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Expertise, Reliability, NOW: RESCUECOM Gets It

For all the accomplishments of computer technology there are always mishaps that seem to happen without warning, and at just the wrong time. We’ve been there, too. RESCUECOM strives to be the reassuring response to expletives at computer monitors all over the country.

Get Going

It’s a fast world. Technology is advancing rapidly to satisfy our increasing need for quicker services, results, and ultimately quicker lifestyles. The faster technology progresses, the faster we can move, and the more we depend on technology to get us where we’re going. Computers have become as commonplace as coffee, and a crashed computer can be an immediate hassle. Cryptic error messages, fussy Internet connections, laptop problems–computer glitches interrupt the pace of life.

You have friends and computer techs at RESCUECOM whose specialties are those technological hiccups. Desktop or laptop, PC or MAC, residential or commercial–we’ve developed a national reputation for meeting computer problems with immediacy and expertise. We understand (and feel the same way) that you expect and count on your computer to work efficiently and consistently. When you’re stressing out over a last-minute report or presentation (we’re all guilty) and your computer inevitably crashes, a quick phone call to 1-800-RESCUE-PC connects you to patient, personable, knowledgeable support for virus removal, data recovery, networking and Internet issues … whatever your problem.

Get Busy

Business solutions today often go hand-in-hand with technology. As a business in the business of technology, RESCUECOM understands this better than anyone. Aside from our computer repair services we also work with other businesses to identify the best cost-effective technological tools available and tailor them to fit a company’s unique needs. Through our Business Process Automation services, we’ll work with you to sift through the details of your business’s process. We can help you determine what technologies would work to present a leaner model for your business, and your budget.

Again, we specialize in exceptional customer service and computer repair, but we’re also a business. We work with thousands of businesses in computer repair and in our Business Process Automation. By offering this unique service we further separate ourselves from our competition and provide an unmatched level of industry insight to our business clients. It speaks to our own business model when we can provide our customers with the same exceptional customer service and savvy business sense that we would want from a company.

Get On With Life

It has been a long time since RESCUECOM first started its computer repair service in 1997. It seems even longer when you consider how rapidly technology is advancing these days: a few years into a new computer and already it’s becoming outdated. But there will always be computer problems; this is what keeps technology improving and progressing. You don’t stop when the computer does. We get it. We know you’ve got to keep up with your own life, your own business, just like us. And we figure if we’re available 24/7 we can catch those unexpected glitches that take everyone else off guard.



RESCUECOM provides computer repair and computer support, 24/7: Meeting every tech support need including data recovery, virus removal, networking, wireless services, and computer support for all brands of hardware and software. For computer support or information on products, services, or computer repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC.

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David Milman, CEO


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