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Tech Support Blog

RESCUECOM Releases Back to School 2015 Q2 Computer Reliability Report

photo 0000reliability_zpsd2wo0b7i.pngStill looking to buy a computer or a tablet for school or just to upgrade? You need to know the reliability of computers on the market.

RESCUECOM – which has repaired hundreds of thousands of computers, tablets and smartphones – is in a great position to give you advice on what level of reliability you can expect on different computers.  Stick to Apple and Samsung if you want the least problems based on RESCUECOM’s experience. Read more »

RESCUECOM’s 2015 Q2 Computer Repair Report, Now Including Tips for Common Problems!

 photo rescuecom-computer-repair-report11_zps3pddn4dq.jpg

RESCUECOM created the 2015 Q2 Computer Repair Report by studying and collecting the data from each service call we received this to create a list of the top ten most common problems users face on all computers and mobile devices. While there are a number of problems users frequently face, this quarter has shown a surprisingly steep growth in one area in particular. Read more »

Tie Society is a Subscription Service for Men’s Fashion

photo Tie%20Society_zps6lgya5w4.pngMore and more businesses are quickly adopting the subscription model that many popular companies employ for their particular services.  There is Netflix for entertainment and RESCUECOM for computer repair and tech support services, as well as companies that allow you to pay a monthly fee to use a car when you need it rather than buying one, for instance.  It seems that more people are becoming increasingly comfortable with the notion of subscribing to products rather than purchasing them, and some startups and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunities they have to fit the lifestyles of modern customers.  The Tie Society is one such startup, utilizing the subscription model to change the way people get ties and other men’s fashion accessories.  With Tie Society, users can try out ties, buy them if they like, or choose to exchange them.  This gives customers instant access to a wide variety of fashions with the opportunity to choose what suits them, pass some items up, and use some for a time before trading them back. Read more »

Hullabalu Stimulates your Child’s Creativity

photo Hullabalu_zpsabybz4ht.pngOne thing technology has given us, particularly devices like tablets, is a new and more effective way to keep children entertained.  It allows parents to do more than simply sit children down to stare at a TV screen, providing for more educational, thoughtful, and interactive entertainment.  Many apps offer such a service, but one called Hullabalu offers a new take on children’s storytelling.  Rather than providing digital books containing interactive segments, something very common in mobile apps for children, the app itself is the story, which progresses as children engage with the magical world it introduces.  It introduces your child to a purple panda bear called Pan, a strong female character who has adventures alongside a cast of other characters.  It is not strictly educational in nature, as many children’s apps are, meaning it is not curriculum-based.  That said, it does teach logical thinking in the sense that actions have consequences, and it offers some text at the bottom of the screens.  The purpose of the app is less about learning to read and more about sparking a child’s creativity and imagination. Read more »

CareDox is Safe, Fast, and Easy Access to Student Records

photo CareDox_zpsvthln8ao.jpegPaper forms are not the safest means of storing and accessing children’s health records since they can and often do get lost, and a school fire or other disaster can destroy them.  Technology now allows us to store files digitally, where we can create backup and, in the case of children’s files, share them with schools, camps, daycares, and doctors.  CareDox is a startup that seeks to do just that.  In its creators’ words, it is a care coordination platform for parents and schools that automates and streamlines information collection and access to improve child safety.  It is a system that makes it easy for parents and schools to manage and share medical information.  CareDox works in the cloud to allow users access anytime, anywhere, delivered through any web browser so that there is no download of any kind or software to install. Read more »

Surespot Ensures the Privacy of your Messages

photo Surespot_zps4ut0gomu.pngPrivacy online is an issue concerning everyone, but one that some do not understand how to handle.  We share a great deal of information over the Internet, and we access very private data such as bank account on computers and mobile devices.  It is extremely important for everyone to employ effective security measures to ensure their information is not stolen and misused, and while many people believe that there is no issue of safety when texting, sending images, or even listening to voicemail from their phones, this is not always the case.  Now, an app called Surespot ensures that every message sent to or received by your phone is secure.  It is a secure mobile messaging app that uses its own powerful encryption to keep each text, image and voice message completely private. Read more »

Become a Marketing Expert with Instant E-Training

photo IET_zpsf3jjjtna.jpgMarketing has always been one of the most important aspects of business, and it is a part of it that must keep up with technological advancements in order for a company to remain successful.  With almost everyone online, brands must target interactive marketing of their products or services using digital technologies to most effectively reach people and convert into customers.  Overall, digital marketing is simply a better way to effect promotion and increase sales than traditional marketing techniques.  Instant E-Training is a digital marketing training provider with an online library of training videos, web conferences, and certification programs. Its goal is to provide training to help adult professionals acquire new skills in social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, web analytics, Pay-Per-Click, inbound marketing, and other vital skills. Read more »

Schooltraq is a Digital Student Planner

photo Schooltraq_zpsgewbeopl.jpgMost students struggle with the task of organizing their class assignments and simultaneously keeping track of due dates for any number of assignments.  Having a student planner is a very old concept, but students can easily forget papers or folders, leaving them at school, at home, or any number of places they go throughout the day.  This is where Schooltraq, a startup built for students to help track classes, assignments, and due dates on a single dashboard, can help.  An academic planner for students, it helps them track homework more efficiently and see it at a glance, add assignments at any time, and more.  It employs a simple-to-use interface and syncs between a smartphone and any number of other tech devices. Read more »

Create the App your Business Needs with Appnotch

photo 00000Appnotch_zpsc4ar8qhn.pngJust about everyone knows how popular and useful apps are for both business and fun, and apps of all kinds are becoming more widely used by the day thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices.  When it comes to business, though, you need someone to help you build an app in order to get the results you want, and Appnotch is a startup that serves as a custom app builder with a few advantages over the competition.  Most businesses have a website, and Appnotch offers free conversions from a website to a mobile app.  It also features an easy user interface and costs relatively little to publish your app and use all the tools it offers.  Beyond that, it offers integration into your phone’s other apps and services, such as maps, directions, and the “push-to-call” feature, as well as linking to your tech devices media and your social networks.  Conveniently, when integrated, any updates you make to your website automatically apply to your app. Read more »

Market More Effectively with Popdeem

photo 00000Popdeem_zpspup2kvev.pngCustomer loyalty and rewards programs area driving force in helping businesses gain new customers and make a larger number of them repeat customers.  It is a growing trend among retailers that has seen huge growth with help from apps and services tailored specifically to help them provide incentives to continue shopping.  It is even more effective when paired with social media, as almost everyone is on at least one, if not several, social networks.  Popdeem is a startup that combines loyalty rewards with social media to make incentivizing business even more effective.  It works, in its developers’ words, to “amplify brand moments,” helping retailers drive engagement by rewarding their customers for sharing specific actions on social networks. Read more »