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Tech Support Blog

Understanding the Top Tech Problems and How to Fix Them: RESCUECOM’s 2016 First Half Computer Repair Report

photo rescuecom-computer-repair-report_zpsehfkobek.jpgDo you know what to do when a virus attacks your computer?  Do you know why your laptop won’t boot up or your phone refuses to turn on at all? It is an unfortunate fact that everything we own wears down over time, but RESCUECOM is here to provide all the information you need to face your technology problems without fear and get the best performance from every tech device. Read more »

Kindle Tablet Review: RESCUECOM Gives it High Marks for Reliability

photo Computer%20Reliability%20Report_zpswxpuzbl6.png

The latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report – based on 60,000 service call requests into our 1-800-RESCUE-PC hot line annually – rates the Kindle as the most trouble-free tablet.

Spring is here and time to get rid of the old and bring in the new! If this for you means purchasing a new computer to replace your outdated or poorly performing device, RESCUECOM’s 2016 Computer Reliability Report will help you be well prepared to bring home only the best and most reliable computer.

In this latest quarterly report, Apple and Samsung, though still top performers, are no longer vying for first place in the rankings. Read more »

Getaround Makes Online Car Rental Practical

photo online marketplace has been growing as the ideal means for individuals as well as companies to buy and sell for years.  More recently, it has also become a great way to rent, particularly through services such as Trulia and Zillow, and Airbnb.  While these companies prove how fruitful online rental can be, they service the particular need for home and apartment rentals, but car rental has been a trickier thing to manage.  Now, however, a startup called Getaround has emerged to help make online vehicle rental easy, practical, and convenient.  While people have been able to use apps like Uber and Lyft for some time now in order to make money from their cars or, conversely, easily and quickly get a ride when they need one, only the typical rental agency options have been available for vehicles until now. Read more »

Point Inside Improves the Retail Experience

photo 000PI_zpsqyovkcqm.pngRetailers will do just about anything they can to be able to most effectively engage customers, and these customers are constantly seeking a better shopping experience.  Point Inside is a startup that seeks to help shoppers with their retail experience while utilizing that experience to aid retailers as well.  As its creators describe it, it is an app helps mobile shoppers search, plan, and complete their in-store shopping trips with digital in-store product location solutions.  In doing so, it helps businesses better engage shoppers and encourages them to continue shopping in the future as recurring customers. Read more »

BetterLesson Helps Teachers Grow

photo 000BL_zpsbjonwi3c.pngTeaching is not an easy job, and while a teacher is ultimately responsible for the educational growth and development of his or her own students, at least in a specific subject, everyone could use a little help and support.  This is where a startup called BetterLesson aims to help.  In its creators’ words, it empowers teachers to drive their own personal learning by utilizing personalized coaching to help them discover what works best in their particular curriculum and develop instructional strategies they can tailor to their particular students.  It does this by offering an online community of professional educators with years of experience based on the premise that many professionals receive coaching of some kind or another and this should not exclude the field of education. BetterLesson also offers a database of lessons and resources organized by education professionals. Read more »

Numerous Keeps Track of Life

photo 000Numerous_zpsogng0c8i.pngWe can measure almost everything in business and personal life in numbers, from fitness goals to percentages to finances and almost anything imaginable.  These can be hard to keep track of, particularly when segregated into so many different areas for so many different needs.  It is precisely this problem that the creators of an app called Numerous seek to solve.
According to its developers, it effectively keeps track of the most important numbers in your life and keeps them all up to date, all in one place.  This can, essentially, include anything you can imagine that has to do with numbers in any way whether counting, totaling values of any kind for any reason, timing, or just about any other feat involving numbers. Read more »

AgencySpotter Helps Businesses Grow

photo AgencySpotter_zps2c3ohjbw.jpgMarketing agencies have long been a driving force behind brand recognition and the growth of a company through public exposure.  In the Internet age, methods have changed somewhat, making it much easier for people to recognize a brand; the problem is that it is also easy to get lost among so many other brands that people can find online.  AgencySpotter is a startup that seeks to pair companies with the best marketing agencies to meet their particular advertising needs.
Companies need their products and services to be relevant and seen as unique or necessary in order to survive, and AgencySpotter helps each one find the marketing agency that best works for them. Read more »

Traxo is a Better Way to Manage Business Travel

photo Traxo_zpsbhqvhhyy.png Any medium to large business and many smaller ones have a travel manager, someone who needs to know where employees traveling for business purposes are and what they are spending there.  While there are many apps and websites dedicated to many different aspects of travel management, Traxo is a startup looking to do more and specifically dedicated to business rather than personal travel.  Many business travelers book their own flights or hotels or use services outside of company policy, and it is next to impossible to keep track of traveling employees in real-time.  Traxo serves to understand what travelers want before they book and help managers or business owners keep better track of business expenses outside the office. Read more »

Boxbee Brings Speed, Ease, and Convenience to Storage

photo 000Boxbee_zpscnomnsco.jpgMany tech startups have addressed the major issues of city living such as efficient transportation, finding living space, food pickup and/or delivery, and finding local events or even rides.  Unfortunately, many people also have a lot of personal effects to store.  This can be a significant difficulty in the small but pricey apartments common to city living, and solutions are limited.  Fortunately, now there is Boxbee, a tech startup that ensures that big city dwellers do not sacrifice city living to keep the stuff they want or waste time moving it back and forth between their home and out-of-the-way storage units. Read more »