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Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Computer Reliability Report

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The computer and tablet reliability scores are in for the 2015 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, bringing in some new names in the tablet market.

Most of the big names from previous reports have once again claimed a spot in the rankings for 2015, though several have notably risen or fallen in reliability score. Along with shifts in rankings among the report’s regulars, there are a couple of newcomers making a splash in the tablet world this year. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases New Computer Repair Report for 2015

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Recently, RESCUECOM has received numerous requests from various news outlets to bring back a report on the most common computer problems. In response, RESCUECOM is now introducing a new and improved version of our previous report on the top computer problems. These new quarterly RESCUECOM Computer Repair Reports will cover the top ten problems for which we receive computer repair calls, along with useful tips to avoid the need for future computer repair services. Read more »

Unified Inbox Modernizes Communications

 photo Unified Inbox_zps492rxhus.jpgDespite the continuously growing importance of online communication, many people find themselves forced to deal with a mass of unread emails at work.  It is a well-known fact that professionals in certain businesses, executives in particular, may spend the vast majority of their time communicating with others.  Being able to stay on top of correspondences, both internally and externally, has never been more important.  Unified Inbox is a cloud-based communications solution that works to fix this problem by allowing you to receive all of your incoming communications in a single inbox on any device, and send and answer messages using the best channels for your contacts.  This includes any social networks, SMS, email, voicemail, IM, postal, and more.  Not only that, but Unified Inbox uses “LifeModes,” which apply any information users send according to the mode of life that a recipient is currently in, such as “work,” “relax,” or “holiday.” Read more »

Krush is a Bigger Market for All Interests

 photo Krush_zps7mcxhp62.pngApps, social media, and personal interest websites are a fragmented collection of what many people bounce from one thing to another in order to access.  The number of products and services media outlets, amateur-enthusiast blogs, brand-owned social media streams, retail and e-commerce vendors provide is practically innumerable.  For someone trying to navigate this world, particularly on mobile devices, the experience can be daunting.  Enter Krush, a single online destination for all of your interests.  While so many channels fail to extensively reach the growing community of new and independent brands seeking to connect with a massive potential online fan base, Krush meets a growing need for any lifestyle.  Its creators refer to it as “the lifestyle-driven marketplace,” where you can discover products and brands, build your personal style, influence the community and get involved with the creative process.  It offers a vastly improved mobile shopping experience, one that is social at its core. Read more »

Voyajo is a Unique Travel Resource

 photo Voyajo_zpsozzpqrsi.jpgMany people love to travel, and some simply must travel a lot for business.  While going to conferences and meetings keeps many businesspeople quite busy on the road, there is a good amount of downtime that can present quite a challenge.  While some planning a vacation may investigate a bit ahead of time, travelers are ultimately in cites that they are completely unfamiliar with unless they have visited previously.  Services such as TripAdvisor are useful to a point, but much more is possible.  This is where Voyajo comes in, giving you a deeper insight into the local scene wherever you go.  It is a state-of-the-art world trip planner tool offering thousands of global destinations across six continents for planning your custom trip route and hundreds of ready-to-use trips designed by members and travel experts. Read more »

ADstruc is a Tool for Outdoor Advertising

 photo ADstruc_zpsdjobwyrt.jpgMedia spending on outdoor advertising reaches into the billions and continues to grow. ADstruc’s developers tout it as the easiest way to plan and buy outdoor advertising, bringing this potentially lucrative business further into the online marketplace. The startup works to make it easier for existing buyers to find and procure outdoor ad inventory and, beyond that, to increase the number of buyers of ad campaigns using outdoor advertising. In essence, ADstruc’s service could make buying billboards easy by offering a tech platform that automates some of the media planning and buying process. Read more »

ViewRanger is More than a GPS App

 photo ViewRanger_zpszvsnpty2.pngOutdoors enthusiasts have a variety of tools at their disposal, and just about everybody has a GPS or a GPS-enabled tech device.   There are plenty of apps available that can locate you on a map or perform similarly useful functions, but ViewRanger exists to let you get even more from your favorite outdoor pursuits.  Its creators call it the complete mapping, navigation, and guided trail service for outdoor enthusiasts to help you at every stage of your adventure. Read more »

GoSkyWatch Makes Astronomy Fun and Simple

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Many people have a love for astronomy, and while some are content with simply gazing at the night sky, others fancy themselves amateur astronomers.  There have been astronomy apps, some already built in to devices such as the iPad, for some time.  These apps may answer our questions and give us a better view of space, but many find it too complex for what they need or desire more features.  GoSkyWatch is an app with many features that make it more fun while keeping it simple enough for a child to use.  It goes beyond merely showing you what you cannot see without a telescope and, unlike most of its kind that rely on a mobile device’s built-in digital compass, the technology works with the accelerometers in tech devices that ensures images on screens are always displayed upright.  Since every phone and tablet has an accelerator, the app works on devices without compasses. Read more »

ONE is Simpler Networking for Students

 photo ONE_zpsgw5zrrsu.jpgSocial networking, including the ability to share any aspect of our lives that we choose to with virtually anybody at any time, is one of the foremost uses of technology and continues to grow rapidly.  Most social media sites have a very broad focus, though some exist based on specific interests or groups of people.  Any communication is up to the user, though, and he or she must meet someone in person first before interacting.  Conversely, ONE is a social network designed for college students that matches them with other students nearby who share the same interests.  It relieves much of the fear of an initial social engagement from those who are not comfortable making an unprepared approach while ensuring that introductions made are more productive.  In its developers’ words, ONE brings the power of online social networking to the real world. Read more »