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Rescuecom’s iPhone 5 Rumors

Good journalism requires sources.  Reporting a story requires facts, verification from authorities and precise language.  In the tech sector, however, virtually every otherwise ethical and authoritative journalist throws out the book when it comes to reporting on Apple products.  Apparently, speculation on Apple’s next major release allows journalists to become absolutely sloppy and report loads of information which they later retract. 

With the iPhone 5 as Apple’s impending next major release, already there have been rumors that the device will have a metal case and it might arrive as early as June (the latter of which has been almost universally discounted).  Whereas most tech-sector outlets present the rumors as breaking news based largely upon what customers claim to want, the truth is very few people outside the developers of the iPhone 5 know what the iPhone 5 will contain.  However, never one to miss an opportunity to join the conversation, we thought it would be fun to present our own Apple iPhone 5 rumors.  Ours, we have the integrity to admit up front, are based on nothing more than logic, past Apple experience, and our own keen wit.  Some things you should know about the iPhone 5 include:

The iPhone 5 will not be a major retool.  Many of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 – which could be simply called “iPhone” by the time it is released, despite 5 being a powerful number – have postulated that the iPhone 5 will have a retooled size and shape.  Logic and experience suggest that this is highly unlikely.  First, Apple prides itself on product recognition and if something actually works, they are slow to change.  The iPhone has rapidly become an iconic-looking smartphone and Apple does not want to lose the recognition factor.  More importantly, with the iPhone 3 and 4 models, Apple began licensing extensively the “Made for iPhone” label to manufacturers who wanted to make peripherals – like docking stations, speaker arrays, etc. – that were entirely compatible with i-products.  Those licensees would have to be pretty shortsighted to not insist on future compatibility given that Apple retools every few years.  Moreover, Apple has not changed its port design since the iPod Touch and so many accessories rely upon the unique-to-Apple port and jack design.

The iPhone 5 will not be a flawless piece of technology. The iPhone 4S prevented the development of the iPhone 5 because the iPhone 4 had so many issues that needed to be fixed.  At best, consumers should expect Siri to work better than it did before and a screen that is on par with the latest iPad.  Given that the iPhone 5 is likely to be the big Apple release in time for Christmas shopping, the idea that the iPhone 5 will have all the kinks worked out is highly unlikely.  Hopefully, the iPhone 5 will have a battery that works, though.

The iPhone 5 will not change the world. No matter what Apple’s marketing machine will have you believe in advance, the Apple iPhone 5 is just another smartphone.  In fact, now that the smartphone market has so many options for smartphones from all sorts of companies and carriers, the fact that Apple’s impending release is in no way vital may become more obvious, even to fans of Apple products.


The iPhone 5 will make a lot of money for Apple.  That is, after all, the whole purpose of the device.


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