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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

Beneath the Ink Gives People Extra Insight into Their eBooks

The convenience of being able to carry thousands of eBooks in one’s pocket has motivated millions of people to make their book collections digital. However, now there’s a company that wants to use technology to give eBooks another advantage over their print counterparts.  Cool product in technology Beneath the Ink uses the interactive nature of computer technology to add extra content to the reading experience.  When Beneath the Ink enhances an eBook, it adds pieces of content that the company refers to as “Binks”.  People activate Binks by clicking on special links while reading an eBook on a smartphone or tablet. Binks include extra, insightful information about particular words, characters and settings.  Accessing these insights through Binks adds a “behind-the-scenes” style aspect to the book’s content.  The links are optional, so Beneath the Ink doesn’t force people to interrupt their reading unless they have a particular interest in one of them.  Binks can add to the experience of reading for many people by providing information that enhances their understanding of a book’s elements.  Anyone who has problem opening Binks on an eBook they’re reading might have a hardware issue with their touchscreen.  If this happens, then people should find a tech support service for their tablet or smartphone.  Read more »

RESCUECOM Interviews Jesse Pollak about How Clef Wants to Replace Passwords

RESCUECOM recently released an article about Clef, a new startup that is looking to use people’s mobile phones as a potential replacement to typing out passwords.  Since then, RESCUECOM has had the chance to speak to Clef’s chief product officer and cool person in technology, Jesse Pollak.  Pollak shared many interesting details about Clef’s product and the company as a whole during the interview. Read more »

Jukely Makes It Easy to Find Friends to Attend Concerts with You

Countless people know the frustrating experience of finding a concert they want to attend, but being unable to find anyone to come with them in time to buy tickets for it.  Cool product in technology Jukely wants to provide a unique solution to this problem with the power of mobile technology and online social networking.  With Jukely, people can match their friends up with the concerts they want to attend.  This cool product will find friends whose activity on social networks indicates that they would enjoy a specific concert and helps people connect with them and ask if they would like to go.  Essentially, Jukely automates the process of finding people to go with you to a show.  People who want to download Jukely on their iPhones to try it out but have trouble installing it through the Apple App Store should find a tech support company to help them. Read more »

Submittable Helps Organizations Manage Submissions of Any Kind

All different types of organizations have to sift through submissions from the public.  Businesses have to go through job applications and customer forms.  Online and print publications have to read through solicited and unsolicited articles.  Some foundations support artists and filmmakers and take submissions of their work for potential funding.  Cool product in technology Submittable provides organizations like these with a way to make managing online submissions simple. Rather than have to sift through endless emails, Submittable lets organizations easily create an online form for submissions and then manage the responses accordingly in one centralized platform.  Any organizations that have technical trouble with their hardware preventing them from making proper use of Submittable should get a computer repair provider to look into it. Read more »

Splitwise Uses Mobile Technology to Make Splitting Expenses with Others Easy

Friends and family often split expenses for anything ranging from restaurant meals to large vacations.  However, keeping track of what everyone owes one another when splitting payment is often stressful and imprecise.  People don’t always remember the exact amount of money owed or when they need to pay it back. This situation can lead to arguments and other issues between friends and family members.  Cool product in technology Splitwise helps people keep track of the exact amount of money owed whenever two or more people split expenses.  Splitwise allows users to input the exact amount of money that each party is responsible for every time they share a payment.  By keeping a running tally over time, people using Splitwise can always know the exact amount that others owe them or that they owe others.  With this cool product, there never has to be an argument about what friends owe each other after splitting expenses again.  People who have technical trouble downloading Splitwise for their iPhones or Android smartphones should seek help from a mobile tech support provider. Read more »

Farmplicity Makes Getting Locally Grown Ingredients Easy for Restaurants

Finding fresh, locally grown ingredients can be a major obstacle for some restaurants.  Finding farmers and vendors who can deliver local ingredients isn’t always a simple process, but cool product in technology Farmplicity is aiming to make it easier.  Farmplicity collaborates with local farms in order to give restaurants an online marketplace where they can easily order locally grown ingredients.  Restaurants browse the Farmplicity marketplace on the company’s website and order ingredients as simply as if ordering from a site like eBay or Amazon.  Rather than spend large amounts of time and money establishing local connections, restaurants can use Farmplicity to order local food instantly with no extra hassle. Read more »

RESCUECOM Interviews Ryan Rutan about LaunchRock’s Present and Future

Recently, RESCUECOM posted an article about LaunchRock, a cool product that allows young companies to create simple websites quickly.  These simple websites include functions specifically meant to promote and support product launches.  Since posting the original article, RESCUECOM has had the chance to speak to LaunchRock founding partner and cool person in technology Ryan Rutan about the product in its current form as well as its future.  Read more »

CoachMePlus Helps Coaches Track Their Athletes’ Fitness and Condition

Coaches of sports teams at both the collegiate and professional levels have an obligation to make sure that their athletes are staying in shape and keeping up with their physical conditioning.  Trying to manage a large team of young athletes and be aware of their fitness is an expansive and difficult task.  Cool product in technology CoachMePlus offers coaches a way to track their athlete’s performance statistics and fitness programs all from one centralized platform.  CoachMePlus is software that coaches, trainers and athletic directors can use to create individualized profiles for each of their athletes.  The program keeps track of a player’s position, stats, workout routines, measurements and any special restrictions he or she has in regards to diet or exercise.  Coaches can even create customized workouts to assign to specific athletes.  With all the information about their players in one place, coaches can save time while tracking and managing individual athletes.  Those who experience technical difficulties while installing or trying CoachMePlus may have problems with their computer hardware.  If this is the case, they should find a computer repair provider to look into the issue. Read more »

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