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Enjoy Hands Free Viewing On Your IPhone 4/4S With The Macally Foldable Charging Stand.

Last year when the Apple Computers released the iPhone 4S, users were understandably thrilled by the device.  The iPhone 4S remains one of the most powerful smartphones on the market and one of the most coveted.  Despite numerous rumors that the iPhone 5 will be released later this year, many iPhone users who love their iPhone 4 or 4S may want to keep their familiar smartphone and avoid the hassle of having to program a new iPhone.  For those people (and those who want to believe that the iPhone 5 will have the same physical specifications as the 4S) it may be time to start accessorizing your iPhone 4S.  One of the coolest accessories for the iPhone 4S is also one of the most simple: the Macally Foldable Charging Stand.


The Foldable Charging Stand, product number LDOCK in the Macally catalogue, is both a docking station and a stand made specifically to cradle the Apple iPhone 4 or 4S.  The Macally Foldable Charging Stand comes in white to match your iPhone 4S and, as the name implies, it is as portable as your iPhone because it folds up.  With a simple hinge, the Macally Foldable Charging Stand unfolds to be a simple ninety-degree angle frame that cradles any two adjacent sides of your iPhone 4.  The Macally Foldable Charging Stand may hold your iPhone 4S in a portrait orientation (ideal for using most apps) or landscape orientation (great for watching movies you stream to your phone).


The Macally Foldable Charging Stand includes an AC adapter which plugs directly into the stand.  With it plugged into a wall socket, inserting your iPhone 4 into the Macally Foldable Charging Stand allows your smartphone to recharge.  Similarly, the stand features a USB port and when you have your Macally Foldable Charging Stand connected to your Mac or PC through a standard USB connection, the Macally Foldable Charging Stand acts as a full docking station, recharging your iPhone 4S while allowing you to synch your phone with iTunes through your computer!


With its rubber feet, the Macally Foldable Charging Stand may be set on almost any surface and not slip.  One of the most popular functions of the latest iPhones is FaceTime, an app that allows you to video chat.  The Macally Foldable Charging Stand may allow you to set your phone up for a prolonged FaceTime chat that is not limited by the length of your arm or involves precariously balancing your iPhone.


For a secure stand for your iPhone 4S that allows you to charge, synch, and conveniently utilize the full screen of your smartphone, it is hard to do better than the Macally Foldable Charging Stand.



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