Apple Loses Ground to Microsoft, Microsoft is Number One

Microsoft is Most Reliabile

2020 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report

Published: on Jun 1, 2020

Microsoft soars to first place in the 2020 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report; Lenovo and Apple round out the top three.

SYRACUSE, N.Y., June 1, 2020 -- Microsoft has placed first in RESCUECOM's computer reliability report, followed by Lenovo in second place and Apple in third.

The Most Reliable Brand

The major takeaway from this year’s rankings is Microsoft’s computer reliability score eclipsing those of its competitors. Despite persistent Windows issues requiring virus removal, Microsoft continues to produce hardware with good performance and great computer reliability. Their development of cutting-edge technology backed by computer reliability makes Microsoft a powerful force in the computer industry.

Fortunately for customers committed to buying from the most reliable computer brand around, the Microsoft Surface line includes computers for an array of needs, preferences, and budgets. Whether you are buying a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet, you cannot find a more reliable computer than a Surface.

Other Reliable Brands

If you value both affordability and reliability in a computer, Lenovo could be right for you. Lenovo computers have shown to be highly reliable and typically cost less than computers from tech giants Microsoft and Apple. The Lenovo Yoga line, acclaimed by Wired and PCWorld magazines, has several budget-friendly laptops.

Apple computers are expensive, but diehard Mac fans are willing to pay for the aesthetics, the unique user interface, and the computer reliability to keep future Apple computer repair costs low. Between Apple’s sleek design and high computer reliability, even PC users may be tempted to switch to an iMac or MacBook.

Why Computer Reliability Matters

With an unprecedented percentage of the population working, learning, and conducting hobbies from home, owning a reliable computer has never been as necessary as it is now. The spread of COVID-19 has changed our relationship with technology—perhaps forever. Computers have become our lifelines for connecting with both local and worldwide communities while stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures are in place.

“Until recently, when using the term “virus,” many of us thought “computer virus,” says David A. Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM. “Now because of the COVID-19 virus—not a computer virus—we have to pay careful attention to the state of our technology and make sure it’s reliable all day, every day.”

Brands Worth Considering

Samsung, HP, and Dell have a reputation for making cheaper computers. Although they beat companies like Microsoft and Apple when it comes to price, they score lower in computer reliability. Do not rule out these brands completely, especially if you are shopping with a strict budget, but be aware you will sacrifice computer reliability as a result.

Brands to Avoid

Asus and Acer rank the lowest in computer reliability and purchasing from either brand would be unwise for customers for whom computer reliability is important. While both companies provide options for affordable computers, spending less upfront may find you shelling out later for computer repair.

BrandU.S. Computer Market ShareRESCUECOM Computer Share1Reliability Score2Reliability Grade3
1. Microsoft4.6%1.19%387A+
2. Lenovo14.9%7.76%192A-
3. Apple13.6%7.29%186B+
4. Samsung1.7%1.8%95C
5. HP31.2%33.8%92C
6. Dell26.8%29.4%91C
7. Asus3.7%4.8%77D
8. Acer3.5%5.41%65D

1 – Brands percentage share of calls into RESCUECOM call center
2 – Calculated percentage of computers released on the market against the number of repair calls per brand.
3 – Assigned by RESCUECOM to simplify the reliability scoring system.

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