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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Speaks to Chad Lovell about How AllClasses Helps People Get Educated

Recently, RESCUECOM released an article about a startup called AllClasses, which is a specialized search engine designed to help people find the best online and offline classes to take in their free time.  Since then, RESCUECOM has gotten in touch with the COO of AllClasses and cool person in technology Chad Lovell.  Lovell is also a co-founder of AllClasses and has been with the company since its inception.  In his conversation with RESCUECOM, Lovell informed us of both his company’s origins and some of the steps AllClasses is taking towards its future as it continues to grow. Read more »

8bitfit Gamifies Exercise to Make it More Engaging

Some people become addicted to their workout routines and have no problem continually pushing their bodies and improving their fitness regimens.  However, not everyone is as engaged with the process of exercising as these fitness addicts.  That’s why 8bitfit, a new cool product in technology, has come up with a way to motivate and encourage people who want to get in better shape but have trouble engaging with their workout routines.  8bitfit is a mobile app that gamifies the process of fitness by introducing popular video game concepts into the process of exercising. Read more »

Density Tells You How Crowded Your Favorite Shops Are at Any Time

When out shopping, it’s never a fun experience to end up at a store that is so crowded that it’s hard to walk around without bumping into people.  Overcrowded stores make finding and buying the things people need an excruciating process.  Cool product in technology Density wants to help people avoid the store when it’s too crowded to get things done.  With Density, people just have to take out their smartphones, open up the app and look to see how busy a store is at any time of day.  Density measures how crowded a shop is in real-time so people get live updates on how busy a place is before they leave the house.  Now, if someone wants to wait to buy clothing until his or her favorite store isn’t excessively busy, he or she can use Density to determine the perfect time to leave.  This cool product can help people plan their shopping trips and avoid the hassle of overly crowded stores while they are out of the house.  Any person who has a technical issue while trying to download the app onto their mobile device can likely get help from a tech support company to resolve the problem. Read more »

Gritness Helps People Find Fitness Activities Anywhere

People work out in a number of different ways and while many prefer to exercise on their own, there will always be people who need the social aspect of fitness to engage with their workout.  Cool product in technology Gritness helps people find group activities to exercise wherever they are at the time.  With Gritness, people can search online to find any formal pick-up games, events or fitness classes in the nearby area.  Gritness even provides a detailed map when it finds a place where a group activity is happening.  People who want to find social ways to exercise, such as playing sports with a group, can use Gritness to great benefit.  If someone doesn’t have friends interested in exercising together, that person can use Gritness to find an activity near them where they can work up a sweat in a social setting.  If anyone has trouble finding activities on the Gritness website, it is possible that there is something wrong with his or her computer that is interfering with the connection.  If this happens, calling a computer repair company would be the best course of action. Read more »

Notabli Is a Digital Baby Book That You Can Share with Family and Friends

It’s a common practice for parents to keep a baby book full of mementos and pictures from someone’s childhood.  People use it as an archive of the early years of their child’s life so they can show it to friends and family members and share those memories.  However, with photography becoming a mostly digital practice, the concept of the printed and bound baby book is becoming outdated.  Enter cool product in technology Notabli.  Notabli is a mobile app that helps people create a digital archive of their children’s lives.  Notabli lets people take pictures, record videos, leave notes and even record audio for different moments in a child’s life.  People can save all these moments into a special archive on the Notabli app.  Notabli users can access this digital baby book whenever they want on their smartphones and tablets.  If someone has a technical problem while trying to install the Notabli app, that person likely needs to contact a tech support provider for assistance. Read more »

Screwpulp Lets Readers Decide What eBooks are Worth

There has been a lot of change in the publishing world since eBooks rose to prominence in the market.  The rise of eBooks has also seen many changes in how people price books. Many independent authors have used unique pricing solutions to help build fan bases for their books and compete with offerings from large publishing companies.  Screwpulp is a cool product in technology that introduces a new pricing model for eBooks that both provides opportunity for independent writers and empowers readers to determine the price of an eBook by their demand.  Read more »

Festicket Helps People Easily Plan Trips to Music Festivals

Music festivals are a popular vacation choice for music fans across the world.  Festivals for many different musical genres, including rock, hip-hop, trance and electronica, draw troves of people to huge events on numerous continents every year.  Unfortunately, festivals often take place in remote areas or in other places away from major cities.  Due to this reality, making travel plans to attend many music festivals can be a pain.  Cool product in technology Festicket wants to make planning a trip to a music festival easy and simple through its website.  On Festicket, people can search and browse complete travel packages for specific music festivals from all over the world.  Festicket users browse the site by location, music genre or festival name to find the events they want to attend.  People can even choose from different travel packages for each festival on the site.  The team at Festicket researches each festival and develops the travel packages themselves so people using the service can be sure of their quality.  Anyone who has difficulty while browsing different packages on Festicket may need computer repair service to fix a problem causing Internet connection issues. Read more »

Morsel is an App that Lets Cooks Share Their Insights about Food

Both professional chefs and amateur cooks are constantly looking for new ideas and inspirations when it comes to the food they make.  One of the best resources to find new ideas and interesting insights about cooking is simply talking to other cooks.  Most chefs and home cooks have stories about the food they make or why they choose one method over another, and they often get inspiration from each other’s stories.  Cool product in technology Morsel wants to enable chefs to share their stories with a larger audience with the power of the web and mobile technology.  Morsel gives chefs an online platform where they can share stories and insights about their recipes and experiences with different types of food.  On Morsel, people can post blogs about their specific food experiences and share them with the entire community.  Morsel users can follow each other’s profiles so their Morsel “feeds” always include stories from specific blogs and people who interest them. Read more »

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