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What are Fitness Trackers and What Do They Mean to You?

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For many people, consumer technology often goes hand in hand with entertainment, as people listen to music, watch videos and play games on their computers, smartphones and tablets frequently.  For others, consumer tech is synonymous with work as they spend most of their time on computers in Microsoft Office or answering emails on their phones.  However, a new type of consumer technology has seen significant growth in recent years, and it fits neither of these typical categories.  Fitness trackers use motion-tracking technology and the web to help people get in physical shape.  Read more »

Medlio Simplifies Health Insurance with a Mobile App

Nobody likes dealing with health insurance issues.  Keeping up with what a person’s insurance specifically covers, what someone owes in copay or his or her deductible balance can be a major pain, especially when dealing with health problems on top of it all.  Finding healthcare providers that take one’s insurance plan can also be difficult for many people who just want to receive treatment for their illness.  Cool product in technology Medlio wants to simplify health insurance by streamlining the details of a person’s coverage into one mobile app.  Medlio provides users with up-to-date information about their insurance plan.  People can find out details of their benefits simply by opening up the app on their smartphone.  The information is readily available with the tap of a finger on Medlio.  Medlio also makes it possible for people to find healthcare providers near them instantly.  Medlio checks where a user is with a phone’s GPS system and automatically tells that person where the nearest doctors are that accept their insurance plan.  Finding doctors can be much more convenient when using this cool product.  People whose phones have GPS issues will need to contact a tech support company to fix the problem before taking full advantage of the Medlio app. Read more »

CommutePays Rewards People for Their Daily Commute

Millions of people spend countless hours commuting to and from work each month in the United States.  Many of these people likely wish they could accomplish more during the time they spend commuting in their car, on their bike or even by foot.  Cool product in technology CommutePays offers people a chance to earn rewards for the time they spend commuting.  This new startup partners with popular brands to give people special offers and discounts for the miles they commute every day.  When people reach certain milestones in how much mileage they’ve traveled while commuting, CommutePays lets them choose special rewards for specific brands depending on their location.  People track their mileage through their smartphone using the CommutePays app.  Similar to how a frequent flyers program works with certain airlines, people accumulate points from the miles that they travel.  They can then use these points to cash in for the rewards that different brands offer in their area.  Anyone who believes his or her phone is not tracking his or her commuted miles properly could have a broken GPS tracker.  If this is the case, finding a computer repair company to fix the mobile device will be necessary. Read more »

Yeti Connects People with Places They Will Enjoy

Finding interesting places to go in your free time is not easy or simple for most people.  Unless someone has lived in a city or town for much of his or her life, learning about the places worth going in that city often takes a lot of time and effort, leading to fewer people enjoying the city and instead staying at home.  Cool product in technology Yeti provides a social way for people to find new places to visit near them through an iPhone app.  Yeti users open up the app and let it figure out where they are, based on their Wi-Fi or data connection.  Yeti then immediately shows them recent posts from other users about events and locations nearby them.  People demonstrate interest in a Yeti post by swiping right when it appears.  Yeti then saves the post for the person to engage with whenever they are ready.  Anyone who has a problem downloading Yeti from the Apple App Store may want to find a tech support company who can help him or her fix the problem. Read more »

Surf Air Turns Travel by Plane into a Subscription Service

It seems that subscriptions are taking over as the dominant pricing model for many types of services. Companies providing online services including digital music, videos and eBooks have turned to offering customers a monthly subscription as an alternative to individual item prices.  The subscription model is stretching out even farther and invading other major industries besides digital entertainment now as well.  Cool product in technology Surf Air is an airline that doesn’t sell regular airfare for individual flights.  Instead, Surf Air offers people access to an unlimited amount of flights for a single monthly price.  Read more »

Treadhub Combines Fitness Tracking with a Blog Platform

People who are into extreme fitness such as training for triathlons, marathons and other intense events often like to keep fitness journals to track their progress when training.  Keeping a log of activities for future reference when training for another event makes sense for several reasons. It makes it easier for people to adjust their training and improve it by using the old data. Many people also share their journals with other athletes out of a sense of pride for their accomplishments.  Cool product in technology Treadhub is a digital tool that helps people both track their fitness data and keep a training journal online.  Read more »

iFlipd Makes It Possible to Rent eBooks on Your Tablet or Smartphone

Frequent eBook readers often find that they end up finishing books more quickly the more they read, as the practice increases their overall reading speed.  As people finish more and more books at a fast pace, they often find that their hobby starts to become a very expensive one.  Even if someone actively looks for deals, paying for new books every week can begin to be a serious drain on the wallet.  Now, cool product in technology iFlipd is offering readers a solution that will make it easier and cheaper to go through new books frequently.  This cool product allows people to rent eBooks and download them to their mobile device for two dollars per week.  Once the week is up, readers no longer have access to the book.  This system allows heavy readers to avoid paying full price for eBooks that they complete in a very short amount of time.  Anyone who has trouble downloading eBooks from iFlipd could have issues with their mobile devices that need attention from a computer repair provider.  Read more »

Vadio Gives Radio Stations an Internet Video Feed

Many radio stations posts feeds of their audio on their websites so fans can enjoy the station while on their computers at work or at home.  Cool product in technology Vadio wants to help radio stations engage those online listeners even more by making them online viewers as well.  Vadio provides radio stations with smart video feeds that play the music videos of the songs played on the station at any given time.  People listening to a radio station on its website don’t just get a simple audio feed when tuning in online if the station is a Vadio customer.  Vadio gives stations a cool video feed of the music they play to help engage online visitors visually as well.  People who try to go on a radio station’s website that uses Vadio, but have difficulty accessing the Vadio video feed, should make sure to contact a computer repair provider. In these cases, there may be a problem with their hardware that is interfering with their Internet connection.  Read more »

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