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Silent Circle Is Launching To Protect All Your Communications!

With identity theft remaining one of the enduring problems with modern communications, it is unsurprising how many products and services there are that offer to protect your data.  When it comes to data storage, there are several products that encrypt your files to protect them, like the industry-leading Ironkey Flash Drive that makes transporting your data incredibly risk-free.  It is hard to find an analogous product when it comes to communications technology, though.  That is about to change, thanks to Silent Circle.

Silent Circle is a new company formed by Phil Zimmerman and two former Navy SEALS.  The company will offer the world’s most advanced encryption protocols; their system is not yet online.  When Silent Circle goes live in July, the company will offer the most secure lines of communication in the world to anyone on their network.  What makes Silent Circle newsworthy is they are offering their services for all forms of modern communication: e-mail, phone, texting and video/data transmission!

In addition to offering a holistic service to those who have data encryption needs, Silent Circle has an ambitious, if puzzling, target market.  Being able to send and receive secure mobile phone communications and e-mails makes good practical sense to government organizations, businesses that are looking to protect their intellectual property and discoveries, and political dissidents, all of which are prospective benefactors of Silent Circle’s upcoming release.  But while governments, the military and most tech businesses can certainly afford to pay a premium for advanced encryption technology, it is unclear how Silent Circle intends to market its services to political dissidents.  Rebels, as a general rule, are not terribly rich and they tend to use what resources they have judiciously.

The Silent Circle is promoting its encryption service with several bold claims that could make it a natural leader in the field of data protection.  Chief among the audacious claims of the company is that their encryption technology will feature no backdoors.  If accurate at the time of the service’s execution, this means that there will be no failsafes or codes that could be entered to circumvent the encryption Silent Circle creates.  While this is an exceptional idea to prevent unauthorized access of any kind to your data, it puts the complete burden upon you to legally obtain and use the encryption as well as maintain and protect your passwords.

The inclusion of former Navy SEALS in the firm’s founding highlights the importance of technological accuracy and real-world experience Silent Circle is considering in creating its new encryption service.  With such demanding founders and potential clients, Silent Circle will have to prove itself the moment it hits the market!


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