designed the CipherShield to run on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and Server 2003 systems, as well as Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.  The CipherShield 160GB Solid-State Drive is a useful data storage tool for your current and future data storage needs.


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