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When You Want Quiet And Efficient, The Element Series 750 W Power Supply Delivers!

For far too long, computer enthusiasts who build their personal computers from the motherboard up have had issues with the power supply.  The power supply is an absolutely vital piece of equipment for a computer; it is what transforms and delivers the electricity from your wall socket to the circuit boards and delicate components inside the computer.  But, manufacturers of computer power supplies have often asked users to tradeoff between efficiency, silent running, and reliability.  Finding an excellent balance between energy efficiency and near-silent operation, the Element Series 750 Watt power supply is a good investment for those building their own computer.

The Element Series 750 W power supply, model number SST-ST75EF in the SilverStone Technology catalog, is a highly-efficient, top-of-the-line, power supply.  Delivering a total of 750 Watts of power, the Element Series 750 W power supply is surprisingly able to fit into virtually any computer chassis.  With an above average number of mounting options, the Element Series 750 W power supply makes for a great replacement power supply, in addition to a cornerstone power supply for a new computer.

One of the key selling points of the Element Series 750 W power supply is its efficiency.  Power supplies in computers are, traditionally, woefully inefficient as they transform and distribute power coming in from the wall.  Heat is a byproduct of inefficient power supplies and one of the leading causes of damage to internal computer components.  The Element Series 750 W power supply runs with 80% efficiency, which means it produces far less heat waste.  This level of power supply efficiency is difficult for power supply manufacturers’ to achieve and usually is the only selling point of the units that manage to achieve such efficiency.

The Element Series 750 W power supply, however, has another impressive feature: it runs whisper-quiet.  Most power supplies that have a powerful 135mm fan to push heat out of the tower, in order to keep the power supply cool, operate at an audible level.  The Element Series 750 W power supply is a far cry from noisy, though!  SilverStone Technologies engineered the Element Series 750 W power supply’s fan to run at only 19 Decibels!  Virtually silent, the fan on the Element Series 750 W power supply helps to protect your investment.

In addition to quad PCI-E six-pin connectors, the Element Series 750 W power supply features a PCI-E eight-pin connector.  That allows you to connect this power supply with even the most advanced video cards to provide power for your rendering your most graphics-intensive programs.  With its quiet running and incredible efficiency, the Silverstone Technologies Element Series 750 W power supply is a good way to power your computer.


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