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Everett Steele Has Been Crowdsourcing Delivery with Kanga

Shipping costs can be problematic for many individuals and small businesses. Transporting very large items can even be cost prohibitive in some cases.  However, cool person in technology Everett Steele has founded Kanga in order to make delivering items less costly.  To accomplish this task, Steele has started using a model that has seen great success in other areas of the tech industry—crowdsourcing.  Companies like AirBnB and Uber have shown that having customers provide services to each other can actually be a viable business model if a company facilitates the exchange properly.  Kanga uses crowdsourcing by allowing people to request delivery services from anyone who has access to the proper transportation.  Once users find others able and willing to transport what they need moved, they can book the drivers to make deliveries through Kanga. Drivers on Kanga can charge less than large shipping companies, making the process far easier on people’s wallets.  Steele’s company takes a small cut of each payment for making each delivery possible.  Anyone who has technical difficulty while trying to schedule deliveries through Kanga should contact a computer support service for immediate assistance. Read more »

Jim Brady Founded Earthcomber to Help People Find What They Need Around Them

For many people, one of the greatest advantages of mobile technology is the ability to find whatever they need when they are out in the physical world.  The ability to look up the closest gas station when someone’s car is running low or finding the nearest ATM when a person’s wallet is thin are some of the greatest advantages of mobile computing.  Cool person in technology Jim Brady founded Earthcomber to push these advantages even further and make it even easier for people to find what they need with their smartphones and tablets.  Earthcomber finds the services and locations that users want to know about automatically.  Brady’s technology uses GPS to detect where people are when using their phones.  Earthcomber then finds the places closest to a user that will be most helpful to them based on their profile.  If users indicate they like to know where the nearest banks are whenever traveling, Earthcomber will automatically find them without them having to search for it.  Users can also set the app to detect things like restaurants, gas stations, hotels or even locations with free Wi-Fi.  If Earthcomber isn’t detecting locations properly for a user, that person should consult a smartphone computer repair professional about the phone’s GPS. Read more »

New Fixtion Wants to Bring Back the Radio Drama Using the Internet

Radio dramas were once a major part of pop culture.  Countless people tuned in weekly to hear episodic audio performances ranging in genre from crime fiction to sci-fi to romance.  Then, of course, technology moved forward and radio dramas became part of the past. Television became the primary form of entertainment for most people.  In an ironic twist, cool product New Fixtion is bringing back the format of the radio drama, but doing so by using the advantages of the technology that is quickly upending television as the primary form of entertainment in pop culture—the Internet.  New Fixtion hosts a large set of serial audiobooks that feature performances from multiple voice actors.  While a single performer usually reads many audiobooks aloud, New Fixtion provides users with stories performed by actors to create a feel similar to old radio dramas.  New Fixtion wants to bring back the serial audio drama by using the Internet and making these performances available for streaming or download whenever people want.  Anyone who experiences streaming issues while using New Fixtion should seek out a computer tech support service to get help. Read more »

Clutch CEO Ned Moore His App to Turn Smartphones into Digital Wallets

There are many apps that look to replace the use of loyalty and rewards cards in retail stores in restaurants.  A growing number tech companies are also looking to make smartphones into a way to make everyday payments in the physical world as well.  Other apps exist to help customers gain rewards for spending their money as part of a new marketing model powered by mobile technology.  However, cool person in technology Ned Moore didn’t found his startup Clutch to do just one of these things but all of them.  Clutch is an app for both Android and Apple mobile devices that aims to replace users’ physical wallets altogether.  On Clutch, people can add all the physical cards they would normally keep in their wallets, such as store loyalty cards or gift cards, so they can shop directly from the app.  Moore also lets users add credit cards to the app along with store cards and gift cards.  Moore even lets people add coupons for one-time deals when shopping with the app.  Users who have trouble downloading the app or adding any type of card to it need to find a smartphone tech support service to help them. Read more »

Zelo Lets People Leave Video Messages for Website Owners

When trying to engage customers, sometimes it’s just as important to let them engage you.  Cool product Zelo offers businesses a unique and interesting way for their customers to interact with them.  Zelo provides a cloud based platform for users to record video messages on a website and have those messages directly delivered to the site’s owner.  Rather than a typical comments section or impersonal email form for users to fill out, Zelo gives customers a chance to express their feelings on camera.  This concept is about as close as most users on the web can get to an in-person customer service experience and could very likely make people feel better about getting their voice heard.  Zelo delivers all video messages recorded with Zelo on the website directly to any inbox that a site owner dictates.  Owners can review all the recorded messages at their leisure.  Any customers who have problems recording video on a site using Zelo should investigate to see if their webcams need PC repair. Read more »

Ben Requena Founded GarnishBar to Help People Experiment with Their Mixed Drinks

Mixed drink enthusiasts have one advantage over wine and craft beer connoisseurs—they have the option to be more creative with their drinks.  One of the most appealing aspects of mixing drinks is the ability to create new recipes and share them with friends and acquaintances.  Cool person in technology Ben Requena created GarnishBar to be an online resource for people who like to create and sample unique mixed drinks.  On Requena’s website, users create personal profiles and post different recipes on them.  Each recipe must have a picture of the finished drink, an ingredient list, and clear directions on how to create it.  Users can like specific recipes on someone’s profile and eventually, Requena’s company will feature that unique drink on the main page of the website.  People can also leave detailed reviews of different drinks to let creators know their opinions regarding each custom concoction.  While one can find some common mixed drinks on the site, the vast majority of drinks are special variations of older concepts or completely new and unique ideas.  Anyone who has problem navigating through recipes on the site should contact an IT support provider for help. Read more »

ImageBrief Finds Uses for the Pictures Sitting Photographers’ Hard Drives

Finding the perfect image for a website, brochure, or presentation is not as easy as it sounds.  Purchasing a unique image can take an excessive amount of time.  People can spend hours or even several days looking for exactly what they need on the web.  Cool product ImageBrief wants to make life easier for people looking for specific types of images to buy.  The team at this startup wants to utilize the unused photographs taken by many professionals to fill the needs of those hoping to find the perfect image.  Professional photographers often have thousands of photos that they have taken but never sold or posted to a portfolio.  ImageBrief gives photographers a chance to make money selling these pictures while helping others find the exact type of picture are looking for on the web.  People ask for specific kinds of photos on ImageBrief and photographers search through their past pictures to find appropriate matches.  If a user likes a particular image that a photographer submits, the two can then make the transaction for the image directly through the website.  Users should not hesitate to contact tech support if they have trouble viewing images offered to them through the site. Read more »

Vivino is a Social Mobile App for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine is a passionate hobby for millions of people all over the world.  Wine tastings and winery tours draw huge numbers every year.  Now, a cool product uses mobile technology to cater to the passionate wine enthusiast community.  Vivino is a mobile app available on both Android and Apple devices that allows users to discover, review and share information about all the wines they try.  Vivino contains a giant database of available wines for people to access the details about at any time.  Users can look up different wines and learn not only where it comes from, its flavor profile, and where one can buy it, but also what other wine drinkers think of it.  Vivino lets people leave starred reviews of thousands of different wines and share their opinions of the products.  People can favorite specific reviews and even follow users that have similar tastes to them.  When people become friends on Vivino, they each receive updates when the other user reviews a new wine.  Enthusiasts can find new wines to try out, or even avoid, based on the tastes of their Vivino friends.  Anyone who has trouble while downloading Vivino from the App Store or the Play Store will need to get Android support or Apple tech support to help. Read more »

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