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Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report

photo rescuecom-computer-repair-report_zps9fbqcyw7.jpgThe Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (Windows O.S.) may be a leap forward to many tech-savvy computer users, but it is not so much fun for others who have less knowledge about computers. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases Back to School 2015 Q2 Computer Reliability Report

photo 0000reliability_zpsd2wo0b7i.pngStill looking to buy a computer or a tablet for school or just to upgrade? You need to know the reliability of computers on the market.

RESCUECOM – which has repaired hundreds of thousands of computers, tablets and smartphones – is in a great position to give you advice on what level of reliability you can expect on different computers.  Stick to Apple and Samsung if you want the least problems based on RESCUECOM’s experience. Read more »

Is It Worth Upgrading to Windows 10?

photo Windows10_zpsnbgdascc.jpgThere is no question that Windows 10 is an advanced operating system compared to its previous versions.  In creating it, Microsoft made it faster, more user-friendly, and more thoroughly integrated with the devices running it, as well as providing greater ease of access to programs and apps.  On top of all this, it also includes Cortana, a digital assistant Microsoft first introduced on the Windows Phone 8.1 but providing a far superior search function in Windows 10.  Windows 10 is not perfect, however, and users have had some struggles adjusting from older operating systems.  As discussed in RESCUECOM’s 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report, the upgrade to Windows 10 may not be worth it for many people.  There are many positive aspects, but also many problems that developed because Microsoft pushed it onto every non-enterprise computer running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, resulting in 56% of all computer repair calls to RESCUECOM. Read more »

Class Wallet Helps Schools Manage Money

photo CLassWallet_zpsqt4xdw0i.jpgManaging funds is a major part of the day-to-day operations of businesses, public institutions, and non-profits alike, and schools are no exception.  It can be extremely difficult for schools to track the money coming in and out on a daily basis, for both necessary functions such as utilities and building management as well as fundraising, sports teams, and other peripherals. Fortunately, a startup called ClassWallet hopes to change this unfortunate truth.  With so many individual schools as well as entire districts cutting education budgets, properly managing money that is available is becoming even more vital.  Digital payment and management is one of the major ways that monetary transactions can improve, but there has been little focus on education up to the last few years.  What ClassWallet offers, in essence, is a digital money management platform that schools can use to more easily and thoroughly track the many incoming and outgoing payments involved in every aspect of their operation. Read more »

Scorestream is Sports Content with a Local Focus

photo 10410154_715246598548440_1624996378757083483_n_zpsx1calium.pngSports journalism is very popular and has been for decades in the U.S. and around the world, and many people rely on sports reporters for game scores and details.  With the advent of the Internet, there is no shortage of sports journalism websites that allow people to get the information they want about their favorites teams in their favorite sports quickly and easily.  Many sites combine this information with a social aspect as well.  Scorestream is a website that combines all of these elements together with a specific focus on local sports, particularly high school or college, while allowing fans to interact with each other in real time.  It offers many different benefits for many different types of users, whether personally sharing news and highlights with family and friends, keeping fans up to date as a coach or athletic department head, or as someone covering sports for a local media company or news outlet. Read more »

Online Classifieds are More Locally Focused with iSell

photo iSell_zpsgxwfgf0i.jpgWebsites that serve as an online marketplace for consumer-to-consumer goods are extremely prevalent and only increasing in popularity, with sites like Craigslist in the forefront.  These personal classified sites allow anyone, anywhere in the country to sell anything they like or search for any item of any kind while avoiding retail prices.  iSell is a similar site, but there are a few key differences between how it works and the way a website such as Craigslist functions.  Like others, it maintains a stringent focus on decentralization, which in its case simply means not having any one central location, company affiliation, specific product, or the like.  Also like similar online classified ad platforms, it is free to post an ad, though there is a paid option that adds some perks for users. Read more »

Cage Makes Project Management Easy for Artists

photo Cage_zpsvlkqpv5d.pngWhile the Internet has made working from a “virtual office” online fast and effective, it can have its difficulties as well.  There is a lot one can lose track of between numerous phone calls, email threads, chat sessions, and occasional face-to-face meetings.  This can be especially true of those working in the visual arts such as designers, illustrators, photographers, and the like, and Cage is an app designed specifically for these fields.   Artists must constantly be in contact with clients and now rely heavily on advanced tech devices and methods on order to do so, whether on their computers, smartphones, or other mobile devices.  Cage works to streamline the process of developing and displaying a current project on which other artists and industry professionals as well as their clients can comment, offer feedback, or approve. Read more »

NightPro Makes Managing a Nightclub Easier

photo NightPro_zpsxfpriqk8.jpgHelping businesses build and run a better website while offering customers more, along with helping said businesses build mobile apps as well as websites, is a key focus of many tech startups.  This includes the arena of venue management for businesses of all kinds from retail stores to restaurants.  Until now, little of this attention has had much of a specific focus on the nightclub industry, and a startup called NightPro is looking to change that.  NightPro takes the many aspects of running a nightclub and makes it faster and easier for clients while employing major benefits in customer service, marketing, financial management, and many other areas.  It addresses all the major needs of club owners to help streamline how they run and manage their business. Read more »

Cariloop Helps the Elderly Get the Best Care

photo Cariloop_zpsmwx9rqda.jpgPlanning for a loved one’s continuing health care is no easy task and consists of many different things that one must always keep in mind and be careful to do.  This is especially true of those caring for the needs of elderly family members, numbers of whom only continue to increase.   Cariloop is a startup aimed at helping older people and those helping them get the medical care they need.  Technology is a helpful tool in healthcare management in many ways and for many purposes whether helping us quickly fill a prescription, receive medicine without leaving home, providing automated reminders to take medications, finding the best doctors, and many more.  Cariloop applies technology specifically toward helping the elderly by, in its creators’ words, offering care management tools and caretaker coaches to make planning for and managing your older loved one’s healthcare transition easier. Read more »

Tealet is a Better Way to Purchase Tea

photo Tealet_zps5usytart.jpgThe market for tea is not one that tech-savvy companies have ignored, though it does not seem to garner the same attention that many other luxury goods do.  There are specific online marketplaces for tea as well as companies selling tea online, but these are usually stores that purchase the teas to sell to consumers at retail.  In contrast, Tealet is a startup that offers retail but specializes in wholesale tea purchase through an online platform where users can trace their teas from the field where they grow until it arrives in their cups.  It works internationally among growers dedicated to growing the highest quality teas with the utmost care.  Tealet also offers a “global tea taster” program that offers a selection of high-quality loose leaf tea delivered straight to a user’s door twice monthly. Read more »