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Tech Support Blog

Windows 10 Operating System Causing Users More Headaches, RESCUECOM Survey Shows

photo would think that the longer a computer application is in the public’s hand, the better it gets with frequent updates.

Instead, the latest survey by RESCUECOM, the industry leader in computer repair, shows that user issues with Windows 10 continue to increase rather than declining. Many probably long for the stable Windows 7 program that was the dependable workhorse.

While there seems to be little relief for consumers who have upgraded to Windows 10 too quickly, it is an issue that should calm down as users become more familiar with the Windows 10. Read more »

2015 Holiday Season’s Four Most Reliable (and the Four Worst) Technology Brands Revealed in the RESCUECOM 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report

photo 0000reliability_zpsd2wo0b7i.pngDo you want a trouble-free computer? No one can guarantee that, but there are two brands that will reduce your chances of problems according to the 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM. Read more »

Namely Increases Employee Productivity

photo Namely_zps16saifnj.pngFrom payroll to the administration of employee benefits to workforce performance management, a company’s Human Resources department perform some of its most important functions.  Many companies have created tools to help companies increase their productivity (and, thus, their profit), and one of these is a startup called Namely that has developed an app specifically for HR.  Its developers refer to it as “the HR platform for companies serious about growth.”  Rather than being dependent on multiple systems to manage many HR tasks, Namely offers an integrated platform so employees and managers only have to remember one login and take care of all their HR needs.  With the app, businesses can avoid the confusion, unnecessary expenses, and general inefficiency that came with being so spread out and potentially disorganized. Read more »

Younity is Better File Storage and Sharing

photo 00Younity_zpsvcus9sxr.jpgOne of the major focuses of modern technology is to give people the ability to access anything they want to at any time, anywhere.  This includes not only things they can find in the , but storing and accessing all the data and files on any tech device in a way that makes it all accessible quickly.  Younity is one startup working to integrate and modernize file storage to allow access from every mobile tech device and PC you own.  There are many companies offering a similar service, and cloud storage is one way of doing this that has existed for some time.  The difference that Younity offers is that users can store and access data from any Internet-connected device without syncing files or uploads, and it offers all this without any limits to the amount of data stored. Read more »

Zing is a Better POS for Businesses

photo 00Zing_zpsuhniysxg.pngHaving a reliable Point of Sale system is a vital element of any business, but many still rely on old, bulky POS systems that can only run payments from a single register.  While many are implementing mobile POS systems, including the use of tablets, these can be costly or simply not include enough features to replace an older system.  Zing is a Point of Sale system that works on various devices and provides all the features of a typical POS, but with social capabilities as well.  Not only that, but Zing’s creators designed it to do everything a business could ever need from one place though built-in integrations in a way even Square and similar systems cannot. Read more »

Make the Best Choice for Moving with Moveline

photo 0Moveline_zpsyldz4aek.jpgMoving from one home to another is not a fun prospect, demanding hours of work and planning, and the costs can be a challenge as well.  One of the major costs in moving is hiring movers to do the moving for you, but many people choose this option because it cuts out a great deal of the labor for them.  Now, a startup called Moveline is working to help people find the best movers at the best prices.  With Moveline,  it is not only easier and must less time-consuming to find the right moving company, but it employs a level of expertise in finding the right match for users that most people do not have themselves. Read more »

Learning a Language is Better with Nulu

photo 0Nulu_zps7olx849j.pngBillions of people worldwide speak more than one language in some capacity, but not fluently, and many need or desire to learn another language for both personal and professional reasons.  This is a problem addressed by many companies, and a number of English-learning services apply technology to be more effective.  Nulu is one startup looking to help, serving as an interactive web platform that helps users learn languages.  There are many different ways to do this, but Nulu takes a different approach than most.  Simple dictation and repetition have shown to be effective, but Nulu takes that concept and modifies it to be more appealing and interesting in a way that can better keep the attention of the learner.  It offers new, interactive content every day in a way that is more engaging than any simple “hear and respond” system or any textbook. Read more »

Get the Best Healthcare with PricingHealthcare

photo PricingHealthcare_zpsepcntxlq.jpgSearching for a healthcare provider with the intent of finding good care at an affordable price can be a lengthy, difficult, and sometimes confusing prospect.  There are some services online that can help you do this to some degree, and even the government is now involved in the effort.  Now, you can rely on a startup called PricingHealthcare to make your search easier and more fruitful.  It is a service that works to help patients find ways to better afford care and simplify the sometimes massive amount of paperwork involved.  It provides open access to healthcare prices in a more transparent way than ever before, but it offers some other benefits as well.  Not only can users view pricing in a way that is not confusing from many different healthcare providers nationwide, but there are many other helpful things that they can gain from utilizing PricingHealthcare. Read more »

Shopventory is a Business Management Solution

photo 0shopventory_zpsbgesqoht.pngInventory management and sales reporting are two of the most important functions of a retail store.  Shopventory is a startup using technology to provide what its developers refer to as advanced inventory management and sales reporting that helps you “empower the small business you love.”  It does this by providing an inventory management system particularly idealized for small to medium-sized business that is also easy to use.  One of the ways it does this is by integrating with the most popular and widely-used payment systems, including retailer favorites PayPal and Square. Read more »