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Scan Anywhere And Everywhere With The Mobility Air!

Over the last few years, business travelling has changed dramatically.  While many businesses have been able to reduce corporate travel by more effectively teleconferencing using new technology, many business travelers have more intense needs while traveling.  Often, air travel is not a chance to relax, it is prep time for the businessperson and many businesses expect their traveling executives and technicians to be in contact, especially on longer flights.  As a result, new technologies have emerged in order to make the office a more portable thing; the office is no longer necessarily a place, but the equipment one utilizes while on the job!  One of the increasingly vital products for business travelers is the portable scanner and one of the best portable scanners on the market today is the Mobility Air.

The Mobility Air, from the scanner manufacturer Visioneer, is a wonderful portable scanning solution to meet the needs of anyone who requires portability as well as quality.  The Mobility Air portable scanner is less than a foot wide, and less than three inches in width and height, making it very portable.  Weighing only 1.5 pounds, it is not a burden to travelers.  Visioneer foresaw the needs of the international business traveler when they designed the Mobility Air; it includes power cords for both U.S. and European-style outlets!

The Mobility Air uses an IR-sensor to wirelessly connect to your computer, laptop computer or other IR-enabled mobile computing device.  Using a contact image sensor with an LED, the Mobility Air scans pages at speeds as fast as ten seconds per page.  The resulting scans are rendered as jpg or pdf files and have a pretty wonderful resolution of 300 dpi.  What makes the Mobility Air even more impressive is that it has its own wireless connection.  The Mobility Air utilizes Wi-Fi to e-mail scanned images instantly to any computer you want.  This scanner is also able to directly share images to Facebook when utilizing its Wi-Fi connection!

Any PC utilizing Windows 7, Vista or XP may interface with the Mobility Air as a plug-and-play device.  Mac compatible, the Mobility Air works on any Apple computer running OS X 10.5 or better.  For mobile devices, the Mobility Air may interface with Android or iOS-driven devices.  The Mobility Air is also very energy efficient.  With its ability to scan up to 300 pages in a single charge, the Mobility Air is Energy Star certified.

With its minimal physical footprint, energy efficiency and Internet connectivity, the Mobility Air is an ideal portable scanner for many travelers.


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