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Dell Computers May Need Repair

Recently, it was revealed that Dell Computers had misled and possibly outright lied to customers who had purchased one of their computers and were in need of computer repair.  This is not the first time Dell has come under scrutiny for their computer repair and customer service practices.  In light of these recent revelations, RESCUECOM offers some information and clarification for those Dell Computer customers who may be in need of computer repair.

The Dell computers that were affected were OptiPlex desktop PCs sold between 2003 and 2005.  These Dell computers were primarily sold to business customers, usually in large quantities.  The computer repair problems that then cropped up would, therefore, put the customer’s business at risk.

The specific computer repair issue that plagued these Dell computers involved capacitors around the motherboard, the central circuit board in a computer.  The motherboard houses most of a computer’s key components, and also provides connections for external devices.  Capacitors allow electrical current to flow across the motherboard, keeping the computer running properly.

In the case of the Dell computers, the capacitors that surrounded the motherboard were breaking and leaking fluid, causing the motherboard to also break.  Additionally, this sort of problem can cause a host of other computer repair issues, including data loss, general computer malfunction, and eventual total computer failure.

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Dell computers were not the only computers impacted by the faulty capacitors, which were supplied by an Asian supply company to several different manufacturers.  Dell computers, however, were the hardest hit, and most of their computer repair efforts involved replacing faulty motherboards with more faulty motherboards.

Most concerning to RESCUECOM is the fact that Dell Computer did not provide quality computer repair or customer service to its clients.  At RESCUECOM, our computer repair specialists service all brands, including Dell computers, and we strive to offer fast and flawless service in every case.

If you believe you have a faulty Dell computer or have simply not received the level of service from Dell that you would have liked, we urge you to seek out competent and reliable computer repair.  A Dell computer can be repaired and maintained in proper working order, provided it receives the right computer repairs.


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