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Tech Support Company

Tech Support Company

Welcome to RESCUECOM!
The BEST Computer Repair and Tech Support Money Can Buy!TM

Protect your computer and ensure your technology’s optimum performance by joining RESCUECOM for computer repair and tech support service specially designed for non-geeks! Enter your ZIP code now here on and get computer support solutions to all your computer repair problems! Tens of thousands of customers have praised the quality of our computer repair services and many news organizations have featured us due to our recognized authority as one of the top computer repair companies in the industry. You can trust that RESCUECOM has the fastest, easiest to use, and most complete computer service available anywhere! RESCUECOM always gives you the help you need with your computer technology—including desktops, laptops, netbooks, servers, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, gaming systems, Internet connected TVs and computer accessories!

RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 Technicians

All of our computer service professionals are RESCUECOM Level-3 Certified technicians who solve all your computer technology problems –both the complex and the simple. Whether the computer issues plaguing you are commonplace or entirely unique, RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians will deliver a computer repair solution for you fast and flawlessly. We only certify technicians who prove their expertise in resolving issues with all aspects of technology. We also guarantee that all RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians are U.S. Citizens. They deliver your computer support in plain English with no technical jargon so you always understand your computer service, even if you’re a non-geek. Even if you believe your technology is beyond help, call our team of experts. RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 Technicians will resolve issues that other techs have told you can’t be fixed! That’s right! RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 Technicians can even fix the technology problems that seem impossible to resolve! Get the assistance you need from the industry’s best and most experienced technicians, RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 technicians, by entering your ZIP code at the top of the page and joining RESCUECOM today!

Introducing iProtector®

RESCUECOM solves the problems with your computer technology fast and flawlessly thanks to iProtector®—patented software that connects you to the power of our tech support systems! We designed iProtector® for non-geeks and geeks alike, so it’s easy to get tech support regardless of your level of technology experience! iProtector® gets you expert assistance provided in plain English from a RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technician immediately! It only takes one click to connect with our patented cloud tech support system! iProtector® is the fastest way to eradicate your computer difficulties. You’ll never have to call in about computer repair issues and wait for service again! iProtector® gives you immediate access to RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians who fix your computer problems with powerful cloud tech support tools and utilities anytime!

The RESCUECOM Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ for home!

RESCUECOM’s Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ is a comprehensive computer support program that protects every aspect of your technology and solves ALL of the problems you have with your technology!

As a RESCUECOM member, you receive:

  • Your immediate problem solved right NOW!
  • Unlimited assistance from RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 technicians available 24/7 through remote control, over the phone, by email or on online chat to fix any issue, anytime!
  • Our iProtector® software for constant access to instant computer service designed for non-geeks! iProtector® is the software that connects you to our cloud tech support system for computer service at the moment you need it!
  • The RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite with free daily security updates and cloud virus protection so you never have to worry about malware or viruses!
  • Level-1 Data Recovery services to recover any lost or corrupted documents, data, pictures or movies when your hard drive fails!
  • Computer speed and performance boosts to keep your computer running at peak performance all the time!
  • Wireless networking support for your router any time you experience connection problems!
  • Unlimited tech support for all of your tablets, printers, fax machines, smartphones, MP3 players and other computer accessories! RESCUECOM protects all of your technology!
  • Onsite1 computer service for complex problems that require a solution from a technician in person. We have over 4000 RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians who perform onsite computer repair service, covering every city in the U.S. and Canada!
  • FREE monthly billing so you can pay for your yearly subscription with fixed, low payments!2

RESCUECOM’s Certified Level-3 technicians can solve ANY technology concern you have, any time you need help with your technology! The Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ is the most comprehensive tech support solution available, and it makes computer support easy for non-geeks! You only pay a fixed, low monthly rate and you have help and protection for your technology anytime you need it!

