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Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Reliability Report

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The 2015 Q1 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report has arrived, showing longstanding contenders in reliability battling for the top spot along with a surprising comeback in one manufacturer’s reliability.

The Computer Reliability Report takes a manufacturer’s market share of computers and tablets in the U.S. and compares it against the number of tech support calls RESCUECOM receives for that manufacturer’s products to determine a reliability score. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report

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RESCUECOM has tallied up all the computer repair calls it received, including tablets, for the 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report, showing a surprising leap in certain problem areas.

The Computer Repair Report is created by tallying the data from all calls RESCUECOM receives at its 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center to form a list of the most common computer and tablet problems. RESCUECOM ranks the top ten computer repair problems in order from most frequent to least and explains them by category, creating a useful tool to inform users about the threats their tech devices face.

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DueProps Gamifies Employee Recognition

 photo 1DueProps_zpsvzsqamrv.jpgCompetition can drive people to do better, and the workplace is no exception.  An employee incentive program that combines performance recognition with the current trend to gamify competition even in the most professional settings could be an excellent means of engaging people to work harder.  This is the concept behind DueProps, which offers employee motivation via a peer recognition game for workplaces.  It is an app that gamifies employee appreciation so that employers can recognize work effort to reward those who perform well.  Its developers created it based upon the premise that people who feel appreciated are happier, more engaged, and more productive at their jobs. Read more »

Cocoa Offers a Waste Management Solution

 photo Cocoa_zpsifnc2zbl.pngThe problem of growing waste and a lack of space for it is a pressing one.  Many governments are issuing stricter environmental standards, and many companies have made efforts to combat this problem through recycling and other initiatives.  Cocoa is a startup focused on organic food production and waste management through clean technology.  The service it provides is to transform organic waste into compost and compost-based fertilizers.  By doing so, it offer a unique solution for farmers that benefits them as well as the problem of dwindling landfill space.  To do so, Cocoa uses its own patent-pending technology to transform organic waste into a safe and sustainable fertilizer that the company then sells to farms. Read more »

Gustin is Crowdfunding for Menswear

 photo Gustin_zpsgctlvzxl.pngCrowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to gain funds as well as support for many individuals and companies.  People use it as a method to achieve all sorts of goals and to gain enough money to open any kind of company.  Typically, would-be producers utilize crowdsourcing to fund the creation of a company, a project, or a line of products, but a startup called Gustin looks to employ it as a means of backing the creation of individual products.  In the same way that crowdfunding brings together creators and potential consumers on a more personal level and gets individuals involved, Gustin does so for particular items.  Its niche is menswear, and its creators intend it to change the way men buy clothes by creating a fully crowdfunded model for determining which jeans it makes.  Gustin’s focus is exclusively on high quality clothing, and its model cuts out a lot of the cost to make it more affordable. Read more »

Foodjunky Simplifies Group Food Orders

 photo Foodjunky_zpsqoja4aaj.pngOrdering food for a large group of people is never an easy thing because many people have very particular orders, and orders for large groups can take a great deal of time and effort to complete.  Not only that, but the more a list includes, the more likely it is that something will be made incorrectly.  People can choose only one restaurant or, alternatively, send someone out to several different restaurants to fulfill an order.  This can be more costly than necessary, particularly for a business.  Fortunately, there is Foodjunky, a web based food-ordering platform that handles online ordering for groups of people.  It helps large groups make orders from restaurants, simplifying the error-prone process of one person relaying many food orders to another over a phone line.  Unlike other services that help groups order food, Foodjunky allows users to choose from restaurants, delivery options, cuisine type, and more. Read more »

Make Better Food Choices with Organic Diet Buddy

 photo Organic Diet Buddy_zps1lvuq8gj.pngImproving your health does not need to be difficult or involve major, life-altering changes.  There are many small lifestyle changes that can help you better your health in any number of ways, and the simple step of eating better is one of them.  Organic Diet Buddy is an app from Saagara, a health-focused startup that enables people to lead healthier lives online or through mobile platforms.  It is a mobile app that allows you to make lifestyle changes that you can easily implement in your daily life and let you see the possibilities for change in other areas.  In essence, it provides a color-coded guide to fruit and vegetables so you can know which you should buy organic and which are safe to buy non organic, with a few other helpful features included. Read more »

Macs are at Risk for Password Theft

 photo Mac Security_zps7tf29cjf.jpegAlmost everyone stores passwords for everything from their email, business and personal banking, social media, and other extremely sensitive information on their computers.  Unfortunately, not even Mac users are as safe from attacks from malicious programs online as they once thought they were.  A new report released by a team of researchers from Indiana University has found that Apple, one of the most reliable computer manufacturers in the world, has developed a flaw in its software that could allow hackers to steal user passwords from Macs. Read more »

Comunitee Offers News with You in Mind

 photo Comunitee_zpsvb2wcvgk.jpgMany people are not merely browsing online for trending topics but are serious consumers of news, and for them it can be time-consuming to navigate the many sites where their interests lie. Fortunately, there is Comunitee, created for people who would like to have one spot where they can find their news articles instantly without the clutter.  Combining the methods of corporate news providers with niche social networking that offer snippets, it aims to make the act of news reading social and wants to help people discover news through friends who are similarly focused. This service also does away with the manual sharing of social media and automatically shares what you like with friends.  In short, it is a more comprehensive news service based on the premise that reading news is better with friends. Read more »

Wedding Videos are Easy and Affordable with Wedit

 photo Wedit_zpsmjnu5l2g.jpgWhen it comes to weddings, finding the right photographer and / or videographer is one of the biggest decisions.  Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to hire a professional.  In these cases, some couples choose to have guests take photos and videos to make a wedding album or video from, but there is typically very little editing.  For these situations, Wedit has a solution that can help you capture your wedding moments affordably and easily.  It offers a way to get DIY wedding videos that you can have professionally edited for more economical and more personal results.  Wedit’s service offers a simple solution while involving friends even more intimately. Read more »