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Data Recovery is Easier with the Right Backup

What happens to all of the pictures, music, and information you store on your computer when your system crashes or your hard drive dies?  Would data recovery even be possible?  RESCUECOM wants to remind you that data recovery can be easy, if you choose the right format for your data backup.

It’s a simple concept.  Data backup makes data recovery easier.  We’ve heard over and over again that we need to back everything up.  But how many of us heed the warnings and do anything beyond making sure we save everything?

We know that saving isn’t the same thing as a quality data backup, but we do it because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thing.  A good data backup is complicated, time consuming, and expensive, right?

A data backup doesn’t need to be any of those things.  If you choose the right method, it can be almost as simple as saving.

So, how do you know what kind of data backup is best for you?  In part, it depends on size.  The backup needs of an individual user are considerably different than those of a business.

Generally speaking, choosing the right backup option to make your data recovery easier comes down to size, portability, and reliability.

The common options:

  • Optical Drives: Optical drives – CD or DVD burners – are an incredibly common data backup method, as they come standard on most computers. Both the drives and the media are still relatively inexpensive, but in terms of reliability and capacity, optical drives lag behind in the data backup competition.


  • Flash Drives: For data backups, nothing beats a flash (or thumb) drive for portability. Most are no bigger than a keychain. Ranging in size from 256 MB to 128 GB, there’s a size for every individual’s data backup needs. USB technology shows no signs of becoming obsolete, meaning flash drives should be making data recovery easier for years to come.

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      • External Hard Drives: Reliability and storage size make external hard drives tough to beat for data backup. Recent breakthroughs in storage have allowed these drives to far exceed what was once thought possible in terms of capacity. For most users, an external hard drive provides more than enough storage space and their ever more compact size makes them easy to use for data recovery.
      • Offsite Remote Backup: For simple data recovery, any of the other options may do. But for businesses or users with significant amounts of data, the best option may be remote offsite backup. Services, such as those offered by RESCUECOM, backup your data in a data center, featuring top of the line support and encryption.


Data recovery can be a tricky process, especially if you don’t have a data backup.  With all the options out there, it makes more sense than ever to perform regular data backups and save yourself from a massive data recovery headache.


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