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Control the Light in Your Home with Your Smartphone Using LifX

Electric light is such a basic aspect of everyday life that people generally take it for granted.  Light is a constant to most people in that they never question the way it fills their homes or the effect it can have on their moods.  However, cool product in technology LifX is making light in the home dynamic and giving users control of it.  With LifX, people can alter the color, brightness and quality of the light in their house with a few simple taps on their smartphones.  People can adjust their light to match their needs of whatever is happening in their homes at the time, whether it be work, relaxation or a party.  Any time someone wants a change, that person can simply open up the LifX app and adjust their light accordingly.  This cool product gives users access to over sixteen million colors, according to the LifX website.  Users can fine-tune the light in their homes to match their mood or to help change it, if they so wish.  Any users who have trouble adjusting their LifX light bulb with their smartphone may require smartphone computer support assistance.  Read more »

Bryan Trussel Founded Glympse to Help Friends Keep Track of Each Other On the Go

Waiting for someone to show up when he or she has made plans with you is never fun.  While people can text, e-mail, or call their friends or associates to find out where they are when running late, there are many situations where that person won’t be able to respond.  If the person running late is driving or talking to someone else because of a crisis, trying to communicate with him or her through a phone or mobile device will go nowhere.  However, cool person in technology Bryan Trussel founded Glympse to help people keep track of each other when they’re running late.  Without having to disturb people by sending them repeated text messages or phone calls, Glympse users can track their friends and see their location without bothering them. Read more »

The Marvel App Lets People Turn Mock-Ups into Prototypes

Designing and prototyping software and websites is such a tedious and difficult process partially because the two acts require such different skillsets.  Designers are necessary to find the best interface for a positive user experience, but they do not have the coding skills professional programmers have that are necessary to turn a design into a working prototype ready for demonstration. The Marvel app is a cool product in technology that lets teams avoid part of this lengthy process.  The Marvel app helps people quickly create prototypes for new designs without having to code at all.  Instead, the Marvel app has users use the images of the designs themselves to formulate clickable and interactive prototypes to present to clients, investors, or anyone else they want to see their concept in action.  Read more »

GoDog Fetch is a Cross Platform Siri Alternative

Having a digital personal assistant has been a science fiction fantasy for many consumers for decades.  Computers that speak to you and act as a personal assistant has been a common trope in popular television shows, books and films over the years.  However, only recently did the idea become a viable reality for the everyday consumer.  When Apple’s Siri feature for the iPhone debuted several years ago, it was a major hit. The conversational interaction that triggered the feature tapped into to many people’s fantasies about artificial intelligence.  Suddenly, people had the ability to ask their smartphone to make appointments, look up information and perform basic online tasks with just a few spoken words.  Flash forward a few years later and now there is a cool product called GoDog Fetch that acts in a similar way, but does so for other platforms besides the iPhone, such as Android and Windows devices.  Users who have trouble downloading the product for any of their devices can get help from a smartphone IT support service. Read more »

Cluster CEO Brendan Mulligan Gives People Private Digital Spaces for Friends

Social networks were once online spaces that people used to communicate only with their friends and others in their immediate social circle.  That is no longer the case as companies like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have all made social networks completely open and public.  Now, when a user shares an update, link, or set of pictures on any of these sites, they are sharing it with the world, not just their friends.  People still want private online spaces to communicate only with their close friends.  Cool person in technology Brendan Mulligan has responded to this demand with his mobile app Cluster.  Cluster allows users to create digital spaces that are invite-only.  People create a Cluster space on their smartphone and then invite all the specific friends and family they want to have access to that space.  Each invitee receives a notification on his or her phone to join the new Cluster group.  In these private spaces, users can share pictures, links, media and other information that they want to share but would not be comfortable doing so on publicly open sites such as Facebook.  Anyone who has trouble inviting people to their spaces via Cluster should find a source of mobile tech support. Read more »

