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Internet Security: Protect Your Children and Your Computer

Protecting your family’s Internet security is a major concern.  RESCUECOM offers some summertime tips for protecting against online dangers and computer repair.

Summer vacation means more time spent online, and more chances for kids to fall victim to scams or predators, jeopardizing your Internet security.

Imagine your child on Facebook, staring at a video link from a “friend”.  Which do you think wins out – your child’s concerns about Internet security, or curiosity over seeing the “hot” new video?

Online scammers thrive on that curiosity.  That Facebook video link might hide a damaging virus.  Every click your child makes risks your Internet security.

So what can you do?

  • 1. Install an Anti Virus Program – For families with children, anti virus programs are an Internet security must. You’re cautious online, but are your kids? Viruses are everywhere and are one of the biggest causes of computer repair. Protecting yourself now can prevent a headache and a computer repair bill later.


  • 2. Use Parental Controls and Firewall – Good Internet security is about what you keep out and what you keep in. Parental controls and a firewall help with both. Parental controls can lock online doors, keeping your kids out of places they shouldn’t be. But if they do get into those places, a strong firewall offers the kind of Internet security that shields your data from hackers and your wallet from computer repair costs.


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  • 3. Location – Protecting your children’s Internet security isn’t just about programs and controls. Being aware of your child’s online presence is vitally important. Keeping the computer in the open, like in a family room, lets you see what your kids are doing online.


  • 4. Educate – Eventually your child will put your Internet security at risk. Before that happens, a lesson on online dangers can protect them and help you avoid a hefty computer repair bill.


  • 5. Be Prepared – When your Internet security is violated, significant damage can happen in a hurry. Being prepared with data back ups and recovery files can help speed up your computer repairs.


Protecting your Internet security can keep online dangers and computer repair bills from ruining your summer.


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