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Continuing To Sell Consumers On Netflix, Jessie Becker Is The Natural Choice For Chief Marketing Officer!

When an executive in a prominent company retires, dies or is otherwise no longer able to perform their duties, there are often strict rules which govern how they will be replaced.  In most big businesses and stockholder-held companies, senior management officers must be approved at an annual meeting of the Board of Directors.  However, the workload that an executive officer had does not simply disappear with the individual leaving the position.  As a result, many corporations employ an interim executive until the approval process for the position may be completed.  Frequently, the interim executive is approved and comes to fill the position that they accepted on a temporary basis.  That means that Jessie Becker could be the next Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix!

Jessie Becker is the Interim Chief Marketing Officer for Netflix, a position she has held since January of this year.  Becker is currently responsible for promoting the products and services Netflix offers to consumers.  As the streaming video service market becomes increasingly competitive, Jessie Becker’s job is to retain Netflix customers and try to build the customer base by generating enthusiasm for new products and services.  Marketing at the international level, as the Chief Marketing Officer is required to, is a skill Jessie Becker is very familiar with.

In 1985, Jessie Becker attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Ambitious in her college years, Becker earned two Bachelor’s degrees by the time she graduated in 1989!  With a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics, she entered the workforce.  By 1997, though, Jessie Becker had determined that she was most interested in pursuing her interests in business.  She returned to school, this time at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business.  When Jamie Becker graduated in 1999 with her M.B.A., she was in the top ten percent of her graduating class.

Jessie Becker started working for the tech sector immediately after graduating from Stanford.  She joined as a Program Manager.  After ten months with Amazon, Netflix managed to woo Becker to their company as a Senior Manager in the marketing department.  Clearly Netflix was happy with their choice; six months after Netflix hired Jessie Becker, they promoted her to Director of Marketing.  Less than four years later, Becker was promoted again, this time to Vice President of Marketing.

Since taking over as Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Jessie Becker has worked hard to stabilize Netflix.  In addition to working harder to retain current Netflix customers, Becker announced the availability of Netflix in Latin America.  That initiative marks the biggest marketing drive Becker has been ultimately responsible for since joining Netflix.  No doubt, the success of Netflix in Latin America will contribute heavily to the Board of Directors deciding to keep Becker as CMO.

With her skill and training, Jessie Becker is working hard to drop the “interim” part of her title and become Netflix’s next Chief Marketing Officer.


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