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Computer Support Tip: Upgrading Later Protects Against Computer Repair

Even though upgrades are a part of the technological life cycle, RESCUECOM’s computer support specialists suggest that making the move too soon can lead to breakdowns and high computer repair bills.

Modern technology often feels like a race.  Whether it’s a new piece of hardware or a brand new OS, we want to change now, so we don’t feel left behind.

However, being an early adopter can be more trouble than it’s worth.  Early adopters frequently require more computer support to handle issues caused by upgrades, which are some of the leading causes of computer repair. 

Software upgrades are a prime example.  Even a well known OS like Microsoft’s Windows, is still updated after it’s released.  Microsoft’s computer support technicians do test it, but it’s impossible to test every “real world” situation.

Those who upgrade early essentially become computer support for the company, discovering the problems in the software.  Frequently, this ends with the customer needing significant computer repair.

The most basic issue is bugs: glitches that negatively impact performance. Some bugs cause little damage, but others require considerable computer repair.

Most bugs are fixed within the first six to twelve months after a product is released, which makes waiting an easy way to avoid them and protect against unneeded computer repair.

Bugs are a minor inconvenience compared to security issues.  Viruses are constantly updated to slip past your security.  An early upgrade means using a product whose security has not been fully tested, and therefore has vulnerabilities which can be exploited.

Viruses and malware are among the most destructive causes of computer repair.  As with bugs, most security vulnerabilities are patched within the first year.  Those who wait can avoid costly computer repair bills.

Equally problematic is the issue of compatibility.   New programs can conflict with previously installed software.  Sometimes, this can be fixed with only minor computer support.

In other cases, these compatibility issues hamper computer performance to the point where the only solution is computer repair.  Again, most compatibility issues are discovered and fixed early, easing the problem for those who wait to upgrade.

The worst problem, for most of us, is the cost.  Upgrades often cost hundreds of dollars and, if installed incorrectly, a considerable amount of time seeking computer support.

Even a well installed upgrade can cause slower performance or a system crash.  This leads to high cost computer repair or even higher cost computer replacement.

Upgrades are an essential part of technology.  However, RESCUECOM’s computer support specialists recommend waiting at least six months before upgrading, until the benefits of the new product outweigh the potential high costs of computer repair.


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