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LG’s 65-inch 4K OLED Rollable TV is the Future of Television

Companies have continually striven toward combining better picture and portability in a larger size in the design of TVs. Simply put, bigger is better and making it lightweight so it is easy to carry and set up is certainly a bonus. It takes great leaps in TV technology to be able to continue to make TVs larger while not only maintaining but drastically improving the picture without making them impossible to move. Thus, it is something toward which every TV brand is continuously striving, and now a new innovation some never thought possible and is, in fact, the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, is now available on the consumer market. In 2016, LG debuted an 18-inch TV that was mere centimeters thin, the screen of which could be folded or rolled up. At the time, the display was good but not exceptional, but all this is new and improved in a greater achievement: the new LG Design 65-inch 4K OLED rollable TV.

It is safe to say that if one needed a fix for this giant, super thin folding TV, nothing less than the most expert help would suffice. It is truly a marvel of modern technology that, unlike the original 18 inch model, has a stunning picture with full ultra HD 4K resolution, the best available on the market. It has thirty percent transmittance (the ratio of light energy being transmitted through it). This allows it to look almost like a window when turned off, achieved via the company’s transparent pixel design technology. Its OLED, or organic light emitting diode, display also allows for the design, as these are paper-thin diodes as opposed to those of the past. As this is the latest in design and widely adopted by other brands, it is likely that rollable TVs will be the new focus of every company in the TV market.

The 65-inch 4K OLED rollable TV has a few perks beyond portability and exceptional picture, so one should ensure continued access to technical help should it be required. While not everyone is so picky, some do not like “letterboxing” in their films. This is when a movie is sandwiched between black bars above and below the picture, which occurs because the filming of movies has the movie screen ratio, not the typical 16:9 TV aspect ratio, in mind. This TV, however, allows you to roll and unroll it to shift its aspect ratio to the cinematic 21:9. This way, you can watch ultra-wide movies without the need for black bars. Using the remote control, you can cause the panel to sink even deeper into its base box, leaving only a wide strip at the top that can be used to show smart home information, music controls, or whatever other ambient updates you want to see. LG was developing this technology long before other companies found it practical, and it has paid off with the 65-inch 4K OLED rollable TV.

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