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Back Up Your Computer Files

To protect yourself against lost data and files, RESCUECOM’s systems data backup insures your files and data are kept off-site and safe.

Any computer repair company will tell you it is a good idea to complete some kind of systems data backup for your computer. We are so used to the speed and ease of computers that we hardly think twice about the possibility of losing the data we use and rely on daily.

One good idea is to invest in your own storage device to do your systems data backup yourself. Consider external hard drives or CDs and DVDs with enough space to hold all your important data and files from your computer: photos, music, even emails. It is also important to “sync” up your data from your computer with your storage device to make sure your data is organized and up-to-date when you do a systems data backup. Also, when using systems data backup software look for options to compress the data into smaller sizes before backing it up as a way to save space. These ideas are best for smaller amounts of data, as it may take time to do your systems data backup onto them. But once you’re done, your systems data backup are saved and in your hands.

Another option is online data backup. Many websites and companies now offer online data backup services, something like insurance for your files. This can be a better alternative for people or businesses that just have too much data to handle on their own. Once you buy a company’s online data backup service, you can do your systems data backup from your computer through the Internet and send the copied and saved data to the company, which will store it for you. It may take time and a fee (either a monthly fee or an amount based on how much space you need); most online data backup services are easy to use as the company does the work for you.

Do your shopping, though, with either option: compare prices and companies. External hard drives are becoming cheaper and are a popular choice in systems data backup, but see if you might need more space from an online data backup. A big advantage to online data backup is that it is usually easier than doing a systems data backup yourself. Check for some kind of security to protect your files during the online data backup as they stream over the Internet to the company’s servers. And check the company for reputable online data backup services.

RESCUECOM’s online data backup services store your files on remote, off-site servers and are monitored by technicians and can be updated as your files change. In the event that your home or business servers crash, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your systems data backup is safely stored with us.


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