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Create Labels that Talk with Soundpaper

Until recently, a product’s barcode was generally only used to find the price of an item.  With the innovation of the QR code, people were able to gain more information about an item, get direction to a website on their smartphones, and a few more helpful things.  Soundpaper takes this concept to a new level, enabling you to add sound to your product barcodes utilizing patented technology developed by Labels That Talk.  The app’s developers tout it as the world’s most advanced two-dimensional barcode.  It is not limited to companies selling a product; talking labels can transform everyday objects by adding information that a mere printed label can never convey.  Possibilities include adding audio to photos, prescription bottles, books, and anything else you can imagine would benefit from sound. Read more »

Increase Profit via Text with Tatango

Offering coupons and discounts has long been one of the most effective means of increasing a company’s business.  As we continue to advance and our technology develops, our mobile devices are often the most useful tools we have to do almost anything wherever we are.  Tatango is an app for businesses that allows them to take advantage of their customer base and improve sales by offering coupons via text message.  While there are some apps and programs that offer a similar service, there are a few additional benefits to the service that Tatango offers. Read more »

TennisRound Finds your Next Tennis Match

While social media has allowed us to get to know more people than we ever could before, it has also helped to bring together groups of like-minded people who share a singular passion.  For those whose passion is tennis there is TennisRound, an app that allows players to schedule tennis matches with compatible partners and locate nearby tennis courts. Any time they want, users can connect with each other to play in their hometown or even when traveling.  The app helps you find other available users who are nearby, then alerts you both by email and text message. Read more »

Kitchen Monki Makes Food Preparation Easy

Despite the access we have to countless recipes and the growing availability of ingredients for them, even the best cook can sometimes be at a loss for meal ideas.  We may simply not have the time in our busy lives to prepare, we can become disorganized, or we simply forget what we need at the grocery store.  Fortunately, Kitchen Monki offers a variety of features to help people be more productive in food preparation.  You can save time and expand your selection of food options while receiving help from a community of people who love food as much as you do.  Kitchen Monki allows you to organize recipes into an increasingly growing collection while collecting recipes from friends and sharing your own, making it easy to catalog, sort and search them from one place online.  It is much more than just a recipe database, though, with several features that make its service distinctive. Read more »

Discover the World with Global Yodel

The travel industry often focuses on a destination based on the perspective of an outsider looking at a place.  Global Yodel’s designers created it as a way to learn about a place you may want to travel to from those who have taken years to get to know it.  Rather than reading an article from someone unfamiliar with a locale, there is much more information one could learn from someone who lives there.  Global Yodel is for people who have a passion for exploration as well as the desire for an interactive forum that showcases lifestyles, special places, and events around the globe.   It is a community where users can discover potential travel destinations and contribute detailed information to those who are interested in their homes as well.  Its user base is a group of citizens from all over the world who differ in culture but share an appreciation for creativity and the arts, a passion for travel, and an interest in what makes us different. Read more »

Get Better Storage Solutions with RovingBox

Most people rely on companies that rent out storage lockers as a temporary option when preparing for a move, when they run out of space in their house, or a number of other reasons.  RovingBox is an app designed to benefit those who find traditional self-storage options too unyielding and expensive. It works by matching local homeowners who have unused storage space in their garage, attic, basement, or any other property they own with people who need storage space.  Essentially, RovingBox has created a shared marketplace that enables people to mutually benefit each other when the need arises. Read more »

Take Control of Your Health with Health123

As important as it is to maintain our health and well-being, it is no surprise that there are many startups in the market that aim to help with this task.  What makes Health123 different is its ability to deliver on the major aims of healthcare by enabling patient engagement and leading to healthy changes in behavior by allowing collaboration between patients and care staff.  They key to how it works is in allowing users to clearly see data regarding illnesses, their effects on the body, and possible treatments in real time with detailed analysis.  The app offers interactive online tools that can help healthcare providers and patients work together to achieve health goals.  With doctors or health coaches implementing plans and working with patients to stay on track and remain informed of changes, everyone involved in a user’s care can work together more effectively. Read more »

TheHubEDU Makes Learning Effective through Collaboration

There are many useful tools and resources for academics on the Internet.  Unfortunately, even when you are able to find them, it is difficult to share and discuss that content beyond the classroom.  According to its creators, TheHubEDU exists to make it easy to find the great people, places and things that support one’s academic life, then to simplify the sharing of those resources once discovered.  The app accomplishes this by creating a place online where people can organize, share and discuss information and media that serves to aid in class discussion or is part of the classwork itself.  It is an extremely helpful way for students to organize all of their articles and research for classes. Read more »

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