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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

Songkick Makes Sure People Never Miss Concerts They Want to Attend

Live music enthusiasts have a lot to keep track of if they want to make sure they don’t miss the chance to attend all the interesting concerts in their area.  People subscribe to mailing lists from numerous bands and venues to guarantee that they don’t miss anything coming to their city.  These email subscriptions fill up people’s inboxes and create serious clutter, making the process more of a hassle than anything.  Songkick is a cool product in technology that wants to help enthusiasts never miss a show they want to see without having to subscribe to so many different sources for information.  With Songkick, users can follow bands they want and receive specialized notifications when they are coming to their area.  Rather than have to keep track of and read through numerous newsletters individually each month, Songkick users can just wait for automatic notifications about the artists that they enjoy coming to town.  This cool product also guarantees to send notifications about concerts to users as soon as possible so they have a chance to purchase tickets before a sellout occurs. Users who believe they aren’t receiving notifications when Songkick sends them should consider speaking to a tech support company to see if it is a technical issue causing the problem. Read more »

What is RAM?

When going out to purchase a new computer, one of the specs that people often discuss is the amount of RAM, or random access memory, that a computer has.  However, most people do not truly understand the purpose RAM serves in their computers.  With this article, RESCUECOM intends to give people a stronger understanding of RAM so they can make informed purchasing decisions regarding it in the future. Read more »

Miso Aims to Be the Foursquare of TV

Social networking has gone beyond the generalized all-purpose sites such as Facebook and Google+ over the last several years.  To maintain people’s interest, many new social networking sites focus on a specific niche or subculture and cater their services directly to it.  Cool product in technology Miso takes this approach by going after die-hard television fans.  Fans download this mobile-focused social network’s app to their iPhone or Android device in order to connect with others who enjoy watching and commenting on the same shows as them.  Miso uses the model made popular by Foursquare where users “check in” during different situations.  With Foursquare, users check in based on the store or restaurant they’ve arrived at, but with Miso, people check in based on the particular TV show they are watching. Miso also has its users tag the specific season and episode of a show when viewing it in order to let others know how far they’ve progressed into the TV show’s storyline.  Users can follow their friends on the app and see what shows they are watching on their feed, as well as comment on them.  Anyone who has connection troubles while using the app should contact a tech support provider to find out the cause of the technical problem. Read more »

Thumbtack Helps People Accomplish Personal Projects

Many people plan personal projects that they never ever seem to finish because they don’t have time to search for the services that can help them accomplish those projects.  Whether it’s redesigning an apartment, learning to play guitar or getting a set of family photos taken, it is difficult to take the time to find the right professional to help.  Cool product in technology Thumbtack wants to find those professionals for its users, saving them time and energy while enabling them to complete their personal projects and goals.  For users, Thumbtack is very simple.  People open the app or the website and simply ask for any type of service that they need within a certain zip code.  In just a few hours, Thumbtack sends a curated list that includes the details of numerous professionals that are available to help.  For each professional, the list includes a custom quote, customer reviews, contact information and even a brief personal message from the service provider.  Users can then compare the professionals that Thumbtack offers them and select the one that best fits their needs, hiring them immediately.  Users who experience technical difficulties on the Thumbtack website could have a connection issue with their PC and require help from a computer repair provider. Read more »

RESCUECOM Speaks to Dr. Andrew Brandeis to Learn about Social Medicine

Recently, RESCUECOM posted an article about SharePractice, a mobile app that acts a social reference for doctors when considering treatments for their patients.  Since then, we have had the chance to speak with the company’s CEO and cofounder Dr. Andrew Brandeis to learn more about the app. This cool person in technology revealed more details about his company and his product to us during the interview. Read more »

Shopular Helps People Get Deals With Social Shopping

Finding great deals is an addiction for many shoppers.  That’s why it is no surprise that cool product in technology Shopular is trying to capitalize on that addiction with its social shopping and location-based features.  Shopular is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices that lets people follow their favorite retailers and discover special deals and offers whenever they are available.  Shopular allows users to select what retailers and types of deals show up in their feeds on the app. By doing so, users can customize their experience to meet their specific shopping habits.  Shopular adds to the social aspects of shopping in many ways as well. Users can share deals with others through the app when they find something especially appealing.  People can also send messages to other shoppers and even recommend special shopping tips and tricks.  This cool product gives people the chance to connect and help each other get the most out of their shopping with its social features.  If users have issues sharing deals or shopping tips due to technical problem, a tech support provider will be able to help them resolve the issue with their phone or tablet. Read more »

Why You Should Care About Social Media Privacy (Part Two of Privacy Series)

This is the second in a series of articles by RESCUECOM in which we discuss several important online privacy issues.  This article will indicate the privacy concerns surrounding social networking websites and provide advice on how to protect one’s privacy while using them. Read more »

Feastly Lets Chefs Turn Their Homes into Makeshift Restaurants

For many professional chefs, opening up their own restaurant is a career goal and a personal dream.  However, the restaurant business is notoriously cutthroat and difficult to handle.  Saving up the money to purchase a space for the restaurant is difficult enough, but the long hours and high stress that comes with running the establishment is often too much for younger chefs.  Still, many cooks would appreciate the creative freedom and ability to develop their own menu and make money for themselves rather than work for a salary at someone else’s establishment.  Enter Feastly, a cool product in technology that connects adventurous diners with entrepreneurial cooks.  With this cool product, chefs can find people interested in their cooking and host special meals in their own homes, essentially turning the chef’s home into a streamlined and smaller version of a restaurant or café.  Feastly places chefs’ specialized dining experiences on its online marketplace.  Potential diners choose what experiences they want and pay up front on the site, so there is no need to worry about payment when at dinner.  Anyone who has trouble connecting to the Internet to try Feastly out will want to contact a computer repair company for help. Read more »

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