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Managing Yahoo! In Asia: Rose Tsou Succeeds!

One of the most interesting aspects of the World Wide Web has to be that it has forced companies to truly work on an international level, as opposed to simply within one country.  The fascinating corollary to that is that many companies have a vastly different presence on the Internet, depending on where in the world one is accessing them.  So, even as Yahoo! has made a decline in the United States, it remains a powerhouse company in the Pacific Rim countries, despite a few setbacks with failed attempts to acquire existing companies there.  Part of the reason for Yahoo!’s continued relevance in Asia is Rose Tsou.

Rose Tsou is the Yahoo!’s Senior Vice President of the APAC Region.  Tsou has held that role since 2007 when she was promoted from her position of General Manager of Yahoo! Taiwan.  There is arguably no one who knows as much about the inner workings of Yahoo’s Asia-Pacific operations than Rose Tsou, which made her ideally suited to act as Senior Vice President for the region at Yahoo!  Keeping Yahoo! relevant and vital in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Southeast Asia has consumed more than a decade of Rose Tsou’s professional career and the fact that Yahoo! still dominates the Internet in that region may be attributed, in part, to her efforts.

Long before Rose Tsou joined Yahoo! Taiwan in 2000, she was on the path to success.  Tsou holds two Master’s degrees!  At Boston University, Rose Tsou earned her Master’s degree in Mass Communication.  She also earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Northwestern University, so the business world was pretty much open to her when she entered the workforce!  Tsou applied her business and communications interests by marketing for the Taiwan divisions of Procter & Gamble and Ogilvy.  She turned her attention more toward communications when she joined UFO/Warner Music.  Before joining Yahoo! Taiwan, MTV hired Tsou as General Manager for MTV Taiwan.  Rose Tsou popularized music television in Taiwan!

Since joining Yahoo!’s management team, Rose Tsou has influenced many key decisions that have strengthened Yahoo! in the Asia-Pacific region.  In 2010, Tsou pushed for the acquisition of Koprol, an Indonesian social networking service.  Yahoo! Koprol is one of the most popular smartphone platforms in the Asia-Pacific region.  By having Yahoo! purchase Koprol instead of the U.S.-based Foursquare, Rose Tsou helped to strengthen Yahoo! in a growing market.

With good judgment and powerful credentials, Rose Tsou is preventing Yahoo!’s decline in the Asia-Pacific marketplace, something none of her counterparts focusing on Yahoo!’s operations in the United States have been able to do!


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