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Building Your Own Computer? You Might Want The XFX ProSeries 1050W Power Supply!

If you are building your own computer, you will require a power supply.  There is no getting around the need for power, but what might surprise you is just how many options there are for power supplies for PCs and servers.  For those who plan on making a system that utilizes a lot of peripherals and drives, you will need quite a bit of power.  As important as having power is utilizing the power supply in an efficient way.  For above-average power distributed in an exceptionally efficient manner, it is hard to find a better power supply than the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU.


The ProSeries 1050W 80+ Gold Full Modular PSU with SolidLink is product number P1-1050-BEFX in the XFX product catalogue.  Available only in black, this internal power supply connects directly to your motherboard using pin connectors.  This eliminates the wires that traditionally have diminished the power delivered by power supplies and led to the heat generation within personal computers.  By eliminating the bulk of the wires, the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU is able to deliver more consistent electricity to components within the computer without losing much power due to heat generation and resistance within the wires.  Because the power supply starts cooler, you will need less power to your computer’s fan, which reduces your electrical usage!


The XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU has a maximum power output of 1050 Watts and automatically switches between 115 and 230V.  The XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU includes an appropriate AC power cord and internally, your hardware is protected by the extreme heat tested capacitors.  The capacitors are part of the system that transforms and levels the AC into clean direct current to protect your computer’s components and prevent damage that would otherwise come from ripples in the alternating current.


One of the key selling points of the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU is its extreme energy efficiency.  The XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU is certified as 80 Plus Gold.  That means that 90% of the power drawn from your power outlet is actually utilized by the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU.  With 10% or less power lost from the outlet to the power supply, the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU is ideal for those who want to get the most out of the power the computer is drawing.  The heat that the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU does generate is managed by a smart hybrid fan control.  The fan prioritizes quiet over cooling as long as your computer’s internal temperature is less than 25 degrees Celsius.  The moment it reaches that temperature, though, the fan kicks in to blow heat out of the frame to protect your power supply and the components to which it is attached.  The hybrid fan control also greatly assists with the energy management of the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU.


With its efficient use of electricity and easy connectivity, if you are building your own personal computer, the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU may be the ideal power supply for you.



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