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Tech Support Blog

Understanding the Top Tech Problems and How to Fix Them: RESCUECOM’s 2016 First Half Computer Repair Report

photo rescuecom-computer-repair-report_zpsehfkobek.jpgDo you know what to do when a virus attacks your computer?  Do you know why your laptop won’t boot up or your phone refuses to turn on at all? It is an unfortunate fact that everything we own wears down over time, but RESCUECOM is here to provide all the information you need to face your technology problems without fear and get the best performance from every tech device. Read more »

Kindle Tablet Review: RESCUECOM Gives it High Marks for Reliability

photo Computer%20Reliability%20Report_zpswxpuzbl6.png

The latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report – based on 60,000 service call requests into our 1-800-RESCUE-PC hot line annually – rates the Kindle as the most trouble-free tablet.

Spring is here and time to get rid of the old and bring in the new! If this for you means purchasing a new computer to replace your outdated or poorly performing device, RESCUECOM’s 2016 Computer Reliability Report will help you be well prepared to bring home only the best and most reliable computer.

In this latest quarterly report, Apple and Samsung, though still top performers, are no longer vying for first place in the rankings. Read more »

Shopping Online is Better with WePower

photo WePower_zpsfgqwl926.pngAccording to the best retail industry research, the number of people who shop online will soon top 1.5 billion worldwide.  That creates a huge market that, while many companies have sought to take advantage of, leaves room for plenty more.  WePower Shopping is an online marketplace, essentially a web store, that utilizes social elements to create a relevant shopping experience and guarantees the lowest prices online.  It organizes and displays products based on consumer interests and rewards users for engagement.  Using analytics easily gathered from consumer networking and “shares” on its site, it can identify trending products and secure deals directly with vendors and manufacturers to cut out the cost of middle men.  This means savings for its customers and a greater ability to provide more people with the things they truly want. Read more »

Twenty20 is a Crowdsourced Photography Marketplace

photo 1_zpspw6qi1se.png Stock photos are an easy and free means of finding an appropriate photo online to attach to a blog, Facebook post, or webpage, among a wide range of uses.   Unfortunately, these stock photos are easy to identify as such, very obviously staged, and may only vaguely convey what you are communicating.  Twenty20 is a startup that looks to change this through crowdsourcing.  It offers what its creators call “the world’s largest crowdsourced image catalog.” Along with solving the stock image issue for users, it provides an opportunity for anyone to upload photos and potentially make money on them.  It provides the added benefit that the photos people can find on the Twenty20 website are much more creative and interesting than the ones typically found on similar websites or through a random image search. People who are seeking photos that they can legally add to their blogs can get a subscription at Twenty20 to purchase some at a lower cost than hiring a photographer, while photographers can display their smartphone photos to big brands and marketing agencies. Read more »

CloudTags are the Next Stage of Retail

photo CT_zpscosldh3w.jpg Much of the technological innovation that makes life easier does so through its application to retail and improving the connection between buyers and sellers. Utilized in a number of different ways, technology has completely changed the way people do business. CloudTags is a new startup that looks to take advantage of tech in retail and improve upon it in a unique way.
It does this by linking retailers and customers in both online and offline shopping to create a so-called “connected store” using a combination of smart tags, sensors and devices.  This helps retailers to create more effective solutions for customer issues and increase customers’ overall satisfaction with the shopping experience.  It is a step forward in mobile technology that makes shopping, whether at home or in-store, faster and easier than ever before. Read more »

Action Bowling is the App Bowlers Have Been Waiting For

photo ab_zpszhilrxvq.pngSomeone has taken advantage of the latest tech and applied it to just about every sport and hobby imaginable, and bowling is no exception.  While it may have taken some time compared to bigger money-makers, more televised, and more generally popular sports, an app called Action Bowling from tech startup Rolltech is making a way for users to get the most from their bowling. There is both a competitive and social aspect to the app, and the many things it lets you do include letting you track your scores and stats, challenge a community of global bowlers, and connect with friends.  You can use it to work toward improving your own game as well as connecting with others about your shared hobby. Read more »

Most Reliable Back-to-School Technology: 2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM

photo Computer%20Reliability%20Report_zpswxpuzbl6.pngThe beginning of a new school year is upon us once again, meaning you need to make some very important choices, including purchasing the computer or tablet you think will ensure the most success in school for yourself or your child.  Whether you are going off to your first year of college, in high school, or the parent of a school-aged child, you want to be able to rely on your technology for the entirety of the school year and beyond. Read more »

AnswerDash Simplifies the Search for Website Info

photo 0000AD_zpsnq8regrc.pngMost people who have questions browsing a website attempt to find the answer through trial and error, resorting to searching the Internet when they cannot find it.  The FAQ section on most websites is rarely helpful, and the map on how to navigate the site is usually isolated from the site itself.  It is often difficult to find what you want to know where it would make sense to be, and this is a dilemma a startup called AnswerDash hopes to resolve.  Essentially, it has produced a question-and-answer technology that a company can embed within its website, allowing users to find answers more easily, while clients gain insights into their users’ behaviors and can adapt customer support accordingly. Read more »

Create Engaging Content Online with Smore

photo 00000Smore_zpscczth9mx.pngNewsletters and flyers have long been a trusted and widely used method of getting news out locally, and it is even more effective through use of the Internet.  People can now put together an engaging, eye-catching notice in a way that gathers much more of an audience than canvassing neighborhoods instantly, particularly through social media.  Smore is a startup that works to make the creation and online distribution of flyers and newsletters easier while ensuring a larger audience. Its developers tout it as a means of taking promotional material to the next level with built-in tools that make spreading your message fast and effective. It also boasts a simple, user-friendly format that enables anyone to create something that looks professional with little to no design experience. Read more » Makes Content Marketing More Effective

photo is a key aspect of marketing, one of the most important elements in keeping a company relevant and increasing public interest in it.  Content marketing, a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing effective, relevant, and consistent content to attract potential customers, has always been a major focus in drawing them, and this is where a startup called aims to help.  Not only is content marketing more important than ever to help companies stand out among innumerable competition, especially in the online marketplace, but it has also been growing very rapidly over the last decade in particular. helps by, in its creators’ words, simplifying the production and distribution of visual content. Read more »