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Most Reliable Back-to-School Technology: 2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM

By on Aug 29, 2016 7:34 a.m. ET

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Aug. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The beginning of a new school year is upon us once again, meaning you need to make some very important choices, including purchasing the computer or tablet you think will ensure the most success in school for yourself or your child. Whether you are going off to your first year of college, in high school, or the parent of a school-aged child, you want to be able to rely on your technology for the entirety of the school year and beyond.

RESCUECOM, the industry leader in computer repair, provides a clear report of the most and least reliable tech brands using our trademarked ReliabilityScore™ and ReliabilityGrade™ designations in order to help our readers to better understand how we rank them and why.

RESCUECOM offers you the results of our methodical and detailed research so that you can truly know based on clear, concise evidence what brands you can trust without the worry and hours of personal research that often go into purchasing new technology.

Amazon is on top of the rankings with a score more than triple that of its closest contender. It increased its market share in 2015 and has never let go of its domination over the competition in terms of quality and reliability.

Verizon takes second, likely because it is the wireless carrier with the best overall network performance and reliability in major market tests that should transfer to the performance of its devices. Third is LG, which has a very popular line of Android tablets that receive consistently good reviews from experts and consumers on,, CNET, Digital Trends, and similar sites.

Apple, which has a very strong following for its iPad, Mac, and iPhone, rounds out the top four.

Samsung comes in fifth, holding a very good ReliabilityGrade™ amid stiff competition due to the consistent reliability and high performance of its Galaxy Edge and Galaxy Note devices.

The middle of the pack includes Microsoft, Lenovo, and Acer. Microsoft has a solid grip on the PC market with the Windows O.S., but many have trouble adjusting to Windows 10. Lenovo produces lower-performing laptops and tablets at low cost, but its desktop PCs perform extremely well according to a recent RESCUECOM report.

Asus, Dell, HP, and Toshiba hold places at the bottom of the rankings, as each has saturated the market with unreliable laptops and tablets.

Here are the results of the 2016 Back to School Computer Reliability Report:

1, 3
(Percentage of
Share computers
1, 2
(Percentage of
service calls
Reliability Score
1, 2
bility Score
1, 2
Reliability Grade1, 2Relia-
bility Grade1, 2
1. Amazon4.50.4210791A+
2. Verizon1.30.423117A+
3. LG3.60.182158A+
4. Apple20.82.9723A
5. Samsung6.12305A
6. Microsoft1.61.3128B
7. Lenovo9.47.4127B
8. Acer3.73.995C+
9. Asus3.43.793C+
10. Dell16.52372C-
11. HP17.937.548D
12. Tosiba24.347D

1 – Computer repair share percentages and computer reliability scores include tablets.
2 – The computer reliability report does not include “other” manufacturers, defined as all manufacturers that have below 1.0% market share or not on the market for at least one year.
3 – Market share numbers are provided by IDC.

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Patricia Farr
Patricia Farr
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Rescuecom has once again rescued me. This time from a potential identity theft situation, and then a
...Rescuecom has once again rescued me. This time from a potential identity theft situation, and then after solving that, updating all security and operating systems. All with incredible patience and expertise in what for me was a very distressing situation. My level 3 tech Maddy spent literally days getting everything straightened out and David gave me some tips and advice that I have used. The technicians at Rescuecom are for me the best and most professional, and are always there to help quickly, with understanding and kindness, when you need them most. less
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Carol Vaupel
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I would give him 5 stars.
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Cynthia B. McCoy
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Sue Baran
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Jim P. was very good in explaining why a call was inputted and explained the updates that he was goi
...Jim P. was very good in explaining why a call was inputted and explained the updates that he was going to do from both Windows and Rescuecom. After completed he helped with some boot up programs to be disabled to help give me a little more "speed" in startup. Great experience. less
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