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Nimble Manages All Your Business Communications

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With all of the different messaging services we use on a daily basis, it can be easy for anyone to get lost in all of the back and forth conversations on different platforms. Especially in a business setting, forgetting who said what and when can cause some real problems. The messages and tasks to keep track of, particularly for businesses, now often include far more than just keeping track of emails or a simple daily planner. People also need to keep track of their web presence across several different social media outlets, which messages they sent over which service, and recall or quickly look up what they said to any given contact to get up to speed before important conversations or meetings. As many have found out, contact relationship management, or CRM for short, can quickly turn into a jumbled mess. Luckily, a service called Nimble allows you to bring all of these things in once convenient package. Read more »

MeTail Gives You a Virtual Fitting Room

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Many of us have experienced certain frustrations that come with shopping for clothing online. Without being able to try something on physically before you buy it, it can often be difficult to get any clothes that fit properly. This is one of the main reasons for someone to go clothes shopping in a brick-and-mortar store rather than online, as people are willing to give up the convenience of online shopping in order to avoid the hit-and-miss results of their purchases. A way to see how clothes would specifically fit you right on a website, rather than the way they fit a paid model, would give more convenience to shoppers and allow increased business for retailers. MeTail does just that, letting users preview how clothing would look on them before buying online. Read more »

GoldieBlox Launches an App to Compliment Their Toys

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In recent years, large movements have been underway in the name of gender equality. Whether this has taken the form of trying to change the standards expected of different genders or altering the way society views women in various work places, large pushes regarding the issue are constantly occurring. A toy company called GoldieBlox has been trying to get girls more interested in primarily male fields, namely engineering. The company developed lines of toys specifically to get girls involved in and familiar with the basics of engineering at a young age. While GoldieBlox has been around since 2012, the company has just recently released an app to work alongside the physical toys they sell. Read more »

SmartMat Brings Yoga Instruction to Your Home

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The yoga industry has experienced explosive growth rates over the past several years. The growing popularity has greatly increased the demand for yoga accessories, tools, and apparel. You can find yoga classes, yoga clothing, and other merchandise available in almost any city in the U.S., and it has become a lucrative industry for a variety of companies. People are always looking for new and useful ways to improve their yoga experience, often seeking methods to allow for better practice at home. Technology has adapted for this exact purpose in a variety of areas. Online classes and videos are available from a multitude of places, apps to measure breathing, and fitness tracking programs are just some of the numerous ways people use tech to augment their yoga workout. SmartMat adds to these tools with a tech-infused yoga mat, and claims to be the first tool of its kind. Read more »

Phonio Lets Fans Connect Directly to Celebrities

With all of the social media websites and apps, blogs, and other forms of communication online, staying connected to friends or organizations seems like a constant thing we don’t even think about anymore. These mediums function much the same way for celebrities we follow. All of the online presence gives frequent updates to fans, or serves as an advertising platform for upcoming events. The problem for many people is that, despite being constantly connected, the types of interaction can often seem rather impersonal. It seems like with everything happening via text or online, it has become a rare occurrence to talk with someone directly through a phone call. Phonio is a service that looks to provide a more personal connection between organizations or celebrities and the people who follow them. Read more »

Lyve Stores All Your Memories in One Place

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For most of us, carrying around at least one device that can take pictures at all times is a very normal thing. Cameras are on almost any mobile device, and millions of people use them for quick pictures or videos every day. The problem is that we often find ourselves with too many devices storing our pictures. In this situation, it can be an unnecessary hassle to sort through all of your media looking for just one picture. Frequently you could wind up looking through all of your tech devices in your search, or you may use different forms of cloud storage. The only issue with storing data on a cloud is that it is often either a bit pricey for a decent amount of storage or you only get a limited amount of space for free. Lyve seeks to provide a viable alternative to these existing options for storing pictures. Read more »

Tynker Teaches Programming Fundamentals to Kids

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Most parents would agree that they would like to have as many opportunities as possible to teach their children the skills necessary to thrive as an adult. Learning the foundation for important abilities during the child’s younger years is vital to this process. This is the thought behind educational T.V. shows or many toys and games designed to help kids learn. With the increasing prevalence of technology in all aspects of life, having a solid understanding of computer skills has become one of the main things necessary to function well in society. The team behind Tynker understands this fact and gears their product specifically towards helping children learn such skills. Read more »

Enhance Your Workout with Spring Moves

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It is no new revelation that music can help to motivate and inspire people. The concept has been in practice for centuries, whether the tunes were to motivate soldiers going off to war, celebrate a happy event, or to inspire a sports team before a big game. This can come in many forms, including getting someone pumped up and ready for a task or distracting someone from focusing on their fatigue during physical activities. Music can set the mood and get you in the mindset you need to be in for whatever activity you happen to be doing at the time. Today, many people use music to help get in the mood for exercise or to motivate themselves to run just one more lap. Spring Moves is a music streaming app designed specifically with this kind of use in mind. Read more »

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