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Innovating The Processes That Make Tomorrow’s Drives, David Mosley Is Very Cool!

The path of innovation in the tech sector is becoming a much broader one.  For most companies, gone are the days of scientists and engineers working in their laboratory doing pure research and development while corporate bean counters manage the finances of such projects in a distant office.  Many companies in the tech sector have begun to rely upon the engineers and scientists themselves to manage the funds for their projects and as a matter of corporate advancement, those companies tend to promote the best and brightest to leadership roles within their research and development department.  Of course, in many cases, that means that the scientist must return to school for additional education, focused more on business than engineering.  That is what happened with David Mosley.

David Mosley is the Senior Engineering Manager for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.  In his roles as Senior Engineering Manager, David Mosley is responsible for developing new processes for the manufacture of data storage devices.  Mosley and his team create data storage products for businesses and at his stage of the process, the engineering teams are concerned with making sure the devices designed as prototypes are commercially viable through mass production.  The position requires a fairly strong background in economics, in addition to engineering, especially considering that Mosley’s department has an $11,000,000 expense budget which he is responsible for managing!

The business aspects of research and development were not something David Mosley was inherently interested in.  Indeed, David Mosley started his career in the tech sector as a blue collar worker at an IBM plant in 1984.  He was initially content to simply manufacture computer parts, but his innate curiosity got the better of him; David Mosley wanted to know all about the pieces he was manufacturing.  So, in 1986, while still holding down his job at IBM, David Mosley went to the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.  He graduated in 1990 with his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science.

As the PC market continued to grow and change, Mosley found a great deal of satisfaction in his role as an Engineer at IBM.  However, as the market changed, he realized that a lack of business education was inhibiting his prospects of a promotion at IBM.  In 1995, David Mosley began taking classes at Santa Clara University.  In 1997, Mosley earned his MBA in Business and assumed more responsibilities as a Senior Engineer at IBM.

After eighteen and a half years with IBM, David Mosley left the PC manufacturer in 2003 to go to work for Hitachi as their Senior Engineering Manager.  In his position as Senior Engineering Manager, David Mosley utilizes both his Computer Science and Business knowledge every day.


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