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Tech Support Blog

Kindle Tablet Review: RESCUECOM Gives it High Marks for Reliability

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The latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report – based on 60,000 service call requests into our 1-800-RESCUE-PC hot line annually – rates the Kindle as the most trouble-free tablet.

Spring is here and time to get rid of the old and bring in the new! If this for you means purchasing a new computer to replace your outdated or poorly performing device, RESCUECOM’s 2016 Computer Reliability Report will help you be well prepared to bring home only the best and most reliable computer.

In this latest quarterly report, Apple and Samsung, though still top performers, are no longer vying for first place in the rankings. Read more »

Windows 10 Operating System Causing Users More Headaches, RESCUECOM Survey Shows

photo would think that the longer a computer application is in the public’s hand, the better it gets with frequent updates.

Instead, the latest survey by RESCUECOM, the industry leader in computer repair, shows that user issues with Windows 10 continue to increase rather than declining. Many probably long for the stable Windows 7 program that was the dependable workhorse.

While there seems to be little relief for consumers who have upgraded to Windows 10 too quickly, it is an issue that should calm down as users become more familiar with the Windows 10. Read more »

Traxo is a Better Way to Manage Business Travel

photo Traxo_zpsbhqvhhyy.png Any medium to large business and many smaller ones have a travel manager, someone who needs to know where employees traveling for business purposes are and what they are spending there.  While there are many apps and websites dedicated to many different aspects of travel management, Traxo is a startup looking to do more and specifically dedicated to business rather than personal travel.  Many business travelers book their own flights or hotels or use services outside of company policy, and it is next to impossible to keep track of traveling employees in real-time.  Traxo serves to understand what travelers want before they book and help managers or business owners keep better track of business expenses outside the office. Read more »

Boxbee Brings Speed, Ease, and Convenience to Storage

photo 000Boxbee_zpscnomnsco.jpgMany tech startups have addressed the major issues of city living such as efficient transportation, finding living space, food pickup and/or delivery, and finding local events or even rides.  Unfortunately, many people also have a lot of personal effects to store.  This can be a significant difficulty in the small but pricey apartments common to city living, and solutions are limited.  Fortunately, now there is Boxbee, a tech startup that ensures that big city dwellers do not sacrifice city living to keep the stuff they want or waste time moving it back and forth between their home and out-of-the-way storage units. Read more »

Pi’ikea Street Helps Kids Learn and Grow

photo oooPStreet_zpswe0bjqlc.pngAs technology improves, so too does everything we use it for, whether for work, communication, play, or any other purpose.  This is also true of the way children play and learn, and a startup called Pi’ikea Street looks to use the tech devices you utilize every day to help your child learn and grow.  It is a company with apps dedicated specifically to young children, even babies, that they can safely access without getting into anything else that you have stored on your tablet or smartphone or opening any other programs on it.  These apps have uses for both education and simple fun, and there are a variety of them to choose from.  Pi’ikea Street also has plenty to offer parents including a blog about their apps and future release plans, coloring pages, and crafts that parents can access on a mobile device or download and print to use with their children. Read more »

Mapkin is a Better GPS

photo 00Mapkin_zps1zgmzcpg.jpgGPS has made many advances since it became available for everyday use, and it now comes as a standard feature on almost every smartphone and many tablets as well.  While many higher-end models can be somewhat adaptable, showing recent shifts in traffic, road closures, and similar issues, there are still many factors for which even the best GPS cannot account.  This is where an app called Mapkin can help.  While there is a great deal of information that a GPS can provide about the route you choose to take or its alternatives, there are many things that only a local can tell you about any particular place.  Mapkin provides users with access to information that can sometimes drastically affect your drive, information that no GPS can provide otherwise. Read more »

Bamboo Realty Makes Finding your Next Home Easy

photo 00Bamboo_zpsixv1g8jj.pngTime is a valuable thing, and people tend to spend a lot of it when searching for their next home.  While there are many sites that can help locate a good apartment, condo, or house, a great deal of time, effort, and even money goes into the search with many unknown variables that can determine success or failure.  This is where a startup called Bamboo Realty can help.  Bamboo Realty is a full-service real estate firm specializing in luxury apartments and home leasing as well as Home purchasing and sales.  It helps people by taking advantage of a need for high-end leasing services for people relocating across a state or even over state lines, particularly helpful for first-time homebuyers.  There is a strong focus on the buyer and long-term renter market, which is a different approach than most companies that tend to focus much more on offering short-term rentals. Read more »

Locable Uses Tech to Help Communities

 photo the improvements in our technology allow us to connect with more people more quickly than ever before, it can also disconnect people on a personal level in many ways.  There is a push among many for the support and growth of local communities as well, and this is where a startup called Locable comes in.  Locable works by using technology to connect people within communities in a way that can help them come together and continue to grow.  This includes modernizing the way local organizations communicate and share what is happening around town as well as cultivating online gathering places powered by trusted local leaders like a community magazine or newspaper.  It also includes creating a local-specific online forum that is simple and affordable for every local business to join and empowering these businesses to easily work together to build a connected local economy from which everyone can benefit. Read more »

WeGoLook Makes Inspections Fast and Easy

 photo technology is allowing faster, more effective solutions for people and businesses in every industry.  To that end, a startup called WeGoLook allows users to utilize their PCs or mobile devices to make on-site inspections and other custom tasks much faster and easier to order, arrange, and complete.  It provides a service that any company can fully customize to meet its particular needs.  WeGoLook works with a business to create custom solutions for any number of tasks and delivers report templates to fit that task’s particular requirements. It then works with you to collect the most valuable data and customize delivery solutions by sending information and media directly to any internal system or network via its software interface. Read more »