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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

SharePractice Helps Doctors Provide Better Treatment

Modern medicine changes at a very fast pace and new treatments and experimental medicines appear all the time.  Medical researchers also discover new disorders and medical issues frequently.  Keeping up with all these changes in treatments and disorders is not easy for doctors, but cool product in technology SharePractice makes it much easier to stay up to date with what is happening in the medical community.  SharePractice acts as a mobile resource for doctors to help each other by posting information about new disorders and treatments.  SharePractice is a social reference app where users depend on the collective expertise of the medical community to find out about cutting-edge treatments.  Doctors can leave reviews of new medicines and treatment plans, explain how those treatments have or have not worked for their own patients and look up different disorders, diseases and other conditions if they have trouble diagnosing a patient.  Using the collected information in the app, doctors can better diagnose and treat their patients.  Doctors can also comment on reviews to ask peers further questions about a treatment or condition if they are unsure about it.  Doctors who have problems submitting reviews, comments or questions on SharePractice may need tech support for their mobile devices. Read more »

Punchbowl Helps People Plan Parties Efficiently Online

A significant number of websites offer tools and online services that help with specific aspects of party planning.  There are many websites dedicated to digital invitation and RSVP services.  Others help users with online listings of supplies vendors and party services.  However, cool product in technology Punchbowl doesn’t just focus on one aspect of party planning but aims to help its customers with the entire process from start to finish.  Punchbowl provides users with online invites, a RSVP management platform, service that connects people to local supplies vendors, and even a message board and polling system for party guests to make collaborative decisions about the event.  Punchbowl provides a complete package to party planners so they don’t have to keep track of activities on multiple websites when putting an event together.  By presenting consumers with a comprehensive solution as opposed to a single service, Punchbowl aims to make party planning as convenient as possible.  Anyone who has difficulty while trying to access any of the services on the Punchbowl website should find an online computer support provider for assistance with the issue. Read more »

HandUp Helps the Homeless Through Crowdfunding

As Internet crowdfunding has become a viable option for many entrepreneurs and artists looking to raise money for their ideas, some companies are looking to use crowdfunding for purposes beyond funding new projects.  Cool product in technology HandUp allows users to make donations to people experiencing tough times.  HandUp is nonprofit that works within communities to find homeless people requiring assistance and then sets up crowdfunding campaigns online for each individual or family in need.  While many homeless people on HandUp have stated goals for their funding, they do not have to reach their goals to receive what people donate.  Donors can rest assured that their money does go to the people in need no matter the result of the campaign.  HandUp handles all donations to ensure that money goes towards items that homeless people need, including food, shelter, healthcare and other basic needs.  Anyone who goes on the HandUp website, but has difficulty donating due to technical troubles may want a home tech support company to check their Internet connection. Read more »

Captricity Helps Businesses Digitize Handwritten Data

When a company has significant amounts of handwritten data to process digitally, it can take an extraordinary amount of time and effort.  Entering data from handwritten documents into a digitized and searchable format involves a lot of tedious busywork that sucks up effort better spent on tasks that are more productive.  Cool product in technology Captricity helps businesses reduce the amount of time and effort spent on processing data in handwritten form.  Captricity users scan their handwritten documents and upload them to the Captricity platform. Then, Captricity recognizes the information in each document before automatically compiling it into a format fit for a business’s digital records.  The product breaks down the data entered into each individual text field of every document. Captricity then recompiles that data into an easily searchable report.  Users access the Captricity service online.  Anyone who uses the service but experiences difficulty while trying to upload documents might have network troubles.  In these situations, it’s best to find an online computer support provider who can assist with the issue. Read more »

What is a Video Card?

When purchasing a computer or looking to get computer repair, people often become overwhelmed with technical specifications they do not understand.  Unfortunately, video cards are one of the aspects of computer technology most commonly misunderstood by consumers when buying a computer or looking for repair.  Having a capable video card is very important to users who want to view and edit high definition video or play any sort of video games, two of the most common activities associated with personal computing.  Many parents, grandparents, siblings and friends have bought computers for their loved ones that were not useful because they did not understand what type of video card was necessary for their loved one’s activities.  Fortunately, RESCUECOM can provide help both in understanding what a video card is and in how to make sure you have one that’s best for your specific situation. Read more »

MakeSpace Applies Cloud Principles to Physical Storage

Finding physical storage space for personal belongings can be a major hassle.  People who move around often have to find new storage units in every city they go to and even end up paying for unused units due to yearlong contracts with storage facilities.  Cool product in technology MakeSpace handles personal storage differently and develops their model by looking towards the tech industry.  MakeSpace is a company that wants to use the principles that guide digital cloud storage in computer technology to change how people store their property in the physical world.  This cool product makes people’s belongings available from anywhere at any time and uses a monthly subscription-based model rather than pre-set contracts, taking cues from online storage services such as Dropbox. Read more »

RESCUECOM Learns More about Dealflicks from Co-Founder Sean Wycliffe

RESCUECOM released an article about new startup Dealflicks recently, which allows users to purchase discounted tickets at movie theaters for showings with low attendance.  To follow up, RESCUECOM interviewed Dealflicks’ co-founder Sean Wycliffe about the company’s history and current strategies.  Read more »

Highlight Automates Social Networking

Social networking websites and apps have changed a lot about how people interact, both online and in the physical world.  People make their information readily available online through public profiles on many different sites.  Because of this reality, people can find out much more about those they meet as many details about a person are available in their numerous online profiles.  Social networking has also changed professional networking.  People use sites like LinkedIn to find potential business contacts that could be helpful to them and for investigating contacts they’ve already met at events like conferences.  However, this level of convenience isn’t enough for cool product in technology Highlight.  Highlight believes social networking can be easier still—automatic even.  With this cool product, people can connect with others just by walking by them on the street or being in the same building.  Highlight uses GPS technology within people’s smartphones to locate and identify people that users may want to connect with when they are nearby.  Anyone who has a malfunctioning GPS function in his or her mobile device will need smartphone computer repair before he or she is able to take advantage of Highlight. Read more »

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