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Make Your Teleconference Into An Event With The Polycom Unified Conference Station!

For many people, the idea of teleconferencing was a novelty idea in television shows like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible!  In one of the most pragmatic translations of science fiction into technological fact, communicating virtually instantaneously using both visual images and an audio transmission is now a reality.  One of the coolest pieces of hardware that makes this possible is the Polycom Unified Conference Station.

The Unified Conference Station Optimized For Microsoft Lync, product number CX5000 HD in the Polycom catalogue, is a panoramic video camera attached to a microphone station.  As the full product name suggests, the CX5000 HD United Conference Station is ideally configured for use with Microsoft Lync 2010, though it may operate using Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 or Live Meeting 2007 software as well.  The CX5000 HD United Conference Station is plug and play compatible on Windows 7, Vista or XP and must be connected to a pc that has a wired Ethernet connection and at least 2 GB of RAM.  You must also have 1.5 GB of available hard drive space and a video card that has at least 128 MB of RAM on it.

The CX5000 HD United Conference Station has one of the most innovative video systems of any teleconferencing device on the market today.  The camera is a disk-shaped lens mounted atop a stalk.  In many ways, the CX5000 HD United Conference Station looks like an old wire lamp with the actual light socket cut off.  Where the bulb would be is the lens array.  This allows the CX5000 HD United Conference Station to record a feed from the entire 360 degree field around the unit!  As a result, anyone and everyone who is in the room for a teleconference using the CX5000 HD United Conference Station will appear on the video conference!  The resolution for the panoramic setting is an impressive 1056 x 144 pixels, more than enough to be very clear for you to recognize everyone in a setting.

The audio feed from the CX5000 HD United Conference Station is captured through six directional microphones.  Transmitted through the USB connection, the audio feed may be enhanced to HD standards so everyone’s voice is heard!

The CX5000 HD United Conference Station is the telecommunication device needed to ensure that your video conferences create a complete, professional, video conferencing environment!


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