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Other Computer Components That Wear Out . . . And How To Recognize Their Failure!

Not long ago, we presented a list of common computer components that wear out as part of the natural use of one’s computer.  While power supplies, monitors, charging ports, and CPU fans are frequent causes of headaches for computer owners, they are not the only computer parts that are likely to fail over time as you use your computer.  Other computer components that frequently fail include:

Hard drives.  There is little that is more frustrating than a hard drive failing, with its potential to cost you all of your valuable files.  Yet, because traditional hard drives utilize moving parts – a spinning magnetic disc – it is incredibly common for the hard drive to fail.  Fortunately, there are several signs of an imminent hard drive failure and if you recognize them, you may be able to take your computer to a specialist who can replace the drive – and transfer your data – before the drive becomes inoperable.  The most frequent signs of impending hard drive failure are files disappearing, accessing and saving files takes longer, and your computer freezes up frequently, especially during booting up.

USB Ports. The Universal Serial Bus port is used for all manner of device these days.  Fortunately, USB port failure is very easy to recognize.  If you plug a device into your USB port and it does not work – or works intermittently – remove it and try another, different, USB-connected device in the same port.  If it has the same lack of functionality, it is likely the port is not functional.  This, however, is usually a repair that requires a professional to examine the insides of your computer to fix.

CD-ROM drive. CD-ROM and other optical drives frequently fail due to software (driver) issues.  Sometimes, backing up a hard drive or installing/uninstalling software may have an effect on your CD-ROM drive.  The drives also naturally wear out on their own.  A frequent sign of CD-ROM drive failure comes when the tray does not open or close properly (or at all).  If multiple types of disc that your computer used to recognize – like a software CD-ROM and an audio compact disc – are no longer acknowledged when you put them in the drive, it may need to be replaced.

Computer mouse.  The computer mouse has become an essential interface device for most computer users.  Fortunately, when your optical mouse fails, it is usually very easy to tell.  If the buttons stick when you click them, the mouse is likely to need replacing.  If the optical sensor does not light up, regardless of the computer or port into which you attempt to connect the mouse, your mouse is likely dead and needs to be replaced.

Recognizing which component of your computer is acting up can aid you in getting exactly the right computer repair help that you need from trained professionals.


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