Stay protected with the Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™! Let iProtector® and the RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite prevent technology-related stress and frustration from ever interfering in your life again! With a complete Internet security solution protecting your computer and tech support that even non-geeks can use available with one simple click, you’ll always have the resources you need to handle ANY trouble with your technology! Ensure the safety of your computer forever with iProtector® and the RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite by typing in your ZIP code here on and joining RESCUECOM’s Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ right away!

Comprehensive Business IT Support Services—the Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ for business!

Procure the best possible information technology for your company and save both time and money with RESCUECOM’s Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ for business!

Issues with your company’s computer technology, including hardware, software, networking, printing, and server issues, cost your business both money and lost opportunity! Prevent losses and get unmatched foresight and insight by having RESCUECOM provide computer service for all of your company’s computer technology!

With RESCUECOM, the best tech support company for business computer services, you and your staff don’t ever have to waste time calling the help desk for computer technology troubles. Simply use iProtector® for one-click service from any covered computer and problems disappear without you or your staff ever having to pick up a phone or leave the desk! Even if your staff isn’t technology savvy, that’s okay! iProtector® is easy for even non-geeks to use for computer repair service when they have computer trouble! With RESCUECOM beginning to address your business’s computer issues in only one minute, your employees will be more productive and your business operations will run better than ever before! We deliver all of this technology support fast and flawlessly and you never have to worry about receiving a large hourly bill.

That’s right! The Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ for business, which includes unlimited onsite computer repair and remote computer support services for each computer is

...only $49.99/month!

Even if you need onsite computer repair at your offices, RESCUECOM has Certified Level-3 technicians available to come out and fix your problems at all times. No matter what computer technology issue your business encounters, RESCUECOM’s Level-3 Certified technicians fix it fast and flawlessly!

The Unlimited Computer Support Subscription™ for business solves all your computer technology problems for a low monthly cost. RESCUECOM computer services make all your computer technology issues disappear while saving you a significant amount of money. Make RESCUECOM your company’s IT professional help desk! Don’t wait to reduce costs and increase productivity with RESCUECOM’s comprehensive business IT support services!

24/7 Computer Support Availability

RESCUECOM is the computer repair company that provides instant computer support designed for non-geeks to handle your computer repair emergencies twenty-four hours a day, every day! The constant, uninterrupted availability of our computer repair experts through iProtector® ensures you can always resolve your computer concerns.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your computer support experience should always be fast and flawless. That’s why RESCUECOM backs up all of our tech support services with a comprehensive guarantee. Not only do we ensure your satisfaction with us as a tech support company, but also the privacy, safety, and security of your information and computer technology.

Start receiving tech support from skilled computer repair experts now! Type in your ZIP code at the top of the page to get help now or call RESCUECOM at (703) 986-3233 or contact us through our website for fast and flawless computer repair!

1Separate fee may apply

2Minimum 12-Month Subscription Required

Google Reviews

Mark Johnson
4 weeks ago
Called Rescuecom to help with server issues I was having after a long power outage as they were the
...Called Rescuecom to help with server issues I was having after a long power outage as they were the only company I could find that was available to assist me on the weekend. They were committed to solving my issue and stuck by me for the day and a half it took to get the issue resolved. I highly recommend Rescuecom to friends, family, and professionals who need a knowledgeable team backing you in times of need. less
Meaghan Torbert McCord
4 weeks ago
They are amazing!!! Really helped me out and fixed my MacBook Air problems. Highly, highly recommend
...They are amazing!!! Really helped me out and fixed my MacBook Air problems. Highly, highly recommend. less
Alicia Washington
a year ago
I love you guys. Every time I call, a technician responds almost immediately and works to resolve AL
...I love you guys. Every time I call, a technician responds almost immediately and works to resolve ALL of my many issues. From more complex problems to retrieving text messages they happily help with my technical inadequacies. These techs are so great, I've extended my subscription to add two additional plans. Thanks for your polite \u0026 professional service. less
Bill Tyler
in the last week
Fast and courteous, and always take care of my pc as soon as I call. Would not change a thing.I will
...Fast and courteous, and always take care of my pc as soon as I call. Would not change a thing.I will continue to recommend your services to others that are in need of technology help. less
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