Drizly Delivers Alcoholic Drinks Right to the Users with a Smartphone App

Responsibly purchasing alcoholic drinks in a big city is not always easy.  Bars and clubs continue to raise the prices of their drinks to points that are prohibitive for many people.  However, finding liquor stores with good selection and prices to enjoy some drinks at home with friends isn’t always simple either.  Cool product in technology Drizly presents a third solution: order alcoholic beverages for immediate delivery with a smartphone. With Drizly installed on someone’s iPhone or Android device, he or she can quickly tap their phones to order liquor, wine or beer.  Drizly then delivers the drinks to the user on demand, allowing the customer to spend time with their friends or prepare in other ways before the drinks arrive.  This cool product is ideal for situations where people throw small parties or get-togethers because it frees up a user’s time and reduces one major aspect of planning a party down to a few taps on a phone.  Anyone who has trouble operating the Drizly app will need to contact a smartphone PC support company for service to determine what is causing the problem. Read more »

FireChat Lets People Message Others Even Without Wi-Fi or Cell Signal

People often find themselves in unfortunate circumstances when traveling with their cellphones and ending up with no signal.  When driving long distances or heading to remote locations without wireless network connections, smartphones essentially turn from incredible tools of communication into fancy paperweights. However, there is now a cool product in technology called FireChat that allows users to chat wirelessly on their smartphones without any Internet connection.  FireChat is a smartphone application that uses a proprietary technology called “mesh networking”. Mesh networking lets smartphones communicate with other mobile devices in proximity even when there is no Wi-Fi or mobile signal connection available.  FireChat does not completely replace the need for an Internet connection or allow users to text people from very long distances without a connection.  Still, this smartphone app has many potential applications for consumers who travel.  Read more »

Fjuul Tracks the Intensity and Impact of Your Exercise, Not Just Steps or Calories

Most calorie counting technology, whether it’s a smartphone app or a dedicated wearable device, provides people with pure data.  That data usually includes calories burned, steps taken, and numerous other cold hard facts about the user’s daily health statistics.  However, the problem with this system is that most users of these fitness tracking apps and devices do not know exactly what to do about the data they receive.  Without being extremely well educated in the subjects of nutrition and personal fitness, people have no context to what the data they collect actually means for them.   Everyone’s body is different and the same data will mean very different things to people depending on age, weight, gender, athleticism, and various other factors.  Cool product Fjuul is a fitness tracker that tries to solve this problem by taking a different approach.  Rather than provide users with massive amounts of data that they don’t even understand properly most of the time, Fjuul provides people with one easily understandable metric that they can follow: Fjuul points.  Users who want to try Fjuul’s system can download the app on their iPhone or iPod.  If someone has trouble installing the app on his or her device, contacting Apple tech support would be the best course of action. Read more »

Clutch CEO Ned Moore His App to Turn Smartphones into Digital Wallets

There are many apps that look to replace the use of loyalty and rewards cards in retail stores in restaurants.  A growing number tech companies are also looking to make smartphones into a way to make everyday payments in the physical world as well.  Other apps exist to help customers gain rewards for spending their money as part of a new marketing model powered by mobile technology.  However, cool person in technology Ned Moore didn’t found his startup Clutch to do just one of these things but all of them.  Clutch is an app for both Android and Apple mobile devices that aims to replace users’ physical wallets altogether.  On Clutch, people can add all the physical cards they would normally keep in their wallets, such as store loyalty cards or gift cards, so they can shop directly from the app.  Moore also lets users add credit cards to the app along with store cards and gift cards.  Moore even lets people add coupons for one-time deals when shopping with the app.  Users who have trouble downloading the app or adding any type of card to it need to find a smartphone tech support service to help them. Read more »

Linquet Keeps You from Losing Things

Nearly everyone knows the experience of losing car keys, the television remote, cell phones or any number of important items used on a daily basis.  In some situations, people can easily locate what they’ve lost, such as when someone calls a smartphone to hear it ringing and go find it.  However, most of the time, people are left frustrated by their inability to find what they have misplaced.  Now, a cool product in technology aims to take away that frustration for good.  Linquet is a small tracking device that anyone can easily attach to any item he or she owns in order to locate it when it goes missing.  This small item tracker is easily linkable to anything a user wants, whether that be the car keys, a camera, or even a pet.  Users can set off an alarm using a special remote when they lose their Linquet connected item.  Anyone who has trouble getting a Linquet remote to work can always contact mobile computer repair for help with the issue. Read more »

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